Jonathan King writes

By Jonathan King, from insidetime issue July 2012

The practice, culture and ethics of the media and police

Jonathan King writes

The Leveson Inquiry set up by a Prime Minister (elected, like all  politicians, by the Media, be it national or local) is meant to be looking at “the practice, culture and ethics of the media”.

I’ve appeared in front of Lord Justice Leveson to apply to be a witness in order to tell the Inquiry about the relationship between the police and judicial system and the media.

From personal experience I felt I had an enormous contribution to make in that my entire prosecution was founded on my celebrity. I was “a great story”. Without the assistance of the good old tabloids, all my convictions would not have been constructed by “witnesses” keen to earn vast compensation fees, not to mention the even greater media payments, thanks to efficient Public Relations persons. Even my Appeal chances were scuppered when Matthew Kelly, a man I’d never met, was arrested, leading to massive media coverage two days before my unsuccessful appeal was heard by tabloid influenced judges. Fortunately for him, the Inspector in charge of the case managed to get a nice trip to Sri Lanka out of the investigation before the case, linking Kelly to me, was dropped.

However, very politely my Leveson evidence was deemed inappropriate. Like several contributors to the Inside Time mailbag, I was informed that I would not be called again to be examined as a witness.

Now, I felt my evidence was particularly important as that police inspector, who had organised my prosecution, was given, as a reward, the Milly Dowler case to head up; after four unsuccessful years he was removed from that case and “retired” from the force. The Met (as opposed to Surrey Police) had been investigating other murders and their findings eventually led to the conviction of Milly’s killer.

It doesn’t seem to interest the Leveson Inquiry that the relationship between one particular police officer with the media had culminated in the subsequent deaths of two innocent girls.

I have become certain that the Inquiry has a very specific agenda; to deal with the problem as superficially as possible; to suggest certain new laws restricting media behaviour (which will doubtless be loopholed
efficiently by intelligent hacks); to sweep the real problem under the carpet and to make David Cameron look as though he’s a strong, fair Prime Minister. Even if he has to suffer some censure for getting too close to various executives, he’ll get credit for being prepared to be grilled by the Inquiry QC’s.

But I watched top cops get off very lightly in their questioning, avoiding too close examination. For example Sir Dennis O’Connor, now head of the Constabulary, was not asked in any detail about the failure of Surrey Police, when he was the Chief there, to find Milly Dowler’s murderer.

The obsequious attitude between judges, police and politicians is embarrassing. Understandable, though they all owe their careers to each other. My great fear is that Leveson by looking at general rather than specific problems will recommend laws that restrict general behaviour rather than solving the actual problem; that individuals tend to bend rather than break laws for their own reasons.

Don’t get me wrong; often that motive is genuine. A cop who knows for certain someone is guilty may well twist the rules in order to gain a conviction. But they can be wrong. And other desires promotion, budget explanation, meeting targets can provoke cunning, clever blurring of the lines.

I experienced that personally and I’m sure many in prison also watched the law getting utilised to create wrongful convictions. Unless the Leveson Inquiry is prepared to examine some examples of this, they will
never get anywhere near the real problems of the Culture, Practice and Ethics of the press.

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Comments about this article

3/7/2012 Inadvert witness

Jonathan King is spot on!

The Detectives who handled a case I innocently became involved in carried out practises that led me to making complaints about them! But ignored by the IPPC.

The Police -I was to discover after seeking a copy of my statement- tampered with my evidence so that what the CPS received as per my statement was not a true account with many important pieces removed!In fact I estimate 8 pages worth!

I am a law abiding individual that is at a loss for knowing my evidence would more than likely produced a different outcome for a person serving 2 life sentances.

"I and I alone took the decission not to submit any of your evidence because I was there for the prosecution" The DI own words on July 13th meeting 2010.

I myself was a witness for the prosecution-so I thought- but hey something in my statement was not welcome and me, a law abiding individual has lost all faith in both the Police but more importantly in Criminal Justice here in the UK. I simply INADVERTANTLY became a witness for the defendant but due to tampering with the evidence, the CPS quote there was nothing in my statement of any relevance in relation to prove points in the case!

When I advised the CPS my statement had been tampered with, I was in polite words told to F-OFF!

But I aint going to, I will continue in my quest as a person with integrity and one that no one can manipulate, intimidate or scare off anymore!

4/7/2012 Jonathan King

Well said IW - the worst thing that happened to me was the discovery that the police didn't want the truth - just a high profile conviction. Even though I'm a cynic and knew all the tales about stitch ups and bent cops, I genuinely believed that the vast majority wanted the truth. My disillusion was total. The CPS behave in a terrifyingly immoral way; as I say, quite possibly often for reasons they feel are OK but the results are appalling. The system is broken, smashed, beyond repair.

4/7/2012 Anon

The worst thing for me Jonathan was after being convicted for something I did not do, I found the police had all sorts of evidenc,e that tended to support my innocence, which they either 'lost' or admitted destroying.
Then I found out that my solicitor also had vital information that would have cleared me but it wasn't used in court, for whatever reason - then I am told, when I find out about it, that it is not 'New Evidence' which can be used at appeal because it was available to my solicitors at the time of the trial.
Stitch-up isn't the word I would use!

4/7/2012 Tina Willis -

Anglo-'Adversarial' justice, supposed "Whole Tuth & Nothing But" was maybe 'first' but for ages is far from 'best' compared to modern European "Inquisatorial Law & Justice".

UK 'Justice'/'Injustice' is too often about as fair as a medieval Jousting-Contest or Witch-Dipping, with Full-Facts CRIMINALLY witheld or blatant lies CRIMINALLY imposed.

So called 'Guardians Of Justice' police/media/legal (one evil axis)too often perpetrating such serious offences are themsleves no more than "COMMON CRIMINALS".

As 16-years wrongfully imprisoned Paddy Hill rightly said outside The Old Bailey on his eventual release, (paraphrased): "In there they can't even spell the word 'Justice' never mind deliver it !"

4/7/2012 rod -

Love to give you the facts and answers you seek but i get the red box? Plus i have been hacked in several areas and reported it

4/7/2012 Inadvertant witness

J.K and Anon,
The dilemna I find myself in is that I know and confirm to anyone reading this, is that the police do lie and hold back evidence!I was naieve to think that all cases were factual.

5/7/2012 Rod -

To all including Jonathan,they say Paddy etc. case was the worse for corruption in this country, if they act in my case it will surpass Paddy's for corruption as we have the evidence to support all areas of corruption and that is why they tried to murder me twice the individuals who made this mess in this country,in 1994 they started a project in our jails called COURSES and spent millions on adjusting the prison service doing that,secondly they needed Guinea Pigs so many innocent men/females/youths went to prison.Thirdly IPP was introduced and although they where given a set time in prison they had to do courses but those who didnot do courses still in jail over there time.This experiment has cost the country over 16 billion pounds and still rising achieving nothing only unsupported data which i must add as many of these crapologists write fiction because to keep there jobs,most of these reports they do not see the person they write about and that is fact.So to all including Jonathan if you have the evidence they will block you on the net/tape your phone/even try to murder you so you must think what organization has the POWER to do that,finally we had death threats 3 days ago sent by a e.mail which we have kept plus the address it came from.

5/7/2012 Rod

you have my e.mail address Jonathhan and others if you want to get in touch plus i am still waiting for the chairman of the select committee of the House of Commons to get in touch, Leveson inquiry will change nothing it is a delaying process going on and those that want to speak out will not be called to limit damage to the system

5/7/2012 Rod

Just been out shopping and stopped by the mariner to gather my thoughts before adding this comment which are facts.1.From the age of 10 upwards children through the internet watch porn etc. male and female.2.there is over 20,000 children having babies under the age of 16 each year,so why are the ones who make them pregnant not prosecuted as many are over 16, plus girls today now as much about sex as there parents plus edge on boyfriends so they can brag to there mates that they have lost there vaginity Fact.3.A man lying in bed with partner married or not, falls a sleep to be woken up with partner playing with his privates or inserted it in to her is that rape and assault,but if it is the other way around he gets 6 yrs is that right.4. A women goes out for the night with friends comes out of the club drops her breasts out to everyone is that indecent exposer or lifts her dress up and has no underwear on,do you see them charged "NO".5.Good looking fella comes out of the club and several women touch him up plus try to get his parts out is that a crime.6.Every month women have there periods some turn violent,some are vary abusive to partners plus swear like a trooper,she stabs him or hits him with an object that is a crime.MEN do not report it why mainly because they are embarassed to report it.The reason i make this statement of fact is the law puts women on a pedestal but they are not johnathan plus many wifes/partners go out for the night with her friends have sex and come back with a disease and pass it on to partner,That covers several areas of LAW.Time men start speaking out as a lot of women (not All) are the best liars in the business when they can make money out of something.I REST MY CASE

5/7/2012 Inadvertent Wittnes

Rod,I can understand where you are coming from. Sadly I can not tell you about my own case. As J.K is open to point out, and I in turn stated, cases are not handled within the rules of legislation, they are handled with the Police seeking targets (bonus points and promotion) and the CPS seeking to hold their jobs!

6/7/2012 Rod

Charles Hanson and i explained in the last 2 issues what has gone on in the UK courts which can assist others. I know JK case like many others in the same boattrying to find a way through this mass of misconduct Guidelines at the CCRC is as follows.1 A new witness.2.Evidence not used at the trial or new evidence.3 A new arguement or a point of LAW. To find your answers you must get all the documentation you can find,if you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that the solicitor or police or CPS with others concealed fabricated evidence plus had also a motive to conceal or plaintiffs lied you will if determine enough get to the bottom of things in your cases but do the ground work your self as it makes it easier for solicitors etc.The courses i speak of throughout the system which they set up everywhere has cost this country 16 Billion pounds about to date taking all factures in to account.

11/7/2012 Jules

In Sexual related crimes especially it does appear that "anything goes" in terms of evidence and "gilding the lily" to convict a defendant. However the way to demonstrate that is not by a general rant about how the judiciary and others MUST be prejudiced and therefore unfair (as I'm afraid Mr.King does). When the Court of Appeal do apply basic rules of evidence (including bad character evidence) regarding sexual cases, they are surprisingly even handed - they are perfectly able (at least sometimes) to apply the orthodox rules to the case before them - and quash the conviction. This is achieved not by wild accusations of prejudice, but rather by careful argument: X is the rule, the case law says so, the Police did Y (which was wrong) here is evidence to demonstrate that. Mr. King's homily above is very similar to many (failed) CCRC applications which consist (put bluntly) of "all the world is against me" "the Judge looked at me funny." Rod is correct.

11/7/2012 Rod

Jules all cases what ever the crime is down to how good your defence team is,but if evidence comes to light that concerning misconduct by the defence team or you acquire fresh evidence against them and plaintiffs (if any)or the police concealing vital evidence under PII and what it is then you have a total mess on your hands knowing that the Judge was fully aware off what he was doing concealing it from a jury as he goes through the case paperwork prior to the trial,judges who conceal facts of the misconduct for any reason from a jury is liable to perverting the course of justice with others and should be charged according to the Law.Nobody is above the Law including those who administer it.

13/7/2012 Rod

Yesterday morning i sat and listened to Lord Woolf/Falconer etc. in the House of Lords on the subject of PII and special courts debate,PII is used mainly in state security cases terrorism etc.they have found 63 cases out of that figure between 5-3% are used in criminal/civil cases,i am not a terrorist so why was it used to conceal fabrication of documents/statements done by the police/plaintiffs etc. plus concealed by defence/judge from the jury deliberately to conceal purjury and the courts misconduct,yes i had a special court set up concealed from the public, it cost me 2 attempts on my life by the authorities,secondly i had my CCRC number prior to the first judges decision as they knew it was going to be blocked all the way.Now i see that a solicitor Company in London have 23 cases on there books of police misconduct plus an investigating organization have found 43 cases all fabricated evidence in one way or another,it looks like it si the tip of an iceberg of misconduct everywhere

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