Guilty until proven innocent - historic cases

By Stuart Morris, from insidetime issue September 2010

Stuart Morris reflects on how legislation has changed over the years for those accused of rape

Guilty until proven innocent - historic cases

On the 9th of June 2010, during PMs Questions, Prime Minister David Cameron admitted that between 8-10% of all rape allegations are false. These are ones proved to be false, but how many more slip through the net placing innocent men in prison for crimes they did not commit? Men who, by maintaining their innocence, suffer a harsher regime for doing so as they cannot address an offending behaviour that does not exist.

Justice in this area of criminal activity has, over the past 25 years, been manipulated to convict more easily than in any other area of crime. The rights of the defendant have diminished, and the ‘justice at any price’ mentality has ensured that more innocents have been locked up than ever before. The problems with our legal system start with the first steps you take into the courtroom. You are escorted into a glass cage, then locked in with a security guard for company. And this is how the jury first sees you, looking guilty. You are positioned behind the prosecution to make it difficult for you to contact your legal team, and the judge gives you dirty looks every time you try to attract their attention. The jury study you in order to gauge your reactions to witness testimony but are not allowed to gauge witness reaction to your testimony.

But these things are nothing compared to the way legislation has been distorted in cases of a sexual nature. In the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, it was decreed that the evidence of an adult victim was sufficient to convict. Corroboration of this evidence was no longer necessary, so judges could no longer warn the jury of the dangers of convicting a defendant on a single victim’s testimony alone. The Criminal Justice Act 1988 had previously decreed similar in respect of minors.

This means that one of the main building blocks of justice ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’, goes out the window as juries have to accept these ‘victim’ testimonies as fact. The burden of proof therefore shifts to the defence to prove their client innocent, instead of the prosecution having to prove guilt as happens in any other type of crime. Even the defendant’s state of mind (the ‘mens rea’) when the alleged crime was committed is assumed, as there is no real evidence to prove its existence. But the alleged victim’s state of mind is never challenged, even though she may well have False Memory Syndrome (a mixing of implanted traumatic memories with easily remembered real memories to create one plausible memory that is, in fact, false), a recognised psychological condition.

Then, in 1999, the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act took away a defendant’s right to directly question an alleged victim in court, it now has to be conducted by a barrister even though the European Convention on Human Rights states, in Article 6, Subsection 3c, that one of your basic rights is the right to defend yourself in person if you so wish. It also restricted use of past sexual behaviour as evidence. This comes after a previous law had already allowed prosecutors to manipulate what evidence they released, forcing defence teams to ‘prove’ that other evidence existed.

Now to the question of time. There is no statute of limitations in the UK for serious crime, so an alleged incident can be reported no matter how long ago it was supposed to have happened. 10, 20, or even 30 years ago is not uncommon, and to bring these cases to court is surely an abuse of process as the time elapsed creates an impossible scenario to defend. All of this means that it is all down to which side has the best barrister, and nothing at all to do with the evidence before the court, because there isn’t any. Besides the accuser’s testimony and the defendant’s rebuttal. So the jury follow the rules and find the defendant guilty, and the only recourse is to lodge an appeal.

In order to lodge a successful appeal, fresh evidence is required, but where do you find fresh evidence in a case where there was little evidence to begin with? Therefore some innocent men rot in prison whilst the criminals who put them there are rewarded by way of compensation. And we are not talking peanuts here, anything up to £50,000. Now that is a motive for making a false allegation, if ever I heard one. And all historic cases seem to have ‘victims’ that have suffered multiple abuse over a long period of time, thus guaranteeing them payment at the top end of the scale. Could it be that some of these ‘victims’ have been reading up on a certain pair of unqualified feminists who give the advice that can end up creating false memories?

The laws that govern sexual cases need to be changed, and many in the system hope that this government will be the one to change them. We should follow the example of some other countries who, after stopping compensation in sex cases, saw a drop of some 50% of such cases.

Stuart Morris is currently resident at HMP Long Lartin

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4/9/2010 A

I know someone in a situation like this!!! He has been falsely accused and now convicted. I would appreaciate any advice PLEASE...

8/9/2010 Nicky

i agree whole-heartedly with everything this article says. My husband was wrongly convicted of rape in 2008 and our world has been torn apart. Every step we turn we feel we are banging our heads against a brick wall. All the advice tells us we need new evidence - how can that be when no evidence was required at trial. A - lobby your MP, awareness of this issue must be raised with the powers that be. Keep strong.

8/9/2010 Mary Harper


8/9/2010 barry -

i agree and i think the people who put innocent men or women down should do the time what the innocent man or women is doing. there are people doing time for nothing and the other people are living there lives happy with a nice cheque and the other familys lives have been ruined. something has to be done.

9/9/2010 MAY


14/9/2010 Jacqui

Im going through this now, not only my world but my little boys world been torn apart by my daughter from my first marriage because she is angry with me and has done this to punish me, she lied through her teeth in a court of law , im so angry and dont know where to turn for help but i wont give up fighting for Justice to be done. I think in such cases there should be NO COMPENSATION and LIE DETECTOR tests should be able to be used as evidence.

14/9/2010 Jacqui -

Any advice on how to fight back an clear an innocent mans name would be very much appreciated right now.

14/9/2010 anon

My family is currently going through a case of this now and it has ripped our world apart. One Female made accusations against a family member of mine, she was told that it wasn't enough and a few months later her brother and sister joined in after she had a chat with them. The trial was a farce, their witnesses were drunk on the stand, the amount of contradictions between what they all said was unbelievable we were able to prove vital dates they had given as wrong. They also had no evidence only what they verbally said. How ever, we had to prove the where our family member was 30 years ago, with an official document such as a wage slip etc, how are we meant to get them? there was many people willing to go to court to declare they had worked long shifts with this person 7 days a week. But that was not allowed as it is just hear say. The entire prosecution case was hear say. It makes me so angry at how easy false allegations are to make and how easy it is to get a conviction, evidence plays no part, these convictions are simply based on negative, narrow minded people who automatically hear the accusation and assume guilt. Once people hear the nature of the case their minds shut down and they hear what they want to hear.

14/9/2010 CD

Mine, my family and especially my brother and his family have been left devasted by his conviction for sexual assault. He was accused by his eldest daughter! He has always been a great father and husband. There was no evidence, just the performance of 'my niece' in court that was beleived by the jury. I agreed with Nicky - how can you obtain evidence? its impossible. I am also with Jacqui in asking why Lie Detetors are not used. I am sure they are more reliable that someone who is so screwed up she wouldn't know the truth if it was staring her in the face. My brother is a broken man, but she won't beat him, we will make sure of that. We are all sticking very close to him.

15/9/2010 British Justice System is a JOKE

My father went through all of this, the Justice System for such cases is a complete Joke.
Unlike many poor souls out there my father did gain an appeal, did win his appeal and won his retrial, without any thanks to our first legal team, who just left my father to rot in the gutter after being found guilty. My father was lucky he had family and friends who believed in him, who fought without any legal aid who got his case to the royal courts of justice before a lord aided us with a barrister. i feel for the many poor men and women who are still stuck in jail because there is no 'fresh evidence'. The reason why there is no fresh evidence is because there was no evidence in the first place! Any historical case is one word against anothers word. No real physical evidence like DNA because of the time span! When my father was found guilty at first i was angry at the jury for making their choice of a guilty verdict. It wasnt until later i realised it was never the jurys fault, its the system that is wrong.
Its too easy for a child or an adult to make an allegation. The thoughts of the CPS ... why would a child lie? If we knew why a child or an adult would do such a thing then we would be able to set all the innocent men and women all over the country free, its about time that our government woke up to reality, PEOPLE DO LIE!!! Why BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!
My father was taken away from my family for over 4 years, went to retrial and gained a unanimous verdict of NOT GUILTY, yet nothing happens to his accuser. Why not throw her in the slammer for 4 years take her away from those she loves. Instead she gets to go on her every day life without a care in the world. Where is the justice in that?
Anyone fighting a historical case is on a long and hard road of many battles, but i will say this to you.
Do not give up, there was no evidence in my fathers case just words and words alone. Pick at them words, rip them apart, find the truth and pick the lies apart. I am proof that anyone can do this, i do not have a degree in law, and i did it. You can too. Dont give up the fight stay positive and keep believing justice will prevail because it has too!!!

15/9/2010 gaz

this happens far to much of late and how many people has this happened to already who have served their time because they couldnt get any new evidence. the gov needs to get their acts together and look at the bigger picture. if your in prison classed as guilty that dont mean a thing all this innocent to proven otherwise is a load of crap. your guilty the minute the police bang your door down and dont matter what you do your going to prison = if you dont have evidence to find someone guilty then it shouldnt even go to court in the first place. and these girls who makes allegations against us men need a shot gun to their head they will tell ya the truth then - vile little creatures who are spoilt and cant get their own way so decide to play a game problem is they always win cos they are the victim - what about the men who didnt do anything wrong

15/9/2010 Debra Gibbs -

So very true, my dear Brother has been falsly accused of a sexual assult that supposed to of happened 20 years ago!!!! He has bow been in prison for a year for a crime he did not do:( how can these things happen in this day and age is beyond me. My brothers life has changed beyond anyones imagination, and to think he will be labelled once he is released in criminal.


16/9/2010 Annon

I accept there are instances where false allegations are made. Also no body want's to believe someone they know, could commit such a crime. However statistics show only 5% of court cases for this type of offence leads to a conviction. That does not mean the other 95% are innocent. It in facts means a large number of that 95% are getting away with rape. I know someone who was attacked and have had their live contaminated by a predatory rapist, who maintained his innonce in the hope of getting off. Thankfully the jury saw through his pathetic deluded attempts to lie and found him guilty he is now serving a nine year sentence. Not enough considering his victim and those who love her are now serving a life sentence. His legal team were only interested in bringing the matter to court because they earned more money taking the matter to trial rather than advicing him (IT) to plead guilty. The victim got no satisfaction taking the matter to court she just had to re-live the attack and humilation in front of a room full of strangers. Her only wish was to prevent it happening to anyone else. During the period leading up to the trial the rapist was given bail and the freedom and protection to carry on as if his live was normal whilst the victim had to be escorted 24 hours a day.

Moderator's Note:
Many accusations are withdrawn before the case comes to court. In actual fact the conviction rate for sexual offences is the highest - even higher than for murder - with about 60% of cases reaching court ending in a conviction.

16/9/2010 ME -

:( i thought i could have faith in the legal system

16/9/2010 marie -

i am also going thru this now. My sister lied about my stepdad and made up stuff. Now myself and my children get verbal abuse on the way to school cos it was printed in the local paper too. While my evil sister is given police protection we have to struggle thru each day. We'll keep fighting to prove his innocence and this article has been a great help. Feel free to email me if u want support from someone suffering similar to yourself. Together we will all fight to free our innocent family members

16/9/2010 june

how can we get the innocent out ther live is upsidedown and ther family's are are two they say it happn 10 20 30 or more years a go wer is the evedence how can they get it as ther is none

17/9/2010 SheDragon -

I am also a victim of this type of 'crime', i.e. where a child lies about what has happened in her past. What is even more criminal from my point of view, apart from the fact that my husband of more than 20 years has been stolen from me based upon my oldest daughter's lies, is the fact that she had the temerity to accuse ME of ALLOWING my husband to do this! Which led to a guilty verdict against me also. I am unable to decide whether I am fortunate or unfortunate in that I got a 6 months suspended sentence. But the local paper delighted in printing a very spiteful article about the case, which has led to me AND my family being abused by people who do not know the truth! And I am fairly certain that the police officer involved in the case somehow contacted one or more of the jurors to ensure a guilty verdict against my husband & myself. The reason for this belief? Let's just say there were far too many suspicious occurences for this to NOT be the case.
With my family, I intend to write a book called victims of child abuse. If any of you would like part, or all of your tale to be included, please feel free to e-mail me.
Obviously we are not the only ones who are victims who have been abused by their children. Frequently aided and abetted by that incompetent bunch known as social services!!!
Keep strong out there folks.
We will all get justice. And those liars WILL be made to pay for THEIR crimes
She Dragon

17/9/2010 diana

Just like many many others our family was shattered by the allegations made against my brother. His partners daughter was trying to get back at her mother for sending her away to live with her birth father because she had become very unruly.
The questions I can`t get answered is how it got pass the Threshold test with the CPS when there was no evidence, its a farse, one mans word often against an attention seeking manipulate girl, who do you think the jury`s going to beleive, these men don`t stand a chance.
Why can`t all concerned be given the chance of taking a lie detector test.
The lady who wrote about her father 15/09/10 British justice system is a joke, I would like to speak and maybe get some help from you and we have been trying now for two years and not getting anywhere.
If anyone can give some advise - it would all be welcome.
Maybe we can start a petition and lobby the goverment together.

17/9/2010 Mags -

British Justice System is a JOKE I really need talk to you Please I am in same situation. I`m beding for help.

17/9/2010 SheDragon -

Diana & Mags
I read another article from 2002, where a previous MP, Claire Curtis-Thomas set up an all-party group fighting for justice for people like us and our fellas.
They put through the recommendation that ALL such allegations of historic abuse should be VIDEOED so that all the little things such as the nervous stammering, unreasonable hesitation, demeanor etc could be picked up on and studied at a later point in time. Obviously that has NOT been implimented as it SHOULD have been, and unfortunately, te group has now been disbanded.
However, if we all loby our MP's to get something done to STOP this sort of rubbish being allowed, and to stop these criminals (the ones who make these false accusations) from being given ANY compensation, most of these farcial cases will stop.
Someone asked me why this had gone to court. Well, the truth is, the Clown Prats Service absolutely LOVE all these historic cases. Why? Because they KNOW that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the REAL victims to PROVE that they DIDN'T do what they are accused of doing.
With help from my son, my family intend to set up a facebook page along the lines of free the real victims. Keep your eyes peeled.
I have been given this website to check out too, lets hope it helps us all.
Type FASO into your search engine. That will take you to the bit that you need.
Love & hugs to all who are suffering out there
She Dragon

Moderator's Comment:

There is also:

and FACT;

17/9/2010 Marie Staplehurst -

I have now set up a facebook group called 'guilty until proven innocent - false allegations of abuse'
lets get as many people as we can to join. also add me as a fb friend.
all support is much appreciated.
keep fighting x

19/9/2010 British Justice System is a JOKE

I would highly recommend FASO this is their number; 0870 241 66 50 - they followed my fathers case, and when my father won his retrial they even wrote into our local newspaper showing support to him. They can really offer you great advice on the legal side of things that you may not fully understand, they also send out infomation pack, but they are funded by people like us, so be sure to send them a small donation to say thank you for the help they do give you.

20/9/2010 Francis

Our family as resently suffered at he hands of someone making false allegatons against my husband who is now in prison. I couldn't believe the way we were treated from the moment the police walked through our door and arrested him he was gulity. I think after this experience it is fair to say that anyone can be convicted without any really evidence. All they have to do is make up a story ensure there are no specifics, or say they can't remember and make sure they do an oscar performance on their day in court. However, from our side dates days times all needed to be confirmed. It lucky that my husbands family are in full support of him and myself and obviously they know the person who made these allegations is completely and utterly demented.

20/9/2010 anon

I would like to suggest a group to help any one who is unfortunate to have someone they love in prison, its called ffops, friends and family of prisoners. They have been with us from the moment my father was convicted and have been fantastic. They work inside various prisons, Im not sure how wide spread they are. They will speak with your loved one to just see if they are ok. They also are there at the end of the phone, on many occasions have I been on the line for long periods pouring my heart out and not once did I feel they wanted to get rid of me. They listened to everything I said and never once judged. They gave me advice and numbers of various groups and done all they could to help even attending court for the sentencing of my loved one, so they could explain any legal jargon that was used, and no with the sentence my loved one being recieved being deemed as lenient, ffops will continue to support us through the appeal (if granted) and our appeal to quash the conviction. Keep strong and don't give up, read all the statements over and over pulling out the contradictions, mistakes they made in dates and age etc. They will be there !!!! to be a good liar you need to remember what you have said, they never do !!!!!

Moderator's Comment:
The FFOPS website is:
Their phone number: 01792 45 86 45

26/9/2010 lynda -

My family and I are also suffering a similar ordeal. My husband was convicted earlier this year for a rape that happened 30 years ago.
In this particular case, two men are said to have raped the woman. The first man (not my husband) was convicted with dna evidence. This man had 67 convictions in total including two of a sexual nature. he was encouraged to give a second mans name in order to lessen his sentence. My husband knew this man in his younger years and has been framed. I know my husband did not commit this crime and there is none of his dna on any of the evidence tested, despite him supposedly being the second rapist. The evidence provided by the witnesses in the case had several conflicting statements, but somehow the jury still found my husband guilty without dna!!! In order to appeal, there needs to be new evidence found. How can there be evidence found when there is none as he is not guilty. My husband will never admit to this crime as he has not done it. Myself and my family and everyone who knows my husband, fully support him and believe his innocence. we are not going to stop trying to appeal and prove his innocence. Stay strong and keep fighting.

26/9/2010 J

I was a victim of this kind of 'crime' too. I was
wrongly convicted and I was just released from
prison on early release scheme. I am now going to
appeal again to fight this miscarriage of justice, though I now this is very difficult. I found the
trial was so unfair and the legal system was just
a joke to me! Not only because a oral statement is
strong enough to put someone, like me, into prison, but also the CPS Prosecutors can say what ever they
like in the court.

27/9/2010 luisa -

my stepdad has been wrongly imprisoned for this too, he was a stepdad to 3 girls for over 10 years. I knew the family all this time too. The girls were extremely happy and not at what u would expect of abused girls. My mum got with him after he left his girlfriend but they didnt tell them straight away cos they were worried about the omceback as their mum considered my mum her best friend(although they weren't) This happened in the May the eldest asked him to give her away when she got married in July (not something a girl who was abused would do) but he decided not to, they found out who he was with in August and one of them told his son that she would get him back for hurting them, We even knew what they were going to do so went to the police just after christmas to see if anything had been said but the police just poopooed us. then in January the police came and arrested him at 5 o clock one morning, the girls had hatched a plan claiming he wrote letters telling them when to be there but conviently none were available for evidence, the defence he had was shocking and failed to use any of us as witnesses even though we had all known the 3 girls for well over 10 yrs, one of the girls had offered to give my brothers made a blow job when she was about 14, she had got my dad to take topless photos of her. once again not the behaviour of an abused girl. They refused to use any evidence we had, my sister had a dictaphone recording of one of them telling her that they were going to lie and say he done these things to get him back for hurting their mum! but of course we couldn't use that cos it was gained without their knowledge. We haven't got anywhere, they claimed he did things to them on dates when it would have been impossible as he had been in prison previously for fraud which he admitted to, they also allowed the prosecution to use those previous guilty verdicts and what they were for yet failed to notice the dates were contradictory! the appeal court granted appeal and knock off 6 counts yet said he couldn't have a retrial. It was a complete farcical and there is loads more that i could add to this, lets just say it destroyed everyone's lives except theirs.

30/9/2010 Helga - -

I would like to point out that males make false allegations of abuse - this is not just the province of females. Plus many cases have nothing to do with femi-nazis either.

Sex offence cases are the only alleged offences that require no other evidence at trial, apart from the word of the complainant and what she said to his/her friends and family members around the time of the alleged offences, in order to convict a perfectly innocent person (some women are falsely accused and convicted too - let's not forget that).

There are solicitors around who only deal with false allegation cases (as opposed to mere

Moderator's Comment:
The PACSO (People Appealing Convictions for Sexual Offences) website can be found at:

30/9/2010 brueyh1976

A member of my family has been falsly imprisoned because two people took the stand and lied under oath. What makes it worse is they were believed and my relative convicted and sentenced for something that he didn't even do. What happened to justice? What happened to innocent til proven guilty?

1/10/2010 pat - - dontaveone

i have been saying for a few years now they should stop paying all this daft money out young girld do use it as a money ticket some women with step families use it to get rid of partners even i no of this being done and with internet now young girls can even groom vunrable men who ave either lost there partners througha bitter divorce or there partners gone off with a younger modle leaving a man feelin ugly and broken young girld go lookin in chat rooms for men with cars and jobs some start off by saying there older than wat they are i no people thats in prison for this to i say instead of paying money out do something for the real raped victams like a rehab or some were they can build there life back up cus throwing money at a real rape victem she will prob drink her self to death or end up on drugs money wont change wat happend to the ones that are telling the truth we all saying this but how do we change it

1/10/2010 carol -

yes I agree too that this is happening far to often, they are some that are guilty but its ones that aren't that I feel for there whole life is stuff through these girls playing games whats being done to stop them from moving on to the next vunerable person yes i do we change this how do these girls that do this live with themselfs and sleep at night they don't know how they are ruining families lifes

5/10/2010 Tina

My two daughters decided to accuse my partner of 10 years of Sexual assault after their biological father moved nearby. They both had a lovely stable life, then they started playing me and my partner off against their own father who had been absent throughout their childhood. My two daughters thought the grass was greener and had lots of contact with their father and his mother, suddenly; many accusations started flying about concerning my partner. The statements were so conflicting, they were a joke. One of my daughters even made a list and took it to her police interview. I was arrested along with my partner at first, due to the fact that my daughters made police statements stating that I knew all about the abuse and did nothing, but in the same statement, they told the police they did not mention this abuse to me as they were “Scared”. The police dropped the charges against me, probably because my daughters told so many lies, the statements would not have held up in court, yet my partner has been in prison for 10 months. His useless barrister told him to plead guilty for a lesser sentence. She did not want to help at all. The whole thing is a joke. Now I will never judge anyone. There are two sides to every story, yet when it comes to these sort of accusations, there only appears to be one side.

22/10/2010 Jacqui -

I wont ever stop fighting for Justice for my husband ,blatant lies were told in court by the complainers, witnesses,which could be proven, if investigated,to be untrue thus making peoples statements not to be trusted, people with ulterior motives. Police arent interested in the truth at all, just in wether they can get a conviction and a feather in their caps. How often do you hear of these people who give false evidence getting prosecuted for Perjury ? Police need to change aswell and be thorough when investigating these so called crimes, instead of just taking statements and picking and choosing what they disclose. Everything should be disclosed at trials not just bits that the cps and police disclose. It is a joke ,all I was waiting for was the judge to pull punch and judy from under the table and put on a show, during the trial we had a history lesson or two, about the notorious people who had stood in that dock behind the glass screen and why it was bullet proof, bringing even more attention to the accused. ITS ONE BIG JOKE ,but not a funny one to be on the receiving end of.

26/10/2010 John Hardesty - - justice for scott roth

Because of a totally biased judge I have a friend who has been found guilty of crimes he never committed . Even though the evidence showed his innocence the judge incited the jury ! Where do we go now to fight for his release ?

28/10/2010 MTR -

Our world has collapsed, my borther was convicted for something he has never done. I have lived with him all my life and had known who came and went to from our house. Our cousin got her brother and her niece to join with her in claiming my brother raped them over 35 years ago, just to get even over family feued. They claimed my mother and father had known and seen it all but they have been dead for over 20 years, how can they come back to defend us. She and her neice claimed thier husbands had know about it since they got married over 15-20 years ago but they nor any other member of their family did anything. We had documented evidence that my mother had passed away when they claim she was alive when one of the rape took place, but jury ignored all our evidence and found him guilty on all account. WHERE IS JUSTICE. I thought this counry had one of the best legal system, how wrong was I, only found it out at our own cost.

6/11/2010 Julie

In a strange way, reading all of your comments has given me a little comfort....i've just found this page and read the comments, up until now i've felt like i'm the only one going through the hell that is linked to false allegations by nasty nasty females. My husband was jailed last week for something has not done, allegations made against him ultimately beacause his ex wife is eaten up with jealousy who worked closely with her daughter to 'get him back'. I can totally relate to Oscar winning court performances and even more to biased judges. The imprisonment was as a result of a re-trial - the first trial resulted in a 'hung jury' not suprising as the prosection were all over the place, contradicting each other, their own statements, even the police... etc etc etc! You won't be suprised to hear that their performance during the second trial was extremely polished, well, they knew what was coming didn't they?.....My husbands evidence did not, and could not falter....he only had one story to tell....the truth. Of course the allegations were just actual evidence, suprise suprise eh! but, as the prosecuting barrister said

7/11/2010 J

Based on my experience, this cuntry has the worst legal system! Justice Secretary planned a radical
reform. I just can not wait for it. When a
barrister tell you to admit something you never done and plea guity to get less sentence, the
barrister is actually trying to help you!!!
Because the solicitor and barrister know how the
system works!!! My barrister tolde me it was hard
to defend based on the evidences the cps provided!
Acutally the evidences were nothing but lies.
When pilice interviewed a 'witness', he told the
witness what he said will be confidential, then
the witness told as much lies as possible. And
later on, the cps forced the witness to give live
evidence in the court, otherwise the witness
would be arrested and posecuted!!! So witness went
to court and told lies before the judge!!!!
Even the witness has withdrawn his statement,
the CPS applied court summon to force witness give
evidence in the court, in other word, tell lies
in the court!!! All happened so beautifully!!!
Again all evidence were oral statments. No
sciencitif evedence at all!!! What you can exprect
from this legal system? Nobody care about
the truth! The CPS and Police they do not care!

9/11/2010 sam -

hi Guys, so good to know that im not the only one. My father whi is well educated and had a good job employed a female who came from abroad. She had an affair with him to secure her job as she would gain an extension on her visa. She lost her job due to her performance and then decided to claim she had been sexually assaulted. The barrister who did the trial said it would be an acquittal because of all the inconsistencies and he never called many witnesses he couldnt be bothered really. My dad got biased summing up by the judge and got convicted for 4 years.It was as if at each stage from arrest to charge to trial it was bizarre .The police did not make the enquireies we told them to before charge and this is because he was a well connected man who was popular and successful and they wanted to bring him down and they did. Our family is the real victim.She is still here even though her visa expired in March this year and will have applied to the criminal injuries compensation board for a big fat cheque. Our family and in particular my mother is ruined our lives and our childrens lives ruined. Im asolicitor and i could nt help him.What hope is there in this justice system and jury based on stereotypes. NONE. Could the justice person who posted the above tell me on what grounds u won the appeal and who were the judges.

24/11/2010 rob

this is a frightening but a true everyday event yes in the eyes of the law in the case of sexual offences you have to prove your innocence.
lets face planet reality in the majority of cases its virtually impossible to defend yourself.
its is without doubt a terrifying experience i know i have gone through it from start to finish.
the biggest chance you have is selecting the right solicitor but as in my case i had the misfortune to have a duty solicitor ok i won my case.
i faced three serious sexual offences i was in despair one going back 31 years.
the police are on a roller coaster ride as everything is in their favour so the outcome is like falling off a cliff and the impact equally damageing.
you have no one to turn to and if you are on a normal prison wing no one to talk to as you will without any doubt end up in hospital if found to be on a sexual charge be it rape or other type of sexual offences.
your case papers which you desperately need to read and respond to cannot be kept in your cell in case a inmate finds them and its curtains for you. innocent or not.
inmates unless on a sexual offenders wing are in constant fear of their safty even on the sexual offenders wing theirs a batting order rape down to childrens images the images being the lesser of the evils.
how did i win my cases well to be honest everything i posted to my solicitor i copied to the police and marked copies of solicitor letter so i knew it would end up in the cps case file.
some people would say by doing this you are harming your own defence the reality is you are not as i found i knew if it went to trial i could refer to the documents and context in my defence.
and could not be blocked by the cps under disclosure.
yes i had a major battle i felt i was taking the whole world on but slowly and gradually i made progress.
until that final day after 6 months i was cleared (discontinued) after numerous crown court appearences and at the 10 month point of the 3rd and final charge when i was found not guilty by the judge.
how can you clear yourself well obiously you got to be innocent to start off with look at the statements against you there are never any in your favour go through each statement and link in where you was. unfortunately it is rare for an exact date of an offence to be given so it normally works in a year gap relating to an age of the accuser.
so that is 365 days you have got to account for an impossible task. its hard enough remembering last year let alone 20-30 years ago.
the police know this as well as the cps. thats why so many sexual allegations over 20-30 years ago normally tend to end in a conviction.
as well as the damage caused to the family everyone forgets about the defendant what are his/her feeling what mental and physical state are they in.
beleieve me you do think horrible retaliation revenge for what you have gone through you will never be the same person again you become paranoid of women untrusting of them in case the same thing should happen again.
if you have never been through a court case relating to a sexual offence yourself then sorry you are in no position to judge that individual. its totally different being in the dock than sitting in the public benches the emotions and stress are horrendous and all you want to do is get back down into the court cells away from the constant barrage.
then you have the newspapers branding you as a sexual deviant a perv pedophile ect people remember that but once cleared do the same newspapers run a different story of course not. i would love to sell my story to a newspaper. it would definately make people think.
at the end of the day the only person who can realistically win your case is yourself but unfortunately you are not allowed to represent yourself on sexual cases.
and always go in the dock when asked to do so its the only chance you are going to get to defend yourself in front of the jury to have your say no one can take that right from you.
i was also fortunate in the sense that i had a useless solicitor who i could not get on with but my barrister was brilliant listened to me gave me his viewpoint and guidance on what to prepare for the next court appearence and i will be eternally grateful to him

9/1/2011 Andrew Green - -

The cases coming to INNOCENT these days concern almost almost entirely joint enterprise murders and sexual abuse allegations. Both areas of law are currently highly problematic. The protections given to vulnerable complainants are open to abuse by false complainants, and the criminal justice system seems to be doing nothing to prevent this happening. These are the most difficult cases, and my heart sinks every time the family of another person claimed to have been convicted of sexual abuse turns up at one of our meetings. If there appear to be ways in which the case might be progressed, we can refer them to one of the very few lawyers who are competent and experienced in dealing with these cases.

15/2/2011 john

to andrew green
First and foremost i totally agree with your statement above. joint enterprise i also agree is a major issue but its an issue at the moment the cps will always use in order to secure a conviction.
The amazing thing is even though you have been cleared through hard evidence the false accusers are given massive protection by the public protection units.
I honestly believe this is an arse. Here we have a female who has made a serious accusation against you knowing full well that you will be looking at a lengthy sentence if convicted in my case 12-15 years she told a pack of lies to the police and this was supported by witness statements other than her family records from government agencies and hospital records.
What did gwent police do after 12 court appearences remanded me in custody until such a time as all the records could be collected and my innocence was proved. They have done nothing against her what so ever to me that is 100% wrong.
the ppu have even visited me concerned that im going to retaliate and warned me against such a course. they even tryed to stop me moving back to my own town which i am now living. and more importantly even where i want to live.
Yes i have had it out with them i will never trust gwent ppu not in a million years.
They come on nice as pie with you all false of course slip the odd leading question in hoping you make a mistake well i have nothing to hide from them but i told them you as welcome in my house as a member of the gestapo was in amsterdam visiting a jews house in ww2.
in case your wondering yes im 100% free i have no licence no conditions nothing.
yet the false accuser gets all the protection i can walk around speak to my friends no hassel what so ever.
To this day nearly 2 years afterwards my hatred for gwent police has not subsided i refer to cid not uniform.
It goes without saying the nickname for gwent police cid is the tailors as they are experts in fitting you up and when it comes to sexual allegations the reality is you stand no chance

17/2/2011 v

rob could you give me more info regarding sending to police to go in cps reports as this could be of great help thank you

18/2/2011 rob

to V

what i actually did was every e-mail i sent to my solicitor was a answer or observation initially for my barristor to look into. but i repeat but i found that my barristor was not getting the information obiously the solicitor recieved the e-mails and placed them in my file.
how i established this was by questioning my barristor about evidence i have sent even more importantly he would visit whilst i was on remand and ask me to respond to certain things times dates places ect and i always remeember saying i have already sent that by e-mail theats when i knew the information was not getting passed. or perhaps the barristor did not have the time to read the whole case file only they knew the truth.
to answer your question the accuser not realiseing i be released on bail after 2 months on remand had left me a facebook message gloating about what happened and promising more to come???

what did i do well all the salient facts i constructed a complaint e-mail against the accuser attaching the facebook message and more importantly within the complaint all the salient points. the police therefore had 2 options option 1 to pursue the complaint which gwent police did not''''.
option 2 to place it in my case file through the hands of the cps. which is what happened. this meant my solicitor had a copy as well as the cps. dont forget the cps do not have to disclose all their information. but in this instance within the complaint to gwent police i made it quite clear that i fully intended to refer to my complaint if and when it went to trial. so the cps blocking it was blocked by me and could be used in court as evidence in my favour.
the cps and police still wanted to go ahead with the charge so i had to wait a further 4 months but again it gave me time to get disclosure from social services about previous allegations made by this female aginst other males.
and what me and the barristor agreed was to take the monkey by the throat and go for 2nd disclosure from social services it was a 50/50 gamble would the judge grant it but thankfully he did.
the 2nd disclosure from social services confirmed everything i had said in my complaint to the police so basically the cps was buggered the 2nd disclosure supported my complaint.
the worse part was the trial was stopped on the actual day of the trial i went upstairs ok my barristor told me rob good news you won its being discontinued.
the judge again bollocked the cps thats twice in my case and again in a courtroom.
so my gamble paid off throw all your cards in let the filth(police) and cps what your plan of action is its they who go on the defencesive trying to block you and your next move. i was even called clever by cid its not being clever its working out the police and cps course of action and blocking and within the blocks have secondary blocks it pees them off sends them in different directions.
yes i would have used that complaint in court the complaint gwent police never investigated and to this day i will never forgive gwent police for the way they handled the case in fact i despise them (cid) its blatantly obious that my complaint was going no further in the eyes of the investigating officers they blocked it how do i know it ended in the cps fire my solicitor gave me a right bollocking about confidentiality well he should have done his job better then i would not have resorted to dirty tricks.
there must be a point in a police investigation when evidence swings in the defendants favour and the police realise hang on something does not add up something is not right but still go ahead with the planned course of action. with this charge i was extremely confident of winning it i even instructed my barristor that i will go in the dock and take the cps on....
the biggest failure in court trials is not the jury has people claim its the defence team coupled with the defendant not really wanting to go in the dock.
let the cps throw their obsurb questions at you but dont there like a wussie stand strong and challenge them back give as goos as you get but always tell the truth and heres where the references to complaints come in shot number one. previous allegations the accuser has made shot number 2 and the final one is your indepth knowledge of the individual against you the cps will try and shut you up but under law you have a right to a fair trial that includes freedom of speech and expression you can say all the bits that the barristor has not brought out.
the other way of course is sending police additional information to support your original statement call it an annex again speak to your solicitor 1st if they dont listen then do what i did sent one to the police and one to your solictor telling both that each have a copy

12/3/2011 jon -

My Step-father is nearly 80 and is due to be sentence on 25 of this month for sex offences against my own daughter who is now in her early 20's. These so called ofences were supposed to have happen over 15 years ago and he was found guilty on all 4 charges with not a single piece of evidence. I am the girls father and have turned my back upon her due to her being like her mother a money grabbing slut.
I used to serve as a magistrate myself and due to these events I have no time what so ever for the English Law system. I am supporting my step-father all the way and due to his having a real useless barrister and solicitor (2 part timers) I will be going through the appeal with him.
English Justice is a farce for of greedy solicitors, barristers & judges who do not wish to hear the truth.

Moderator's Comment:
Unfortunately, under the law, in cases of allegations of sexual assault based on one person's word against another, there need be no corroborating evidence and, in the case of 'historic' cases, dates of alleged offences can be given as a span of years with no specific date so there is no defence to such an allegation.

6/6/2011 craig

Id like to start by saying i found this artical while going through the exact same situation. My year long ordeal trial and case closed on thursday with 2 not guilty verdics. i would now like to maybe help or put some-other people wrongly accused as i was, at ease or maybe give sum advice.
in brief i was accused of 2 sexual indecency's during 1992-1993, while i myself at that time would have been 14-15. as the moderator's comments mention above - my case was one word against another, no corroborating evidence(visual, dna, medical or forensic) and as my barrister described - basically the 'flip of a coin' which i was advised could have resulted on a sentance anything upto 10years under new law but 6 under old law!
my first piece of advise is get a good lawyer, mine was excellent and not just cause i got the result, i really think if i was sat in a cell now i would have said he couldnt have done more.
my barrister first argued that my case should be thrown out, due to my lack of defense as all i could simply say was that this never happened. i cant prove it didnt happen so 10 yars of my life could depend on how much the jury falll for tears and sniffling through a video link which can only make you look like a monster! of coure this was rejected but did help in that the judge was very aware in his summing up that the jury must only convict if they can prove wrong doing. as mentioed in a few worring threads above, it is the job of the prosecution to prove your guilt, not for you to prove your innocence. the term my barrister use often with the judge was - burden of proof - and that lies with the procescution. so please do not as i get worried by all the above - if you are innocent then your are likley to be found so. if anyone would like more information of my legal team or case notes id be happy to help and put some very worried minds at rest.

23/9/2011 lisa -

was good to read other people's comments and see that my partner is totally not the only one of being accused for child abuse, we are all sticking by him, and have never believed a word of what has been said againest him, one being his half brother 13 years ago, think people just go out to hurt someone that they are jelous of, and it seems to be more and more people are getting wrongly accused, i really feel for anyone out there and the familys that are going through the same as i am, hope now that when it goes to crown they will see the lies that have been told.

6/10/2011 anon

Hi Craig glad to see you got justice, we are going through hell my husband has been accussed by my niece of sexual assult 20 years ago. we are totally devastated this is a girl who was our favourite niece ,we did lots for her over the years she was constantly at our house her dad hated the fact that it was always us this us that..Her dad sadly has died so when she got married 2 years ago my hubby was asked to give her away,we were god parents 3 months ago for her youngest..we had lots of other nephews and nieces and her four children stay at our house nothing happened to any of these when the accusser has been asked why she didnt tell anyone incase it was happening to the others she just says she is 100% it wasnt happening to others how can you be unless it never happened.Would a polygragh help although my hubby is totally sickened and devastated by the allegations and I am worried that the questions would generate such a bodily reponse that he may fail. although i know for sure he didnt do it we have the support of family and friends but that wont help if he is convicted

26/10/2011 anon

The conviction rate is probably high because actual rate of successfully getting a case to court is the lowest in Europe. It is incredibly difficult to get a rape case to court and one that requires the victim to relive every moment and bare any possible scar (emotional or physical) in order to be believed. In this case it is very much the victim has to prove he/she is telling the truth even before it gets to court. If the perp has been careful enough to cover their tracks then there is no hope of getting a prosecution (as the guy a couple of thread above advises). Speaking from experience of this system and experience of suffering for 12 years at the hands of man who still maintains his innocence to his current wife and family (who's wife blindly supporting him through his ordeal) and my sister who is still so scared of this monster that she lied for him. People who rape and abuse others don't not wear badges so you can tell what they are, they spend there life perfecting the art of making people believe they could not be capable of such things. My step father has spent most of his adult life perfecting his persona, weaving his webs, he told me no-one would believe me and that everyone would think it was me which stopped me from telling anyone for a very long time. Finally i was able to speak up, alone and with no evidence or family support; he just sits tights and denies everything haven't had great advice from his lawyer that the burden of proof is on me and the CPS wont even give me the chance to try to prove it in court. That's enough proof that he was falsely accused in his families eyes, poor guy, his life was devastated by this. So, 8 to 10 % of allegations are false, leaving 90% that are not. of that 90 % not even 30% get to court. Then of course you have all the cases that have not been reported. Its awful that there are so many people here with someone in their family being falsely accused but i cant help feeling looking at this thread that somehow the stats don't add up... And yes, i agree about the polygragh test, everyone accused and accusing should take one i think it does take into account stress levels as it would be a stressful thing to take one.

4/11/2011 craig

to anon - 6/10/11 your case sounds very similar in historical terms as mine. you will probably be going through all the things i went through now - social services saying your husband is not allowed around your children, your legal team saying your looking at 6-10 years if found guilty. however do not distress - in ALL historical cases you still have to PROVE this happened - through something called co=oberating eveidence - dna, whitness etc just cant happen so it will amount to one word against another...and NO jury in the lad will convict anyone on here cant build a house out of straw and unless the jury are 100% certain this happened you will be aquitted - have faith in the justice system - believe it or not it does work! as for polygraph test - these are not really admissable and i would always advise against it - remmber these tests are only 94% correct - lets just say your husband takes one and is in the 6% not only would this ruin his faith but also his family in him! leave it to the courts - no HARD eveidence NO CONVICTION! ps sorry to all the 'actual' victims reading this but this is a thread for non-gulity wrongly accussed people.

2/1/2012 jess hughes -

im rather shocked by how stupidly ignorant you people are, so it was a friend, family member or loved one accused, so they denied it? you love them so they must be innocent? no. the only people who will ever know the truth is the accused and accuser. how horrid was it for the person to be accused? not as horrid for the person who had to sit and tell a whole load of strangers some very personal shameful things that you thought would never ever pass your lips. just think of that befor you call a person a vile horrid creature.

18/1/2012 freaked out son

my dad has been accused of raping my aunt (my mother's sister) 30 years ago... he has admitted to consensual sex with her (he was 35, she was 18) but denies it was rape. Five years later he got into bed with my mother's other sister and kissed her... this second sister has been named as a witness and also has a history of litigation (successfully suing a co-worker for sexual harassment is the only detail I've been given(.
My mother is standing by my father despite his admittance to A) sleeping with one of her sisters and B) almost sleeping with another... the second sister had herpes at the time and confided this to my father in bed!
I don't know what to think... I am furious at my father for what he has admitted to but also terrified that he is innocent and will be found guilty. It has dragged on for about 8 months so far (lots of court dates getting adjourned for various reasons). We are due to find out if it will go to court in a month.
The other witnesses are my mother's mum, her brother and the aforementioned second sister. All their evidence is basically just hearsay from various conversations dating back years ago.
The accuser has a long history of drug abuse and arrests. She has lost custody of her daughter and only recently got sober at age 50.
I don't know what to think or do, or how to help. I visited my parents recently (from out of state) and was furious at the way that my father was wallowing in self-pity and shocked at the denial my mother seemed to be in. They basically are not talking to anyone about it and carrying on as if nothing is happening.
I don't know what sort of punishment he is facing, or whether to believe him... I suspect perhaps the truth is somewhere in between the two different versions of events. I am worried that he doesn't have adequate legal support... he has a copy of the witness statements which I haven't read yet.
Does any one have any advice on how the hell to handle this situation? I have no idea how to deal with it. Any advice on any element would be greatly appreciated.

29/1/2012 Zoe

freaked out son, Firstly, get yourself a GOOD solicitor and a GOOD barrister. If they are good at their job they will talk your father through what he needs to do for the best outcome.

3/3/2012 wal

cant believe all these comments i understand all about innocent people going to prison but what about the innocent little boys and girls of these horrific sexual crimes who have to endure no help no one to talk to because its not allowed until after the court case sitting in front of strangers without their mummy or daddy to hold them giving video evidence then on the day of the trial the case maybe discontinued because the person that the child told known as first disclosure had made an allegation of a sexual nature herself many years previous and the defendants solicitors would use that as a weapon against the child pretty sick who is there to help these poor little victims hey someone please tell me????????????????

12/4/2012 Lee - - f

My brother has been falsely accused and it is tearing my family apart - This injustice in law has to stop and now.

I am running a campaign to have the law changed, so that the acusser is jailed for a long time if they have lied, this is the case in Germany and it stops false claims coming forward.

I would love to hear from people who have been falsely accused so that I can build a profile of the problem nationally and it is my aim to challenge the currently legislation in anyway I can (Uk courts,European and reviews in UK) I am also going to be lobbying parliament and hold rallies this is where all of you come in.

contact me now please and lets end this injustice NOW

14/4/2012 pinky -

OMG, I am so sick of women who use the law to set up men and women on their hatred campaigns againts someone.

My son has been falsley accused over 9 times from a little slapper who was only a 1 night stand, she dumped her kid 3 times my son got a home and took her at her request, and cos she cant have my son she has lead this tirade of false allegations against him, all NFA he has lost 2 jobs, lost weight, fed up of being arrested, and the latest allegation services suspended his rights to his child. It dont take a brain dead idiot to see its only been happening since he took his child, and yet he is treated like a piece of scum by the cops, services, this system protecting these people is shit and its about time this country got of its arse and starting looking behind allegations instead of another stat to add to arrests, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am so angry with this damm system we have in this country, it sheer ignorance of facts

20/4/2012 O3214

most cases do not make it to court and of those that do, very little actually get convicted. Although yes, I understand that there should be laws in place so innocent people are not sent to prison for a crime they have not committed; very few women would actually make an allegation like this lightly, who would want to go through the public humiliation,forensic examination, the abuse from people who inevitably will not believe her and the often humiliating cross examination from the defence just for money- as you seem to be implying?
Even though a womans sexual history is no longer allowed to be used as a judge of character, it is allowed to be used if it is relevant to the case and undoubtedly the defence will somehow make it relevant to the case! it is extremely difficult to get a conviction and contrary to what you have stated a single witness' statement is highly unlikely to get a man prosecuted, the CPS have to make a decision on whether or not there is enough evidence to prosecute, they would not let a trial go ahead with only one witness testimony as evidence I am sure.
Rape is the only crime in which the victim has to somehow prove their innocence, as if to prove they are not lieing, this would not be the case in cases such as burglary for example.
Although I do understand some men get wrongly accused and convicted- it is a small minority; a hell of a lot more guilty men are getting let off with it than there are innocent being convicted!

20/4/2012 Errol

Sorry but you don't understand.
Sexual Offences (alleged) are the ONLY offences where there needs to be no corroborative evidence to back up an allegation so men are convicted on the say so of one person.
Sexual Offences are the only offences where the date of the alleged offence can be moved so if the defendent has an alibi for the original date the date of the 'offence' can be moved or given vaguely as 'between January and August 1975'.
Sexual Offences are the only 'offences' where the defendent is assumed guilty and has to prove his innocence.
Sexual Offences are the only 'offences' where juries convict 'just in case'.

And finally, Sexual Offences, Rape in particular, has the highest conviction rate at court - higher even than murder.

If you went to court and said a burglar robbed your house sometime between April and December 1983, you are not sure when, there's no evidence that you were actually burgled but you say its Joe Bloggs - you would be laughed out of court. If you make the same allegation with a sexual element poor Joe will almost certainly be convicted.

26/4/2012 Angelica -

Craig, desperate for help, can I reach you for those case notes please you offered? Trying to help my poor brother fight a case against him. His ex wife and niece have made up lies against him for all the assists and compensation money.

13/6/2012 anon888222 -

im in the middle of fighting for my son and my ex girlfriend is doing what her mother has done over 5 times to keep her kids and to stop the farther even having anything to do with the kids she is useing violance drug abuse alchole abuse and sexual abuse and i can prove the drug and alchole is a lie but its violence and sexual abuse i can not prove to be a lie i have no idea how to prove that it did not happen and it hurts as i can only see my son 1 hour 30 mins 2 times a week i have missed close to 6 months of his life and i dont know what to do it is getting me down i know her family are into benifit frude i told the benifit office and they dont look into that. my solicitor and cafcass wont do a drug test or alchole test on me or my family yet i have to prove it all is lies how does somone do that can anyone please give me some advice about it please as she is trying to do everything to keep me out of my sons life and im having a hard time dealing with it as she is following her mothers footsteps

17/6/2012 Angel

my partner has been convicted of several counts of abuse after the judge would allow her to say what she wanted and found most of my partners evidence against her inadmissible, how then is someone able to show the background and character of the accuser. now my ex has made things unsafe for me for standing by him. what help and support is out there any advice would be grateful.

21/7/2012 steven -

Desperate for help, a close family member has just been convicted of rape to his daughter. She is a vicious liar and the whole family is behind him as we all know exactly what she is like and the person she is. The allegations all started after she was taken off the grandparents will after all her lies. I might add she has accused a previous person of rape before which turned out to be false. There was no evidence at trial it was just her word against his, she was even smirking when she gave evidence and he still got found guilty by the jury. She had conversations with a family friend which admitted that it was false but this was not allowed to be presented in court. I am trying to find a way to start an appeal but don't even know where to start. If any advice can be given that would be great.

27/7/2012 AMV

My brother was convicted an hour ago of abusing his daughter. All of your comments are so familiar, like most of your relatives he was convicted on the testimony of his wife, daughter and some of his step children. There were so many inconsistencies, our lawyer caught them out on so many lies. She even made similar allegations about other people twice before but we were not allowed to use any of the rebuttals or evidence we had gathered - it was all inadmissable but the prosecution could use and say anything. They didn't even have any forensics or anything they could concretely connect to my brother. The legal system is a complete joke. Your posts have given me some comfort though and we will never stop fighting to clear his name. I don't feel so alone now thank you.

5/8/2012 delzyjay -

Tell me about it the amount of incent men that go to prison these days is ridiculous. My boyfriend and his dad were both found gulity from the same attention seeker who was a jealous type of girl and attention seeking all the time she also use to lie a lot and was sexually active at the age of 13. My boyfriend was at the madgeistrates because he was 16 at the time and his father was at crown court. My boyfriend got community service and probation until september 12 and his father was put in prison and still their until 213. This has destroyed our lives because of this girls lies and she even changed her statement 3 times aswell. Their was no dna just tears of 10days before hand. I jsut hope she comes out with the truth.

4/9/2012 SueDonym

I have read all of these posts with interest and great sympathy. Sadly, it is not at all true that if you actually are innocent, then the trial verdict will say so. Having seen the appalling way in which my friend’s trial was conducted, having studied the evidence and seen the clear discrepancies between his accuser’s statement to the Police and her testimony in Court, which prove to me and many others beyond a shadow of a doubt that her tale was completely false, having seen that the jury heard only 3 5ths of the statement she made to the Police, because all the repetitions which would have emphasised those discrepancies had been edited out, having seen how the statement of his innocence made to the Police by one witness was kept from the jury completely and how the prosecution succeeded in convincing the jury that the other witness who saw no such thing take place must have been in the same place with the accuser on a different occasion rather than when the one on which the offence had supposedly been committed, even though the accuser had told the Police 6 times that she only ever went there on that one occasion, I am now convinced that our Injustice System is so bad that at least a quarter of those convicted must in fact be innocent. I have no doubt that those who claim the trial in the case to which they are connected was a farce, because this one most certainly was, and when I fought for an appeal on behalf of my friend and attended the hearing in London, I felt as though I had fallen down a rabbit hole and landed in the Mad Hatter’s tea party; both concluding statements upon which the appeal application was denied were incorrect, the exact opposite of the truth, as could clearly be shown from the evidence, but I had no right of reply. I have barely scratched the surface in my mention of faults in the way this case was conducted; I could go on and on. What horrifies me most, however, since that wrongful conviction, is the behaviour of people in authority towards my friend and his severely disabled terminally ill wife, which was nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment. The members of the MAPP group assigned to his case acted illegally in evicting the couple from their home without a Court Order, making false threats that they could imprison him if he made any attempt to resist their bullying and repeatedly lying about their powers to force him to live where they dictated. (No accommodation order had been made against him, so none of them had any powers whatever in this regard, but all persisted in pretending they had and bullying him into submission.) The Judge in his case, though he falsely declared at sentencing that that the evidence of this offence was clear, when in fact it hung solely upon the child’s false accusation, did at least show compassion by suspending the sentence so he could continue to care for his wife, but the MAPP members having immediately evicted them, forced her to live in a so-called Care Home where her care fell far short of that she would have received at home, and despite all my efforts on her behalf, most of her remaining days were spent in appalling misery, a far greater abuse that the supposed offence of touching a child on her tummy for two or three seconds, with a hand so painful and thickly bandaged following a major operation on it just four days earlier, that it could easily have been demonstrated that the accusation was false had the defence team bothered to make the effort. If it were up to me, the Police Inspector, Probation Officers, Housing Officers, Social Service personnel and Care Home staff who treated this poor disabled lady so appallingly because of her husband’s supposed offence would all be serving prison sentences for abuse of power, and if that is not currently a criminal offence, then it ought to be. I too could write a book and I hope eventually to do so.

30/9/2012 dismayed

I a so sorry to all the innocent accussed. I myself have been abused and now in my adulthood have decided to do something about it. Im going on no physical evidence. Its cases like these I have read that make my real case so hard! It seems easy that these people can be convicted for so little evidence its scary. However it is damaging to the true cases. Good luck to all .

5/12/2012 Dee

Hi I need some advice my dad was convicted on August of abusing a so called cousin there's no eveidence as she said it was 22 yrs ago she said she told told her friends after getting drunk but her friends can't remember what she said to them
The police used a letter from a physiatrist that hadn't even been signed or dated saying my dad was a bad person I don't understand the justice system as noone from social services come and spoke to me or my siblings I feel the system is so wrong were hoping to appeal but been left in limbo a still waiting its just not fair how they can mess up some1s life my dads a hard working man x

17/1/2013 mp

i myself was charged and denied bail till the trial ended. i watched this legal game very closely through out my ordeal. i have spent almost 10 months in remand while cps was studying and looking for the evidence. thank god in my case the so called victim was crying that she holds the strong evidence and cps were examining the DNA 3 times without informing the defense team. the trial was postpone by 3 times because CPS always had some reason. luck for me the whole DNA evidence collapsed and in the trial CPS was saying the defended might have some how manged to destroy the DNA evidence. that was the time i really saw the real picture of the current criminal justice system. the motto is #whoever is charged rote him in hell no matter whether he has done the crime or not# while i was in remanded i met loads of people who were actually innocent and trust me the six sense is always right. later these guys were lucky enough to win the case. the real deal starts once you come out. you are stopped in the airport by immigration, by police and you can not find the job, you are judged and trust me there is no help for people like us. i am psychology graduate and i am haveing ptsd but i can not go seeking for help coz i know i will be judged. i am going down hill...... started hating the whole female race. does the government cares about me NO where in fact the accuser dared to ring me to tell me i must have learned the lesson by now.

2/4/2013 anoym

In this article it is mentioned that when some countries abolished compensation for sexual offence cases the number of reportings reduced quite dramatically however,this statement is not back by any evidence. Does anyone know of any evidence for this claim or an example of a country where this is true? Thanks

22/4/2013 Anon

I am going through this scenario as I speak, for the second time because the first trial was undecided in the verdict. The accusations I am facing supposedly happened in houses where there were other people residing and even in the house at the time, who are actually in my defence saying that these incidents could never have happened. Yet here I am in the middle of a nightmare that does not seem fair to myself and makes me look guilty already to anyone in the jury.

7/6/2013 Michael Zimmerman -

One of my best friends has been falsely accused of raping his niece because his sister set him up by coaching the kid what to say and do in order to get him put away my buddy is now in jail and i am hoping like hell that it gets dropped for his sake because in NC they have life without parole or death for rape, and he is innocent and there is no dna evidence or anything else its just hearsay and this is actually about the money in the will because my buddy was getting dirt on his sister to remove her as the executor of the will and make him it and the warrant for his arrest came while he was getting the dirt on her all compiled, now im scared for this guy because im afraid of what will happen if it goes to trial my buddy will be eaten alive here.

3/7/2013 Katherine -

My son has been falsely accused of a crime not rape. His girlfriend set him up because he dented her car during a lover's spat. She set him up to fix her cooputer and then reported he stole it. He does not even have the computer. On the other hand when I went to report a girl that stole my klonipam the policeman pointed his stupid mind at my son . The girl confessed and I had a the information that pointed to her. How many days do we have before we can no longer report a crime.? He acted like it was a day. My opinion was that I knew too much information and he wanted to be the detective. I will fight for justice. One nation under God with
liberty and justice for all. Where have I heard that.

3/7/2013 Errol

If the celebrity witch hunt is anything to go by you have at least 50 years to report a crime.

16/7/2013 Keith -

On the 20 june 2013 I was accused of sexualy abusing my great granddaughter who is four years of age. on the 29th june 2013 nine days later my wife was texed to go over to see our granddaughter were upon she ws told that I had abused the child when my wife returded home she said that I had been accused of playing with the childs private parts I informed my wife that was a lie her awsner was I DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK. I then asked my wife has anyone phoned the plose she told me that the child parents did not want the police involed so I phone the police myself to clear my name after taking a statemebnt off me they went over to my grasnddaughters house later that day I was arrested and put in police cells over night and best part of the following day I was cbharged and let out on police bale the condition of the bale was that I,am not allowed to contact my wife or the rest of the family I have no way of proving my innosence. the abuse was aledged to have taken place all in the space of ten minuets. some how to save my seventeen years old marriage I have to prove my innosence Its my word against a four year old and with tis witch hunt going on I have no chanceI am facing a prison sentence for a crime I am totaly innosecet of I have no friends I can turn to and no other family members I am totaly alone it is torture deay after day waiting to report to the police to find out what is going to happon I cannot eat or sleep every thing seems to be round and around in myhead It was me who brought it to the attention of the parents that some person had been llifting up the childs cloths because she would say to me lift up mydress and tickle me gentley yhet I am the accused

19/7/2013 IG

I was arrested in may this year for historical abuse charges when I was 11 to 16. The accuser was 5 - 10. This was 15 years ago! Its rubbish!! I didn't even really see the accuser after 13/14!!Annoyingly, one of my sisters friends tried to accuse me of something 6 years ago, but nothing was found e.g.. dna and the case was dismissed.. But I know this will go against me..i haven't been charged yet, but I expect it will happen... As there is no evidence on her side, just a statement.. My whole life is about to get ruined, I will lose my job, have to sell my house to pay for court fees.. The shame people will naturally think... And worst of all the thought of being seperated from my wife...What annoys me is they punish you as an adult even though your being accused as a minor..It's a horrible time to be in...regarding historic cases!

3/9/2013 samantha baines -

hi i have the issue with my brother
there are things you can do and you dont need a lawyer
one is represent yourselfs
appeal to the court if not the criminal commison is the 2nd option if you have appealed with a soliciter and have failed you can appeal again if you can find errors that caused a gulity verdict
look in to dna look upo adventitous macthing and how dna testing is not accurate in fact because of the way it is tested it can lead to 1 in 10000 siblings being macthed and one in 1 billon being macthed on stranger against yours leading to a gulity verdict of a innocent person
i in a billon or 1 in 10000 is way to much
the dna lottery i call it
next is there are law profeesionals you can ask for help what to do
gather eveidence yourselfs anything
for the court
if there innocent you can prove that
write to your mp they should know this happens
innocent people should not go to jail
i am helping my brother he is innocent
and was commitied to somethign he never done
all becuase of dna testing not being accuratley
google everything educate yourself
you dont need to have a law degree to fight for justice for a loved one
plse can someone also give advice of any professionals who can help with cases out there
i know theres good charitys out there also who can help
every littel helps
most of all support your loved onne and never ever give up

29/9/2013 Samantha

My husband was accused 8 yrs ago of abusing his ex step daughter he was on bail for 2 yrs till it came to court he got convicted to 10 yrs for something she said happened over 20 yrs ago we had been together for 4 yrs and had 2 boys but the day we were getting married she put in these allegations and recieved 66 thousand pound compensation she has since accused another I had to divorce my husband because of my job but we are back in touch and hoping to get back together I am trying to get an appeal but need help our boys need him everyone knows hes innocent so any advice will be appreciated

9/11/2013 Neil

My father is currently on bail until January for a police meeting. he is accussed of touching a school friend of mine 25 yrs ago. Looking from this forum I assumed inoccent until proven guilty this is clearly not the case. We have a legal aid solicitor should we be paying for a better one? I assumed it would not make a court as her word against his and no witnesses. I now assume you all think this will go to court? I am shocked by what i'm hearing. Advice please as really worried!!

Editorial Comment:
Have a look at our Library section: for Miscarriage of Justice information.

18/11/2013 Dee

Hiya Neil
I'm sorry to say this will most probley go to court as they don't need evidence it's ok for verbal evidence to be used my dad was accused of historic child abuse and after 18 months on bail was taken to court where they brought up loads of rubbish against him his barrister wasn't any good didn't use all the witness and my poor dad was found guilty because they cryed on cue and couldn't remember much when my dads barrister was questioning them we are waiting for the 3 judges to see if we can get a appeal is all I would say is all stick together and maybe look into paying for a decent solicitors and barrister to help ur dad good luck

11/12/2013 rocio -

Its sad to be in this situation, my husband was accused of sex offender to a minor.He was 17 yrs old at the time and had few months that had just move to the united states , the girl was his girlfriend she told him he was 16 yrs old one day she had an argument with her mom and ask him to pick her from school. He wanted to help her some how he convense his older brother to rent a hotel. But few hours later his brother came back because her mom had called the police because her real age was 12yrs old. Even infront of the police she kept lying about her age. Her mom had to take her birth certificate. They didnt take him then they just told both they had to go to the court to write their statement. His girlfriend had told him that his uncle had got drunk and abuse her. He has not sure what to do. She went a week before for the statement. He didnt have much to put because they had notting to do that day. But he got there the officer that took the statement told him she was not allow to read her statement but if he but the same her mom was going to let him marry him. He didnt know any english at the time some the officer read it to him. His girlfriend had told him also she was afraid that her mom wont believe her and might hit her.when the officer read the statement she had wrote they had sex on the motel. Him thinking about his girlfriend he thought he was helping so he wrote the same thing she did and blame himself, thinking he was going to marry her to help her with her problem. But no the only thing he got himself introuble when he try to tell the true they didnt do anything on looking for evidence or not the attorney didnt do anything and suppostly was just able to get his a lower sentence he did 3 yrs in the state. And the girlfriend would write to him and even her mom and dad will visit him to take her. Dont make any since if he was guilty. I as a mother if a guy will abuse of my daugher I would never ever would take her to visit and have any kind of relationship with him! In one of her laters she gives him thanks for his sacrifice. When he got out he was deported to mexico. The girl friend keep calling him. He decided to come back for her was with her for one yr. And broke up. For 11 yrs he had no trouble.we married 6 yrs ago and have 2 kids. But because his problem I was not able to get his status settle. He had a traffic ticket and now he in a immigration detention because the judge counted his case again and he is doing time again for something he didnt do. The law is so unfair.

12/12/2013 kelly -

I know someone eho has just been remanded for a false aligation and its ripped me apart as he is all I had and now hes going to missmout on his kids growing up...... the justice system needs sorting as inncount ppl are losing massive chunks of therebkives wnd there kids lives

28/12/2013 Anzbmw -

This law is mad dont pay any taxes ever good ppl get put away for liers never pay any tax.

6/1/2014 caringuk

im going through a similar situation with my son who was 19 at the time has been accused of touching a family friends daughter a 13 yr old on top of her clothing ,, twice ,, this girl and her family has beenthru a lot of emotional issues and as the family that we r , supported them thru alot over the past 8 yrs, the child lacked confidence and all 4 of my sons and there female friends give her reason to believe she was worth more than she was giving herself credit for , 6 months later n we r taking it to trial ,, any advice or support will be greatly appreciated

8/1/2014 Dee

We ourselfs are still waiting in the three judges for my dad he has spent nearly 18 months in prison now after being convicted he has missed out on our kids growing up as some was babies when he was convicted also he now has a great grandson who he can't even see a photo off because that's what happens when ur convicted can't even talk to the kids it's so not fair when there swanning around with there compo money which is quite a bit of money for me they need to change the law with these cases but they won't and now they seem to think not enough sex offenders are being convicted thy need to look into it, I feel those who accuse some one and they get found out should do the sentence they give to the person who was accused but they won't because the accuser is the victim and not those who go through this and there family even going to our local mp hasn't helped I've even wrote to Chris grayling about this and haven't had a reply it's easier to ignore us as a family hopefully we will get the answers we need soon

13/1/2014 Julia -

So many people convicted of crimes they didn't commit or so many delusional friends. relatives, partners etc who simply do not want to believe the truth?

Sexual offenders are ALL somebody's son, husband, brother, uncle or best friend. None of us want to believe that our nearest and dearest are capable of these acts.

They do not have signs on their foreheads or common traits. They are otherwise likeable.

A jury has to be convinced beyond all reasonable doubt. In other words, if there is the slightest hint of doubt, the accused is found not guilty. This does not mean that the accuser is lying.

14/1/2014 Errol

Sorry Julia but you are mistaken.
Firstly the judge tells the jury that if they 'think' he may have done it they can convict.
Secondly juries get swept up in emotion and convict 'just in case'.
Juries should be removed from all sex cases.

6/3/2014 caringuk

here wer are ,, 1 day away from trial,,, my son and family are going thru hell n this 14 yr old is lapping up all the attention, well shes got what she set out to do ,,and is on to her 5th boyfriend in 6 months ,

27/3/2014 ashley hook -

My good friend was accused of aggravated sexual assualt and is wrongly accused of it he didnt do nothing all was of his ex wife getting mad so she had to seg his butt up he is in jail for 20 yrs and im trying to fight to prove he is innocent if anyone knows of someone can help me please let me know thanks

17/4/2014 Lou

Ok I never thought this would happen to someone I care about but my Boyf was arrested with his friend this week. This crazy ass woman assaulted them both and after being found guilty for that was due to get sentenced. She didn't show up to court and a warrant was issued howeve when police arrested her for failing to attend, she decided to make the allegations that they raped her that morning just before her sentencing! She refused to let police collect DNA from her, refused to give them her clothes and refused to let them collect forensic evidence from her house ... Police arrested them both but released them on bail pending further investigation. The letter that the police sent out today states that they believe the allegations are false but they still have to attend the station in 2 months! Now we re being told that even though they have witnesses to say they were at home, her neighbours say they never saw anyone go to her address and CCTV in the area obviously doesn't show them ...if she doesn't admit she lied then this will be kept on file. They can't press charges for this fake allegation, this will be kept on file and their reputations are in tatters and they still MAY have to attend court. After reading this I'm worried sick and any advice will be greatly appreciated. They are being persecuted where as she will get away with all of this

16/5/2014 Taryn -

I'm from Australia, looking for someone for support, my ex partner (ex due to all of the allegations) is being investigated for having sex with our foster child (lots of oter details to this) she is claiming they had consensual sex, ex parter is 23 the foster child was 14.

I don't know what to, obviously it has torn us apart (we have a 3 year old together)

I'd really like to talk to someone who's going trough the similar situation, get some advice and some support.


15/6/2014 John -

I know what all these people are going through, I have already been at court once for all edged see abuse 13 of these are rape because she is alledging it happend in her teens. I was at court in March it was a hung jury so i have to suffer all this again in September. Why in God's name won't they allow the polygraph as every one who watches TV shows believes in it.I know I am 100% innocent. I had only 2 one hour sessions with my solicitor and an less than an hour with my barrister. I am also being charged with physical abuse to her even though I have never hit a woman or child in my life. My family and friends know I am innocent. Why not stop these stupidly large pay outs an I'm sure a lot of these cases would not come to fruition. Finally I am still saving to have at least two polygraph tests, does anyone know if I get found guilty if it would be legal to have the results published in newspapers. Thank you so much for reading this
Thank You

25/6/2014 deb

my partner was today found guilty of sexual assault on a 25 yr old guy ,what he was accused of was slapping a guy across the bum , its been going on for 12 months and made our life a complete nightmare , my partner works away and it was in between there and where i live that the incident apparently took place , anyhow it was revealed in court that the accuser had (2 days prior to accusing my partner) himself been arrested and charged with sexual assault on a young child over a period of 3 yrs , he (the accuser) also admitted in court that he suffers from black outs as a result of heavy drinking and mixing medication and often cant remember one thing to the next so he makes up things to fill in his blanks. the statement he gave was altered time after time and his witnesses statements were all different from each others , my partner who at the time had been drinkin heavily himself that day cant remember much of what happened he remembers drinking with them at one point also handing over money so they could buy them selves beer but certainly not slapping his bum !! so now he has been found guilty of sexual assault and has to sign at a police station within the next 3 days also he has to return to court in two weeks to be sentenced , my heart is breakin as i dont know what to expect next , or how all of this will affect our family life as we have a two yr old son together also i have children from previous relationship , will he be able to be a father to our son or will i be told by the system to keep him away from our child , im so scared he is a wonderful father not just to our son but to my other kids too , he works hard for a living and sacrifices seeing our son grow up to work away to provide everything our boy needs and more , my partner has been texting me since court this morning sayin his life is over and he cant go on he has lost all hope in the judicial system and has no fight left in him , has anyone got any advice on what to do next or what to expect ,in total its cost over £3000 in fees and we cant afford to appeal ,

19/9/2014 Phelim o' neill -

I was wrongfully accused , by my partners daughter, it was in vestigated and the police said it was a domestic, and that there was no evidence against me, 9years later the eldest sister who had already signed numerous statements saying I never ever touched her ,now made a statement saying I did, it went to court the judge trough it out. Their barrister admitted that their was no evidence against me and the case should never have gone to court. These two girls went to court and after blood tests where found to have every imaginable drugs in there body. Now the oldest one we have found out went to some organisation and said she was abused as a child and that's why she has mental problems, they never even asked her for proof. Her mental problems have been because of her drug problem since she was 16 yrs old. I trough her out of my home when she was 16 because she was bringing drugs into my home. Why didn't she go to the police then and say I abused her. Now she is on the Internet giving my name my families address, photos, and the police say she is not breaking the law. My son is terrified that some vigilantey will put a petrol bomb trough his window, and kill his 3 children.the police where quick to committ perjury in court to try and convict me . But with these criminals they say they can do nothing even though they are breaking the law. This crackpot now is on the Internet demanding compensation. Of course their are innocent children who must be protected, but what about these money vultures, why can't we do what the Americans do, if you claim rape or abuse, they ask you to Voulenteer for a polygraph test, now if your telling the truth then there is no problem as the questions only relate to the crime, and it's not for court, it's only so that the police can find out the genuine cases. My family have suffered so much and so many innocent children live in fear from these crackpots. We need to start some kind of forum to take our case to the human rights court. It's the only way forward

26/9/2014 betty

my husband is currently on remand due to six allegations, the main one is his daughter who was diagnosed with asd and adhd, i have read through the statements and in shock from what i have, read but i know in my heart and mind that he is innocent but i am finding it hard to maintain bills and keep myself busy to pass the time away until his first court hearing, i want to stand by my husband every step of the way but also worried on how to handle further situations with any hassle i may receive from those related to the accusers and my neighbors. i know he has been stitched big time by jealous ex partners who i think find it hard to let go, do i prepare myself for the worse now and how do you cope with it all, i cry every night and feel so lost being here alone. i have seen him twice on visits so far and each time is so very daunting. its so hard for people to prove their innocence these days when their are so many allegations made and as his wife, i have had no support from authorities, only close friends. the dc that was dealing with the case was awfully rude over the phone towards me, most electrical equipement that was taken for examination has been returned but they are taking their time in returning my xbox which they have not sent off to be analyzed yet, they've had it since the 2nd sept. they really are not sympathetic to those who are suffering during these hard times.

5/10/2014 suu -

My eldest daughter accused my partner of raping her and other things over 25 years ago. Ring a bell anyone? She wanted to 'get back at him'. We had solid evidence that contradicted her statement, but in court that evidence was withheld and she was allowed to change her statement under oath and bring in extra witnesses to back up those changes. The police didn't touch his computers or search the house; because I didn't believe my daughter the CPS treated me like dirt and subjected me to intimidation in the courtroom. In my opinion the judge wanted a conviction; even my partner's barrister treated her with kid gloves. Yes she hid behind a curtain. Yes she deserved an Oscar for her performance. And yes the whole thing was an absolute farce. We are desperately trying for an appeal; his solicitors have been dragging their feet ever since he was sentenced; he had no legal advice for the first 18 days whilst in prison. He wasn't allowed a phone call to tell me where he was and it was nearly two weeks until I received his first letter. The whole system stinks. Stop the compensation payouts for 'victims'. If an appeal trial is successful then the person who made the false allegations should be named. My daughter will be kept totally anonymous over this. My partner? On the sex offender's list for life. The police knowing his every move and keeping HER informed. His reputation destroyed. And the police 'chalking up' one more victory for their statistics.

20/10/2014 Ernie

How are you supposed to feel when allegations are brought against me. And no conviction yet? Things suppose to happen between 07/08. A lot to talk about.

10/12/2014 A sad stoned person =[

I'm in a bit of a dilemma also. Recently my brother in law received a big compensation payout.. The next thing I know, my brother is saying that I raped him when he was little =[ Today, I saw him and told him straight, he is out of order. He picked up a big piece of wood and started threatening me and trying to intimidate me, like he does to everyone else. I faced up to him because no-one else does and told him to do it, called his bluff. My mother works as a probation officer, who deals regularly with the sex offender type.. My brother was telling my family he wants to get me arrested and get compensation, my mum begged him not to do it to me, he then asked for me to be cut out of my mothers will money instead of having me arrested. He also keeps asking my mother for money, and she gives it to him to keep him silent, he is blackmailing her constantly. A couple of weeks ago, she couldn't afford to give him any more money.. He then started talking about getting me arrested and stuff. Mum rang me up in tears, saying she has done all she can for me and that she has nothing left to give him, and that he has taken everything from her. I want him to either leave me alone to live my life, or get me arrested so I can get this processed. I also want to report him to the police for blackmail and slander, but I'm afraid that if I do, he may make his false counter claim and then have me arrested. At that point I am scared that the police attention might be shifted in my direction and things could go horribly wrong. I have 8 step children and 3 of my own children, I'm scared he might tear my family apart, especially after seeing how easy it is for people to make a claim like this. Anyway, my partner, once she heard about this.. called around and spoke to her older children about me and asked them if I was 'okay' I guess, just by chance, I happened to find out that my brother used to molest my step daughter when she was sleeping through her investigation.. she has already said she is willing to go to the police about him, if he does this to me. When I first heard I was scared, I've lived under this threat for around a year now. But I think I have quite a lot going for me now. I have 11 children.. yes, a football team that will testify I am a decent person around children :) Also, he has my name tattooed onto his arm, I don't know if this will be enough evidence to prove he is lying.. or not.. I can only hope. I just want him to get on with it, so I can move on with my life.. but the problem is, he is directing this at my mother mainly, this is why he chose a sexual subject.. because of her job. She is worried it will be in the media and so on.. She would choose to leave her job if something like that happened. He also calls her by her first name instead of 'mum' to be hurtful, he told his psychotherapist that she was never there for him and all this other nasty stuff, for attention. He also told them that I tortured him! But I have witnesses that he was practically living at my house for years. Always around me, using me for money. He lies constantly about everything, what scares me, is his ability to lie and 'act' that lie out to the full. He must seem convincing to others, he makes out he has psychological problems from the so called 'rape and abuse' so he can get sick money from the government also. All in all, everything is about money to him. If money can do this to your own brother, who you always had a good healthy relationship with.. Money can do it to ANYONE. We was very close until he said this, we never argued or had a falling out, but he is making out completely different to everyone else... Money needs to be taken out of the equation, innocent people need protecting.

10/12/2014 Witch

Sad stoned person--- the best advice I can give you:having seen the disgusting sham of law on this country,is to get yourself to a lawyer pretty quickly.
Find one on the Internet near you- one which specialises in false accusations.
Do nothing and say nothing to the police without a solicitor present!
We were naive and trusted the jury could spot the liars.
Get yourself the help now BEFORE this goes any further!

17/12/2014 Sad stoned person =[

The problem is, I can't do anything to take it further, if he does get me arrested it will be in the media and so on, my mothers career would be wrecked. I'm at catch 22 here =/ I want to.. I really do.. I was going to the other day, but I spoke to my mother and she practically begged me to leave the situation. I won't disrespect her, like my brother does. One of us at least has to think about her. However my brother is saying it happened when I lived at home.. around 19 years ago, he would of been aged under 7 and I would of been 16 or younger when I was living at home, I'm wondering if I can at least keep it out of the media due to my age, then I can start the long process of rebuilding my life =/ I need to find out more about the media laws, if I can then its time for me to bite back :) without hurting my mother more than what she is already being hurt.

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Grants and Funding

This grants and funding pdf document aims to meet the need of prisoners and ex-offenders for accurate, up to date information on the supplementary funding available to prisoners.

Rules and Regulations

Information on rules & regulations used throughout the prison service.

Glossary of Terms

The Glossary of Prison Related Terms explains what all the acronyms and terms stand for with prison related matters. Includes links to external sites to further explain things.

Fact Sheets

We have produced many Prison Related Fact Sheets inc. Legal Fact Sheets, Parole Fact Sheets and Other related information.


Find a Solicitor

You can search our solicitor database for listings of solicitors in your area that provide the services you require.

Find a Barrister

You can search our barrister database for listings of barristers in your area that provide the services you require.

Address Finder

You can search our address database in many ways to retrieve contact information for all those elusive addresses you need in a hurry.

Prison Law pdf

This document provides details of leading training providers who offer sound professional training.

Other Publications

Inside Information has produced a number of books and publications you can purchase online.

Site Map

Our site map page contains links to all pages on the insideinformation site.

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Use the Contact Us Feedback form to send us suggestions, plus our address and phone numbers.



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