False Allegations

By Stuart Morris, from insidetime issue November 2010

Stuart Morris looks at the nightmare of being falsely accused

False Allegations

Imagine a scenario which starts with the ringing of the door bell, you answer and there stands a policeman. ‘May I come in?’ He says, seriously, and you allow him to enter with his colleague in tow. That could be the end of your life as you know it. Someone – a relative, an old flame, or even a stranger – has accused you of committing one of the most horrendous of crimesrape-and says that it happened many years ago.

If you are guilty then I hope they lock you up and throw away the key. But what if you are not? What if you are actually the victim here and someone has made a false allegation against you? I’ll tell you what you will do – you will PANIC! The way the law deals with rape cases since the introduction of Sections 32 and 33 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 means the scales of justice have been tipped against you. Unless you can prove your innocence you WILL be convicted. The Prosecution don’t even have to try.

The laws of our land are supposed to be a framework of guiding lights that shine upon the innocent and leave the guilty in the dark. Yet since 1994, one by one these lights have been switched off and the innocent now stand in shadow, vulnerable to attack. This has been caused by successive governments driving through law after law, with the purpose of increasing convictions. Not even ensuring convictions of the guilty, just ensuring more and more innocent people are being wrongfully convicted and punished for crimes they never committed.

Yet the Home Office are well aware that there are innocent people rotting in our penal system, and are fairly clued up on why they are there. When the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act was introduced in 1996, its aim was to – ‘effectively bring about acquittal of the innocent and conviction of the guilty, whilst ensuring efficiency in focussing on key issues at trial and fairness towards all those affected’. This is the law that demands a statement from the defendant before any extra disclosures are made which might undermine the prosecution case. In reality this is the law that allows the prosecution to withhold or misplace any sensitive evidence that may damage their case.

After this law had been in force for a few years the Home Office commissioned a research study and found that 88% of barristers, 87% of defence solicitors, and 61% of judges were dissatisfied with the way it was operating. They stated that relevant information continues to exist in many locations without ever becoming part of a prosecution file (Naylor L.A. 2004).

Prior to 2004, the Home Office stated in its own bulletin that it was aware of 3000 wrongfully convicted people being put in prison every year, while allowing the guilty to walk free (Naylor L.A 2004). No, that is not a typo, it is 3000 real people, most with families, partners, and children. Tens of thousands of people affected by this injustice, and yet the government allows it to continue to make their conviction statistics look good.

Thousands of families are being ripped apart by this growing culture of compensation for false allegations, although in some cases the accuser is not always to blame for this. Your accuser could be the victim of malpractice by a psychotherapist, who can call themselves ‘qualified’ after only a 20 week correspondence course, and work in this field of therapy which has no regulations. In comparison a psychology degree will take years to acquire.

Psychotherapists, who often appear as expert witnesses, are sometimes the creators of false memories that surface during therapy. Chris French, a professor of psychology, wrote in The Guardian newspaper in March 2010 – ‘Because there is no ‘buried memory’ to recover, the search for repressed memories can itself lead to the mental construction of completely false scenarios. Indeed the claims upon which this therapeutic approach is based is not supported by any convincing scientific evidence. Yet the damage that can be done to patients and their families by such psychotherapists is well documented’.

In America in the 1990s, hundreds of ex patients sued their therapists on the grounds of malpractice, because they had implanted false memories of abuse and destroyed family relationships. Not all false allegations come via implanted memories; some are made purely as a way of revenge or even for financial gain. But until false allegations are proved to be false they are accepted as fact and allowed to be put forward as the only evidence necessary to gain a prosecution in a criminal trial. The extremely low level of proof required in cases of a sexual nature, in contrast with all other offences, is surely questionable. Why aren’t all crimes subject to the same level of proof?

As many high profile people, like football and showbiz types, seem able to prove that any allegations made against them are false, is down to the fact that they can afford to pay for a decent legal team. But those who rely on a state funded defence team are unable to do the same. This proves that there are two different levels of justice – one for the rich and another for the poor.

The legal profession are doing nothing to fight this injustice, and all the small groups pushing for change seem to be following personal agendas. What is needed is for all of these groups and professionals to join forces, which might raise a shout so loud that the government realise that mistakes in our legislation must be remedied now! Until then 60 more people every week will be wrongfully imprisoned, some of them for historic offences that never happened.

Finally, if you find yourself to be one of the lucky innocents who can prove your innocence before charges are brought against you then you may think that would be the end of the matter? WRONG! If anyone requests a CRB check on you it will show that you were arrested for ‘an offence’ but that there was ‘insufficient evidence’, so ‘no further action’ was taken. It appears that the word ‘innocent’ does not compute on the Police National Computer. So, as soon as an accusation is made it could be the end of your life as you know it.

Stuart Morris is currently resident in HMP Long Lartin

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7/11/2010 brueyh1976

My father is currently serving a prison sentence because of false allegations that were made against him, it went to trial, he didn't stand a chance and was convicted and sentenced for something that he is totally innocent of. Allegations are very easy to make and very hard to disprove

10/11/2010 Janis Pavey

My partner of 26 years is currently in prison because of allegations made by his 40 year old daughter, these allegations made go back 32 years, and have no evidence or proof to them,his family , other daughters and sons are all standing by him, and no one believes them,only a jury who did not know him, and believed a good liar.We are appealing,but it is time Ken Clark looked at these so called crimes,because the government have proved that there are innocent men incarcerated just by allegation alone.

12/11/2010 John -

How very true.
If you are convicted just on the word of a complainant without any evidence except what the prosecution throw to the jury, which is often only circumstantial, what chance do you have with any appeal.
There is even less evidence because you cannot use what was already before the jury at trial.
The judicial system is fataly flawed and its no use saying that if there is no faith in the jury system then what is there.
Every day the guilty walk free and innocent people are incarcerated. Is this fair, is this justice.?
I have long advocated that all these different web sites and support groups should group together to fight for the very basis of their existance.
The right to a fair investigation, a fair trial, the right to appeal with any new evidence, or even a disputed verdict from the jury, without the need to apply to the CCRC.
One great voice is better than lots of little voices all bleating about their pet theme.
The jury can and has been proved on many occasions to be wrong and its time that judges were allowed to say so instead of hiding behind

12/11/2010 Steven Battram -

Give the jury some credibility please. I was sexually molested whilst in approved school, I was 13-yrs old. I woke up to a master touching my private parts and masturbating. At 13, I was a complete innocent with regards to sexual activity and had not yet had an erection due to sexual thought.

I complained to the headmaster, who told me I must have dreamt it. I have tried to get this case re-opened. I wrote to the Home Office and they trawled through all the old paper work and found a small paragraph on my allegation written by the headmaster:- Sometime this year a boy complained to the superintendent that one of the supervisers had sexually interfered with him at night. The Children's Department was informed who reported the matter to the Chief Constable. As a result of interviews with the boys in the dormitory it emerged that there was some evidence of sexual play between boys but there was no evidence whatever that a superviser was concerned. The psychiatrist stated that the boy transferred his own feelings of guilt on to the supervisor. The boys concerned were warned and the whole matter was taken care of apparently undramatically and sensibly.

The headmaster told me not to inform my mother as it would worry her. The police or no other official informed my mother or any of my legal guardians. I did not inform my mother because I was embarrassed. And if the investigation had discovered sexual play between the boys, it was never stopped. I was unaware until months later that the boys sharing beds were involved in buggery. I thought they were just cuddling up together. That is how innocent I was in 1968. And that is the justice I got, zero, it was covered up by a nest of paedophiles.

I would stand in court today, point at my abuser and say to his face he abused me. I would be quite happy for a jury to decide if I was telling the truth or not. He is probably an old man today, and would whine to all how he is being falsely accused. But me and him know the truth. I would never stand in court and lie to convict an innocent man of sexual abuse. I don't think many people are callous enough to do that.

The police will not prosecute today unless there is credible evidence, or the witness is credible. I have sat on many sex offender trials, from doctors interfering with female patients, an internal examination when one was not needed. The victim had the presence of mind to pick the glove up the doctor used. He still denied it. But, rightly got convicted.

Go and watch sex abuse trials and see what you think. Children made to accuse their abuser he sexually molested them. See whose version you believe?

14/11/2010 Catherine

Isn't it ironic that one should have to fight to prove one's innocence and the guilty or false accusers, who in my book ought to meet with similar trials and convictions, walk free.

How do they sleep at night knowing they have so wickedly had their way with the criminal justice system and someone's life? Do they lie there chuckling at their hollow victory? Do they snicker and gloat in bloated pride, which they cannot contain. One hope's so. One hopes that they boast to their friends and families about how clever they were to con the courts. One hopes that they brag about how they even fooled the judge ... and one hopes that just one of those friends has a conscience and a good quality mobile phone to record the conversation and present it to the police, or better still, an unbiased judge.

It is time juries were replaced with a method, system or personnel that are thoroughly trained in British law. That one's fate is determined by a dinner lady from Harrow or a dentist from Brixton who wish the trial to be over so that she can return to her school runs and he his generous income is an unsettling realisation on top of an already stressful burden of having to prove one's innocence.

The criminal justice system that is now so weighted in favour of the criminal puts an enormous responsibility not only on the wrongly-convicted but also all those who care for him on the outside. As soon as he is incarcerated, the onus is on family and friends to find a chink in the armour of this corrupt justice system, a shred of new evidence to cement his innocence and exonerate his name.

It is my hope that those wardens who have opted to undertake a duty of care towards the incarcerated resist their human urge to stand judge-and-jury over their charges and instead bestow on them the human kindness for which they would yearn if the shoe was on the other foot and they found themselves wrongly incarcerated.

It is also my hope that they, along with any welfare professionals who interact with inmates, have the insight to recognise truth from fiction and the voice and means to make their findings known at the highest levels.

It is then my hope that the 'highest levels' have the humility to admit error and the honesty to redress the balance without delay.

I cite my hopes for without hope the human spirit is lost and while life exists, so does hope. All situations, however seemingly devoid of hope, are temporary and our refusal to focus on anything other than freedom or our deepest hope can move mountains.

My hope for all inside who do not wish to be there is that they will focus only on the view outside the prison walls, and if that cannot be seen, then the sky. For while they are behind bars so, too, are their loved ones who bind themselves in worry. However, if both focus on a common view of freedom and exoneration to the exclusion of everything else, that laser beam focus must penetrate any barricade to reveal the deserved righting of justice in an end to these sorry tales.

Wake up and stand up, courts, judges and Governments of Britain! Reclaim your 'righteous' birthright. Stop 'cow-towing' to real criminals and locking up the innocent!

15/11/2010 margaret gardener - -

Stuart I am disappointed in your statement that 'and all the small groups pushing for change seem to be following personal agendas'
on behalf of the small number of volunteers who work hard at FASO for the falsley accused of abuse I deny that.
We deal on a daily basis with false abuse allegations trying to provide help and support to those falsely accused as well as endeavouring to address the issue to the media, government and other organisations.
Whilst the media, policticians and the judiciary refuse to acknowledge false allegations (as it would bring into crisis the government and judicial system) we will get nowhere, so we at FASO just chip away and give emotional support and information to both the accused and loyal families (they equally serve the sentence).
I challenge you Stuart to join a group and do your bit in helping yourself and everyone else in your position to get this issue heard and acted upon? After all you have made a start in this letter - lets hope you continue it.
stay strong.

Margaret Gardener FASO Director

HELPLINE: open Mon to Fri
6pm to 10pm
0870 241 6650

17/11/2010 Sue John

Wake up! Steven Battram. Whilst I feel sorry for the abuse you suffered, do not ever believe that the Police only prosecute when they have credible evidence or a credible witness. My son, as well as many other innocent males have been convicted on no evidence whatsoever, even though the Accuser/s have a history of previous allegations made that were never proven. Would you call them credible then? All my son had as evidence was his word, that was his downfall even though he could prove a number of points that contradicted the false statements made by the accusers in court. The biggest problem in the justice system today is that nobody actually seeks to find the truth. It's merely a game of win and lose between the CPS and Defence Barrister. That's not justice, because in many cases the defendant does not have the funds to play the game to win, but has to rely upon either junior, less experienced or a late alternative Barrister who has not the capacity to digest all the paperwork presented in the time given, so misses the nub of the whole case. It's about time the Ministry of Justice considers what its goal is - i.e. to seek justice that is not based on what funds you have, nor on false values of winning the game in return for a monetry prize. All Barristers/Lawyers should be out to seek the truth regardless of whether working for the CPS or defendant, not just for the mere joy of winning the game.

17/11/2010 Steven Battram -

Dear Sue John,

In sex offender trials, the person that has been abused 'is' the evidence. Women and children, who make up the majority of sex victims, don't make these things up for no reason.

If a child stood in front of me and said a man sexually abused them, I would convict every time, unless there was some very questionable evidence that casts doubt. Children don't lie about that kind of thing, except if they have psychological problems.

The people who lie in court are the defendents and the police. Police stands for 'Paid Official Liar In Court Evidence.' But then the police are doing a job putting away known criminals and sex offenders.

I have had several trials. The juries are not stupid, and 99% out of 100% get it about right. Don't try to hoodwink a jury, you will only get away with it through luck or being very clever. I have faith in the jury and would not like to leave my conviction up to a panel of judges. There would be zero aquittals then.

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17/11/2010 Steven Battram

I urge you to go and watch sex offence trials. Obviously you feel someone you know and love could never commit a sex offence. If you went to watch a sex offence trial, you would not be so emotionally involved, but would get a true perspective on what juries have to judge. I have watched several trials. On each occasion the jury convicted, I thought the jury got it right. I am one of the most sceptical people you would ever meet. But trust me, a trial by a jury, is likely to be fairer than a trial judged by a government official.

I have watched sex offence trails relating back 20-years. I believed the witnesses. A jury has to decide on the evidence. Nobody likes to see an innocent man sent to prison. But very few sex offenders will admit to their crimes. I was a thief, and I never admitted to my offences, a jury had to prove my guilt every time. It's no different for sex offenders. A jury has to convict them, and does.

18/11/2010 SheDragon -

Dear Steven Battram,
Sorry, I'm with Sue on this one.
My spiteful oldest daughter lied in court, alleging all sorts of disgusting things against my husband, her step father. She also came up with allegations against her biological father, AND me too.
All her 'stories' came out after she had been having counselling.
What was extremely questionable in our case was that, whilst my husband was convicted on all the charges against him, for stuff that he couldn't actually have done, and I too was found guilty of just one charge of alleged neglect (which I totally refute!) my ex-husband was aquitted of all charges against him, even though there was corroborating evidence against my ex, and nothing remotely similar against my husband and myself.
I am in the process of fighting to get my voice heard, since I KNOW that at least one of the jury members was discussing the case with persons OUTSIDE the court whilst the trial was on-going! And yet nobody wants to get off their arses and investigate this matter, which is an absolute DISGRACE! The juror has committed a crime, and should be locked up for it, and we should be entitled to a re-trial or an aquittal. Either one would suit me. For a re-trial, I would make damn certain that all the evidence that I provided was put before a jury, a fact which did not happen at the previous one, and I feel certain would have made a hell of a difference to the outcome in our case. Plus, I would bring in new witnesses, who would be able to show my daughter for the LIAR that she is.
And her reasons for doing this to us? Out of sheer malicious spite. She resented my relationship with my second husband, and was angry because we both stayed friends with one of her ex partners. There are an awful lot of persons out there who come up with 'stories' out of spite. THEY are the ones who should be locked up!
To all those who are fighting for justice, I hope and pray thet we ALL win our fights.
She Dragon

18/11/2010 Anon

What puzzles me about this article is, why is it just sex offences that are prosecuted historically. If a child, as I suppose most of these cases involve children being sexually molested, and upon growing into an adult, decide to fight for justice. If these accusers are malicious liars, why don't they just accuse the person of stealing their pocket money, or stealing some other item, why does it always involve sexual abuse?

It must annoy the abuser, who many years later, when they had put all that type of behaviour behind them, gets the knock on the door. Time to pay. Time for justice.

What puzzles me about prosecutions based on historical evidence, is why a victim would want to make supposedly false allegations 10-20 years after the incident. They probably have their own families, and have to dragged their children through the nightmare of police investigations, giving evidence in court etc. That is a lot of stress to put yourself and family through. Unless as a victim you can no longer contain the abuse a certain person put you through as a child and need justice before you can move on any further with your life.

Maybe, instead of it being 3000 innocent people being convicted each year, it's 3000 people being prosecuted historically who won't ever accept their guilt, and will go screaming to the gates of hell professing their innocence.

18/11/2010 Steven Battram

Dear She Dragon, Not a very good name to chose for the motherly-type you wish to portray. I think it is a stupid rule in this country that jurors can't talk about the case. Court cases should be televised. So be it if it's a trial by media. Maybe we could have a TV vote, then all the population can have their say on a case. All this not discussing the case between witnesses etc is ridiculous.

If the evidence is strong, very few people will walk free from a court. As in your case, the jury does not need to see corroborating evidence. The evidence is the witness in the box. If the jury disbelieves them they will acquit. Many trials are on circumstantial evidence alone. Sometimes circumstantial evidence is more damning than actual proof.

I feel sorry for your daughter. I would hate it if my mum never believed me if I told her I had been sexually abused.

22/11/2010 Masjas

it does anger me to read such crap at times. We all understand that abuse does go on that there are real victims of abuse. But what you forget is anyone can lie, ANYONE, a child an adult even a bloody judge!!
Lies are evil and people get hurt. Why should a child lie? Why not? Because they can lie, they only have to open their mouth. I can lie, anyone can.
Children do lie, children do make up false allegations as do men and women, there are many guilty for doing so!!
My father was imprisoned for sexual abuse, it took nearly 6 years to get the truth out there but it happened. People thought my father was a monster, NO HE WASNT THE MONSTER THE GIRL WHO LIED AND DID THIS TO MY FAMILY IS THE MONSTER. Why did she do it? No one knows why someone will lie, only that person knows the real reason.
I applaued groups like FASO they are the ones who will show support to the families crying out because they have no where else to turn. They may not be able to set your love one free but they certainly support you and push you in the right direction, without groups like that innocent people do not stand a chance.
My father went to retrial after 6 years of his life taken away from him, our family in ruins, he won his retrial. What happens to the girl who lied? i will tell you what happens NOTHING is what happens, not a darn thing!! So dont sit and say that a child wouldnt lie, because me and my family know different!!

23/11/2010 Michelle

Dear Steve Battram
If my brother gets a re trial I hope you are not one of the jurors!! It was jurors who think like you that put him where he is today. Saying that you have sat on several trials does not make you an expert in the field of judging a innocent man into a sexual offender, you say that all the trials you have attended, all were found guilty, how many appeals have you attended to see all the quashed convictions or re trials ordered? Maybe you need to sit at a few then you may just realize that women and children do lie and that Jury's can and do get it wrong. Although I have deep sympathy with your own case of abuse I find it hard to believe that you would ever see the other side of the coin anyway and would always feel that the accused is guilty. You go onto say that 99% of cases jury's get it right, how so? When David Cameron in June 2010 admitted that 8 to 10% of sexual offenders are in fact innocent, however this was only based on proven cases that had been quashed or found not guilty at the court of appeal, so the percentage is probably much higher, this percentage did not take into account of all the innocent sexual offenders still in prison fighting their cases, or the innocent men who chose to take the option of a lighter sentence by pleading guilty knowing full well they cannot win their case as they were probably advised that the Jury always finds the accused in this type of case guilty. Even at 10% this means that that for every 100 men found guilty there is 10 that are innocent!!! Every 1000 sexual offenders found guilty there are 100 innocent men in jail, their lives wrecked, and if they can never clear their name due to no new evidence, to which is impossible as there wasn't any evidence at the trial, apart from the so called victims word!! Will spend the rest of their lives perceived to be a sexual pervert, by MAPPA, Social Services, the Police and the general public, whereupon these vicious, spiteful evil girls continue there lives being pitied by all around them, if they are extremely lucky will even get compensated for their lies, one very good reason to lie in the first place!! I will stick by my brothers innocence until the day I die and I will help him in clearing his name, however sad we feel at this time whilst he is behind bars we will remain positive and strong, we will get our day of justice. And for the people that make up these allegations and are found out telling lies, I hope they meet their demon down some dark alley, let them cry wolf then.

23/11/2010 rob

there are some interesting comments here on what i would class as an a emotive subject.
however,lets look at the reality of the situation the dreaded knock on the door the disbelief when you recieve a caution and arrested the shock setting in almost immediately.
the realisation your in deep trouble and what may initially appear to be an impossible situation to prove your innocence.
dont count on the police to get you out of trouble as far as they are concerned your guilty and in their case its all hands to the deck to get you convicted at any cost and i mean seriously at any cost.
from the early stage of statements they decide who they take statements from and what is passed to the cps.
people believe that the police and cps are two seperate agencies take it from me they are not they work together.
i know for a fact that the police gag witnesses as in the case of my sister whos evidence would have got me cleared earlier she was denied that right.
the police force i refer to is gwent police who have one of the highest conviction rates for sexual offences.
the investigation is one sided and that is against you. no neutrality, no fairness a complaint has been made your guilty in their eyes.
when your evidence starts to sway in your favour what do they do they go and try and get something else against you.
even when presented with messages from the accuser stateing more to come laughing did they stop the investigation no they did not they turned a blind eye thats gwent police for you.

lets look at they person accused we he/she is in total dispair suicidal definately i thought about it on numerous occasions whilst on remand.

what support do they recieve in prison absolutely nothing you classed as a nounce by everyone.

then the angels from hell appear the dreaded probation staff screaming your in denial your a sex offender i felt like lashing out a couple of times against the mouthy over bearing bitches.
the prison course staff who magically become experts in sex offender behaviour again saying your in denial i refer to parc prison bridgend they know your in a vulnerable position and play up on it.
the sex offenders course what a complete and utter waste of time its been proven that those who have not done the course are equaly less likely to re-offend as those who have done the course.
the course is a hughe profit making course for the private prisons. so its in their own interest to keep the courses up and running with a rapid inmate turn over.
some inmates cannot progress unless they do the course.
now comes the pre sentence report everything that from that moment on affects your life and what happens to you. some glorified probation officer sits there and dictates to you whats going to be in the report. you can argue as much as you like it will get you no where.
the oasy's report is sent to judge who looks at it and determines what sentence you are going to get obiously there are other factors.
what if the oasy's report is inaccurate and proven to be inaccurate at a later date. it cannot be changed even though its wrong.
next the mappa boards which you are not allowed to sit on but important decisions are made about you. you have no chance of redress what so ever.
its just brushed away.
your 2 week visits to the probation office again a complete and utter waste of time achieves nothing what so ever except get you frustrated.
and finally re-offending the risk lol if it was not so serious it be funny.
you get no help what so ever of course theres a high risk of re-offending but not in a sexual nature more down the road of a section 20 or section 18 where you exact your revenge against your accuser or worse case as been high lighted recently the taking of life as your life is completely ruined and un recoverable.
so you have nothing to lose.
i believe the famous murder of the ex partners boyfriend and the shooting of the policeman also the sex offender who once released went on to kill the accuser and his wife before killing himself these are not isolated incidents.
how many accusers have ended up in intensive care because of false allegations.
theres needs to be a change in our law punish those in court who have proven to have made false accusations let them have the sentence you would have got. stop the compensation culture after all you cannot claim compensation for wrongful arrest or imprisonment as the police will say we was carrying out an investigation into a complaint

23/11/2010 Newton

Hi Michelle

How I agree with your post. My husband is one of the ones who is innocent but took a lower guilty plea because he was told he had no chance of winning his case. No chance of an appeal either. No 'evidence' then so none in the future. He will spent the rest of his life exactly as you have pointed out.

I applaud you for standing by your brother as I am standing by my husband. It is the hardest thing in the world to do when walking way would be so much easier.

Carry on the good fight.

24/11/2010 rob

reading again michelle and newton comments i feel sorry for them whilst in parc prison i obiously spoke to a lot of imates in d wing (sex offenders/vulnerable) theres 125 inmates. the vast majority having been sentenced with a slim few on remand .
the bulk of the imates are there to do the sex offenders course lasting 3 months. and they come from prisons across the uk.
the core course is held at albany prison which is six months
the other way to do the course is if you get the supervision order rather than a jail sentence this course is normally held in the probation office it lasts 2 years. so the minimum order you can expect is 2 years plus otherwise you cannot do the course.
in all this the probation office or the offending management as its now called rule supreme. they continously write reports about you and from speaking to people actually on these courses as in the case of parc prison video taped the reason why apparently each person is video taped is so that the course instructor has the ability to re-watch all the interviews i got to be honest with 12 people per course where do they get the tme. so who actually watches the tapes.

people on appeals/retrials i felt sorry for them they continually reading up on the subject matter trying to find the break they desperately need even talking to other inmates who they feel they can trust.
the prison staff continually watch the inmates making reports about them placing them in the greens which can be used in court and the green covers everything.
the most galling thing about parc prison is the probation staff question inmates within earshot of other inmates theres no privacy what so ever.
the biggest problem with re-trials is all these additional reports that can be called upon.
i have found that solicitors caused more problems than sorted despair quickily sets in.
well i was there i saw and heard it all even your mail is read by prison officers before you can recieve it and its read before it is posted thats all mail.
the increase of rule 39 letters being opened (solicitors) letters correspondence by normal wing prison staff which is against the rules but happened.
i have seen individuals coming back after loseing appeals their attitude rapidly changes.
sentenceing yes you are so right i was given that option but fought against it i was looking at 12-15years.
if you know you are innocent then fight think deep and hard something will come to light in the end i won all of my 3 serious sexual charges.
what have i honestly learnt through my 10 month experience well obiously never trust a police officer but equally and more importantly definately never trust a probation officer they are there to catch you out to twist your words and more importantly to ensure that they can grasp at the least slightest thing and expand on it.
they cannot change anything in the oasy's report so once its on there thats where it stays. even if proven inaccurate at a later date. which simply means anybody reading that oasy's will automacticcally formulate a different picture of your from the real one. again its these reports that are used for the basis of any appeals.
i honestly can say once your in the clutches of probation within the confines of the prison walls you have a task which is impossible to achieve and that is to prove your innocence.
they are not interested in that they state you been found guilty so you are in denial again this goes on your report

24/11/2010 michele

Dear Rob
I am glad that after your long fight you sought your justice, and I agree something will come to light, my mother and I revisit all of the documents time and time again just to find that one thing that will sway the judges minds into thinking that the conviction was unsafe, they shouldn't have to, as there were so many contradictions made by the witnesses he shouldn't have even been found guilty by the jury in the first place. We have had very limited legal help, only small things picked up whilst calling various solicitors and by use of the internet, we are not fortunate enough to have vast amounts of our own funding so have had to prepare his Appeal on our own, his first leave of appeal was refused, even though we had some new evidence regarding a location to where sexual acts had took place, this place was an office he rented, her ABE statement stated that sex had happened there whilst she was under the age of 16, however we only came across the lease when clearing his flat out, and this proved that he didn't take the office on until after she was 16, he has put a renewal in to the appeals court and he has a date in December, our fingers are all crossed for him, but we don't hold much hope, will the 3 judges now go against the one judge!! if he doesn't get his leave for appeal we will then approach the CCRC. I refer now to your Probation Officer, I have mixed feelings about this, my Brother was convicted of his offence and then was released on bail for 4 weeks, to which we thought at the time very odd!! He is perceived to be a huge risk to the public so lets let him out for another few weeks before we lock him up, although this in itself was a sentence, however during this period he had to attend probation for his pre sentencing report, the report came back we thought not to damning and she even advised against an actual prison sentence!!! So the judge gives him 4 and half years Hmm... Due to his so called denial the first prison he was sent to went out of their way to stop him having any contact with his own daughter, although between the prison, the ex wife ( mother of the daughter who is just as bitter and twisted as the girl who falsely accused him) and Social Services finally agreed to 1 letter per month, this I add is now in the hands of a solicitor. Due to his so called denial he cannot participate in any of the so called sex offender programmes so last month was moved to another prison, again he had to go through the process of who he is allowed contact again including his daughter, he has only just again been allowed 1 letter per month, my mother has written a letter to the governor of this prison as he cannot even have a photo of his daughter sent in, however he is not now in a sex offenders wing, he shares his cell with a thief, who if he has children can have photos, the reason they say my brother cannot have photos is that they might get into the hands of other sex offenders!! but its ok for my brothers cell mate to have photos and its ok for them all to watch children's programmes on their cell TV if they choose to do so. Due to my brother not being segregated he has to watch his back, by the prison imposing these restrictions of not allowing him to have contact with his daughter in the same way as other criminals have, surely this could pose a risk? others may start asking why, they will easily put 2 and 2 together, and lets face it the safest place for him to have visits would be at the prison, where everything is under CCTV and with Officers in the room with you, the stupid thing is when he is released from prison his SOPPO has stated that he can see his daughter albeit that conditions will be imposed by Social Services and probably the witch of a mother! The daughter so desperately wants to see her father she has had 2 letters in 7 months she has had to have counselling and not doubt has been interrogated by Social Services, who claim they have the best interests of the child, I do so hope that when she grows up she seeks her justice on the people who prevented her the right to see her father. I know we have a huge long fight on our hands but we will continue, we are so very fortunate that our family is a very close strong one, I feel deeply sorry for the men who have been convicted of such crimes who are innocent and have basically been left to rot through family disowning them or having no family to support them, my brother would not have even got to the first stage of Appeal if he did not have us, we have had to compile so much and ensure its received within timescales etc, it would have just been so impossible for him with the restrictions within prisons for him to have done this alone, my heart really goes out to them and I hope justice comes their way one day to.

24/11/2010 michelle

Hi Newton
Never say never, If you believe that your husband is innocent, you should always seek to clear his name, even though he has admitted guilt to gain a lighter sentence, something may come to light and liars are nearly always caught out.
I am so angry that peoples minds can be swayed by Police, Solicitors, Barristers with this offer of decreased sentence if you plead guilty, its totally morally wrong, my brother got 4 and half years, he pleaded not guilty, does this mean he would have got a lesser term for pleading guilty!! the crime would have been the same so it should not make any difference to the prison term at all, and lets face it how do you know your husband got a lighter sentence, because from where Im sitting they make up the rules as they go along, some people get more or less for similar crimes, due to there being no consistency across the board.

24/11/2010 Newton

Have also visited Parc.

I sent in one letter (one of many I may add) and this was not only read by the officer on the wing (also D wing) but he took it to the staff who run the course for them to read it. This was before it was given to my husband. Then he was only allowed to read it with the officer in the room!

As for the 'greens'! If you decide NOT to come out of your cell for association this is put on your greens. If you continue to not come out then you are told that you have to come out otherwise this bodes very badly on you.

I heard (unsubstantiated) that the course costs about £30,000 per inmate. So Parc, as a private prison, wants and needs to turn inmates round as quickly as possible so they make as much money as possible. This is OK unless you are an IPP prisoner (my man isn't). I know of an IPP chap that has been there since January this year and still has not done the course as other more 'needy' cases are given priority over him. He was moved there (a long way from his home) to do the course. It's dreadful for his family to visit and as a result they can only come once very 2 weeks if the weather isn't too bad.

As for conversations inside prison, my man always insisted on 'shutting the door' whenever he was being spoken to on a personal level.

I agree with your comments about all the course being video taped. With the rolling programme how anyone can re-visit all these sessions is beyond me as well. My thought is that they tape them so they have something to hold against you should you ever complain or want to dispute anything. Unless they are not taped and we are just told they are to scare people!? Possible?

I take your points on the probation service and will pass them on to my man. In Parc his 'Offender Manager' was a nasty piece of work (so he told me). We now wait to see what his 'outside' one will be like. As for trusting the police - never again. They get tunnel vision. Once the accusation has been made - end of enquiry. Most certainly they are the bedfellows of the CPS.

Moderator's Comment:
Prisoners must sign a consent form to be videotaped. This is voluntary and prisoners may decline to be video taped and this must not prevent them doing the courses. The excuse for taping is so that senior people can view the tapes to ensure that the course is being run properly.

24/11/2010 rob

dear michelle my heart goes out for you. i sincerely wish you the best you can achieve obiously you are a fighter.
everything i type is based on my experiences and not altered to be negative but based on reality its not meant to make the prisons look bad,
may i clarify a couple of your points so interesting raised.

1. visits these can be arranged in a close confinement area which entails an officer being present but that is a necesary evil. obiously its video taped.
the problem your relation faces is the inmates and their warped minds he is sharing a cell with a theft so naturally he will not be able to confide with him. im extremely surprised he is not on the numbers (rule 45).
he is without doubt a vulnerable prisoner and from my experience in cardiff prison when i was on a normal wing a dangerous place for him to be in.
my advice for all its worth is to tell your relation to ask to be put on rule 45 for his own protection i was attacked and yes its a frightening experience.
the inmates will definately notice something is not right it took them 2 months with me. the visits is the classic example where children are around he will be closely monitored they even have designated areas where people on sexual charges sit during these visits. these areas are known to the inmates so eventually the penny will drop.
2. mail.your relative will be on mail monitoring so every letter that is sent out must be read by a prison officer and signed on the back he just cannot post it like the normal inmate likewise all his mail is opened before he recieves it. this in the current situation he is in is a dangerous thing for him because the mail is pushed under the cell door he is at risk mainly because his cellmate who is not a sexual offender may be in the cell by himself and could get the opportunity to read it as it has already been opened by security.

3. photos. yes he is not allowed photos on the wall or his possession of any child its a mockery of the rules because his cellmate is allowed. naturally he will speak of his daughter ect and people will become puzzled as to why he has no photographs. i was fortunate in hmp parc i was allowed photographs as was other inmates.

the major problem he has without any doubt is remaining the grey man eventually someone on the wing is going to ask him for his case file (court papers/charges)thats the last thing he wants as the drug dealers robbers burglars flaunt their offences.

the biggest threat against me apart from the inmates was the prison officers not all of them but some have loose tongues and dont want a covert sex offender on a normal wing and its ever so easy for them to pass the information on via the trustees (cleaners ect) this is what happened to me in hmp cardiff.

4. probation. strange the probation officer advised against a prison sentence then he got jailed more than likely he will now have to do the sex offenders course during his time in prison perhaps i only assume this is what probation wanted him to do on a community service order but did not get it.

5. social services. im really not in a position to comment as i never had to go through this stage. but i refer to other prisoners i had contact with social services will be a nightmare with supervised visits where he will have to be extremely careful on how he handles the visits. unfortunately it will be on his soppa he most proberly be on the sex offenders register i assume 10 years and more likely a further order not to work with children be it for 5 or 10 years so he will have the public protection unit to face as well (ppu)= police.

6. new evidence. its brilliant that the lease has turned up confirming the date in question when he leased it after the alleged offence making her over 16. i dont know what the charge was and i respectfully dont want to know. however if this made her over 16 the charge can be amended if need be. have you supported the lease details with bank statements your banks will still have the records ask them for them it means more costs in addition did he need permission or needed to register his company what ever that will be on record. if he owned a company vehicle again that will be on record all these will put a date to that building

24/11/2010 Newton

Hi Michelle

My husband was told his sentence would be in the 5 - 7 year range if he did not plead guilty to a lesser offence. By pleading guilty this was reduced to 5 years and then he got a third off for the guilty plea. So has a 3 year sentence to serve 18 months. We were also told that the later you plea the less is taken off. Whether that is true I don't know. They offered him the lower offence right at the last minute (so they gave him maximum time off) and would not leave the lesser offence 'on the table' if he went to trial. They would only take the more serious offence to trial.

Also his pre-sentence report recommend a non-custodial sentence of 2 years probation as he was not deemed to be a threat to society. The Judge decided to ignore this completely. I was in court when he was sentenced. My view on it was the judge had made up his mind before he came into court and nothing that was said in mitigation or otherwise was going to make any difference to what the sentence was going to be. He didn't even have all the paperwork with him. He was just plain nasty and bored.

I agree with you completely. There is no consistency at all. Even our Barrister was quite shocked at how long the sentence was!

The punishments certainly do not fit the crimes in most cases.

24/11/2010 SheDragon -

Masjas, Michelle, Newton & Rob, it made interesting, yet heartbreaking reading seeing your tales.
As for Steve Battram, well, I'm sure we all hope to see his name emblazoned across the papers as he is accused, whether falsely or not, of committing some heinous crime of sexual orientation!
People DO tell lies! I know this for a FACT!
One of my son's ex girlfriends accused him of raping her in a nightclub toilets.
Fortunately, we were able to provide sufficient evidence to show that this could not have happened, so the charges were dropped! But not until after my son had been left totally traumatised by what was done to him!
And as for me being motherly Mr Prattram, I can be likened to a mother grizzly bear - if my cubs misbehave, they get a wallop, but god help anyone or anything threatening my cubs! That was why, in 1996, when my oldest daughter FIRST came up with her allegations, I believed her. However, I became less convinced of the truth of her tales within days, as she then decides to start throwing herself at my then 50 year old live in landlord. She was 15! When I then found out that he was having a sexual relationship with her, I did everything in my power to stop this from happening. I got no help whatsoever from social services OR the police! They refused to prosecute, despite all the evidence I provided against this man, because SHE, my evil bitch of a daughter, refused to make allegations. In fact, she LIED to the police denying that she had had sex with him! Oh, but according to you Mr Battram, children, and adults don't tell lies about this sort of thing! Yeah right!
My bitch of an oldest daughter then decided 10 years after she initially came up with her tales, that she was going to go and re-report her stories. This of course, was AFTER she had had counselling, which had planted false memories in her spacious head! Oh, and for your info, I am a mother of FOUR children, yet only the oldest one has ever come out with all these tales. And in all of her 'statements' none of which said the same thing, she fails to mention any of the other 3 children. According to her, she was the only one who was there. Which is why I no longer believe her tales and KNOW them to be false. And of course, she failed to tell the police about the teenage lad who sexually assaulted her when she was about 9 years old, in fact, she didn't bother telling anyone. This nasty, spitelful, lying bitch had SOOOOOOO many opportunities to tell people about what she has now claimed was going on. Yet the first person she decided to tell, despite knowing that I would have supported her and punished my husband severely had she told me previously, was my 50 year old live in landlord, the one she started a sexual relationship with! Hmmmm, still believe that children and adults don't tell lies?
To Michelle, Newton, Rob and Masjas, I will pray that you, like me, win our fights to free these innocent people. I have plenty of new evidence for our case, including the biased jury, but the wheels of justice seem to be more like the snail of justice! But I shall never stop fighting, as will not my decent 3 children.
Blessings to all the SENSIBLE people here
She Dragon

24/11/2010 michelle

Thanks for your reply, my brother at present is okay, and does not fear for his safety, however when I visited about 10 days ago I did say to him that he was to watch his back, which Im sure he is, I know for sure he knows his rights and although does not cause trouble, has made it clear that he wont be bullied in any way, he has daily phone calls usually to my mother, sometimes twice a day, and low and behold if anything does happen to him, I believe she has already spoken to the prison when he first got moved there and told them she would hold them totally responsible if anything did happen due to him not on rule 45, in fact she constantly writes to them, and calls if she thinks he is not be treated fairly, which sometimes if it wasn't such a bad situation it would be extremely funny, we just find it so frustrating how incompetent people are allowed to run our Prisons, I believe she is fighting at the moment that the previous prison has not paid wages owed to him!!
He will not participate in the Sex offenders programme and I believe at the last prison he stopped seeing the Probation Officer, he didn't get along with him, the reason given to my mother why he was being moved to another prison was in his words

24/11/2010 Newton

Returning to Parc and the moderators comment first.

I have asked my husband if he was ever given an option to NOT sign the consent form for the video taping. He said he was told he had to sign a compact form (this is for confidentiality between the group members - fair enough). He was TOLD that sessions were going to be taped for training purposes. He was NOT asked to specifically sign a form allowing him to be recorded or that he could refuse to sign it if he didn't want to be recorded. He certainly would have been refused the course if he had refused to sign the 'compact agreement'. Again fair enough. I wonder if the taping agreement is in this document so it's not seen by participants and not pointed out as an 'opt out' clause?

She Dragon - you sound like a force to be reckoned with. I think what you are doing is great, carry on the fight. A person after my own heart. Say it like it is. Of course children can lie. They lie to suit their own purposes and they can start this at a very young age once they realise what they may get out of it. When my kids were younger they used to get into more trouble for lying than for telling the truth.

You know your children better than anyone on this earth. So you know if your daughter is telling the truth or not. You say she is lying. So be it.

I wish you all the best in your forthcoming fight. Great that you have lots of new evidence. I can't get any no matter how hard I try.

My husband was accused by a 9 year old of something that he was supposed to have done 4 years earlier. Then someone else crawled out of the woodwork, 6 months after he had been accused, saying that he had told them about what he was supposed to have done a year after he was supposed to have committed this offence. Legal advice was very poor but I feel there is not much I can do as the solicitor we used has died!

You have my complete support in what you are aiming to achieve.

24/11/2010 michelle

It would be interesting to know on what grounds your father won his appeal for his re trial on, as from what I can understand, unless you have no new fresh evidence or there is no legal argument you are pretty much stuffed, the reason Im asking is that if your father won the right to appeal due to not one of the above, and there are similarities in his case to my brothers I know you can cite certain cases within your own appeal, my brother would happily go to retrial as we all firmly believe he would get a not guilty verdict, as the undisclosed evidence that was not put forward in his trial would certainly be put forward, this evidence consists of other sexual allegations made by the accuser towards another male, a few years before making allegations upon my brother, my brothers barrister did not want to put this forward in fear that we were trying to discredit the family, stupidly we went along with this, oh I wish I could turn the clocks back, the Barristers words were

24/11/2010 rob

its is a fact that ecry prisoner attending the sex offenders course signs the pact this pact covers confidentiality as to what is disclosed by the individuals attending the course say.
what people dont realise is that the condemed 12 as we used to call them had to take turns in the infamous chair and cover said modules and these modules are assessed by all on the course including the inmates on it.
this is a double edge weapon as not only the person in the chair is being analysed also the other members on the course by their responses. in hmp parc all people on this course are billeted together in 2 man cells due to the course work. i have personally sat with course members and discussed the course.
more than likely i communicated with your partner as i was there over that period.
he would have been there when the young offenders was moved in on level 2. the sentences they was getting was horrendous even ipp sentences and we are talking 18-19 year old teenagers.
i think i know who your partner is by what you say obiously i wont name him on here. but give him my regards.
yes you are right the greens can be ever so damning and as you said refusal to associate would be entered on the green.
i had run ins with a female manager in D block which lead to a formal complaint being made against her. the majority of staff in the sex offenders wing in parc prison are female beggars belief.
the personal officer allocated to you what a joke they have not got the time of day for you. i correct myself there is one exception.

michelle- now the reason why your partner got a jail sentence is more obious by his refusal to do the sex offenders course this would auto mactically rule out the community service order as it would have been one of the conditions therefore its my belief by his refusal the judge had no other option than a custodial sentence.
i refused point blank to do the sex offenders course even thou i was asked to on a couple of occasions.
the cost of the course is more like £37'000 per person thats a hell of a lot of profit.

taken the easy option yes you are right you get a lesser sentence if you plead guilty than being found guilty and this can make a hughe difference in how much time you actually serve.
ive been commenting on a couple of acticles on this paper do people realsie that if you been on remand and then get bail all the time you was on remand you lose. the same applies to a bail hostel i lost a total of 2 months remand and 3 months bail hostel before my barrister advised me that there will be a further four month delay i at my next court appearence ellected to go back to jail it saved me money i had 3 meals a colour telly hot water and although i was anxious i felt safe.
interesting point you make in judgement. a lot of people are not aware that the judge has his chambers and the cps and barristors regulary attend it so a lot of casework is carried out in these surroundings rather than the courtroom.
realistically your defence team knows whats going to happen before you enter the dock in other words the decision has already been made and it becomes a formality.
the probation staff are actual probation staff that rotate through the probation offices prisons and bail hostels so they are not just dedicated to that prison the probation officer will deal with offenders from his or hers area so already before you leave prison you are in the clutches of the offender management service. the use of the word denial is used by all staff to me its a horrible word you are either innocent or guilty and if you pleaded guilty then fair enough. but if you was found guilty then why does that become denial all it means is that either your case was flawed your defence team was useless during the trial or the odds was over whelming against you.
the only people who know the truth is the accused and the accuser.
thats why its so important that the accused go in the dock and have his say otherwise bingo your going down as the jury see a refusal to go in the dock as a form of admission of guilt. and then it becomes 50/50.
i could write for hours about sex offenders wings and what really goes on inside them but i wont bore you with the details except to say the prison staff in the other 3 wings in parc prison would never get away with what they do in D wing there be a riot.

25/11/2010 Steven Battram

The debate regarding this article has highlighted the aspect of family loyalty. I watch true crime programmes daily. Some blinkered family members just find it hard to accept the person they love and know so intimately has committed a distasteful sexual offence. I can understand that. There are certain people I love who I would just never want to accept had committed a sexual offence. I was accused of sexually abusing my girlfriend's 6yr old son by his father. The father had previously made false allegations that I and my girlfriend had hit his son. The father took his son to the police station. A senior child-sex abuse investigator interviewed the boy, and concluded there was no evidence whatsoever the boy had been sexually abused. I went on to bring the boy up for a further five years, the social services closed the case immediately after the false allegation by the father.

If the boy had said I had touched him, and the father had coached him to say so, it may have been a different story. So I do understand the pitfuls of false allegations. But one thing is for sure, I would never have pleaded guilty. The father was extremely jealous because I lavished time and attention on his son. All his son spoke about to him is what we had done together, or the things I bought him. The father was the type who only wanted to do the minimum.

But if the boy had made a sex allegation, there would have been some truth to it. Children don't know about sexual things and with a professional sex abuse investigator interviewing the child, conclusions have to be drawn for the safety of the child. So I have been in the thick of it. I know some people will lie to cause harm to another, as with the boy's father. I have been a seriously violent criminal. But I was a good stepfather and role model to a little boy. And bringing up this little boy made me realise how deprived I was of love and affection from my stepfather, who was a drunken bully, who my mother put before me and still does today. Most of their children and grandchildren have nothing to do with them. But they won't accept they've done any wrong.

I still stand by what I said. I will believe the child every time, unless there is evidence to prove otherwise, like in my case an adult attempting to put words in a child's mouth. We have to accept there are people in this world who cannot be trusted around chidren. Children and women need protection against an aggressive sex manipulator. We also have to remember there are adults who, in a moment of madness, lose control and sexually abuse someone. And in these cases it is particularly had to prove, and for family members to believe.

25/11/2010 Newton

Hi Rob

Know and agree with everything you say about the sex offenders programme. I am just unclear about this video lark. Was he told clearly or not? We'll never find out. Also personal officers and wing staff.

You last comment in your post OH how TRUE. There are posts in the letters part of this newspaper about Parc the the moderator of these comments was going to see if Parc would respond to them. Your comment should be added to the list!

I was always hearing about problems in the other wings (would never happen in D as people were 'afraid' of being moved) and about how this or that would change for D wing but not other wings as they would riot. Other wings would not have put up with just about everything that went on in D wing - especially the rubbish visiting hours!

25/11/2010 Anon

What do children find so attractive about middle-aged men with beards and dark glasses?

27/11/2010 jacqui -

Im afraid children and adults do lie, innocent men are thrown into prison for this on a daily basis. Im with SheDragon on this one. I get no pleasure out of the fact that my daughter is an evil lying bitch.

28/11/2010 Anon

in relation to maintaining their innocence, my relative is doing just that! However, he is damned if he does & damned if he doesnt agrees to particpate in the sex offenders course! he was found guilty without any concrete evidence and there are many flaws in Police reports, however his chances of an appeal are slim.
We hope & pray that someone, with a conscience, will read his appeal very carefully and justice will be done.

Moderator's Comment:
A wrongfully convicted person could not do an SOTP course even if they wanted to because to do the course requires discussing the crime, motivation etc and an innocent person could not do this. If they tried to make it up and 'fake' it they would be discovered and be in even deeper problems.

28/11/2010 rob

hi newton
the fact is and i quote fact is its is explained that when you are in the chair that you will be video taped. as i previously said its explained to the couse attendees thats its for the course directing staff to look over at a later date. that is fact.
refusl to the use of the video being used will auto-mactically lead to exclusion off the course simple as that.
the people on the course are on there for one of two reasons
1. they choose to do it.
2. they been ordered to do it for example by the judge probation ect.

the course is linked to access to children ect after you leave prison obiously other sexual matters.
why do you think so many people refuse to do the course the general concenous was how they was treated what they would have to speak about during the course bear in mind there could be innocent people who have been found guilty who have been made to do the course. they dont want to be sat their listening to other examples be it loosely of what otheres have done.
the core offence of each individual is not solely dealt with on the course but fleeting references are given when they do the modules and natuaraly they are expected to include core offence.
the course is not a pass or fail course but a report is written at the end. for example comments like he showed no remorse during the course or too defensive.
regarding the moderators comment you are right but i repeat but its is picked up mainly because that person is fitting to well in the course given the right answers ect saying and doing what the course want you to say and do basically ringing the right bell yes that will be picked up.
the best laugh about the course as i previously stated is they are put into 2 man cells what i did not say was the newest member of the 2 is in the cell with a member who is a fair % of the way through the course. the aim is for the longer serving course member to steer the newest member through the modules and naturally compare notes and adjust as neccessary to me this makes a mockery of the course.

28/11/2010 rob

so the reality is the coursework is a joint effort so how can it be goverened to the individuals needs from the sex offenders point of view.
ok to answer you question about prison officers and personal officers within D block.
i wish i could name them there was one who stated he would like to get the sex offenders against the wall and give them an hiding.
it then goes on with the wing officers standing on the 2's landing in a groiup watching the inmates eating below taking notes and its blatantly obious this happens you cannot miss it.
the staff having races along the whole 3 landings slamming the cell doors to see who can win the race.
the staff having the tv on loud in serving area late at night also eating take aways in the dining area.
shouting and messing around outside the block.
last christmas the staff rountinely started our association 15 mins late or more so they can get their break we never recovered that more than once. they even when we had meals made us go back to the cells and eat them and keep the trays in the cell.
again so they could have their breaks.
sex offenders by nature are normally quiet by nature and non violent. and do as they are told so D block is a nice easy job for the officers no fighting no drug related problems the only thing you get is some poor bugger at deaths door whos rushed to hospital and dies within a couple of days. why because most of the offenders in D wing are old men.
now lets look at A wing wheres theres drug dealers robbers ect and B wing which is young offenders again for similair offences as those in A wing they are powder kegs and you can hear the panic buzzers going off on the radios and a percentage of staff in d wing go and re-inforce the other officers in the problem wing. at one time their was only 1 officer left to guard 125 inmates in D wing and i can remember him shouting ok guys i surrender and we all laughed he was a popular officer. i shouted your a lucky man mr ?
your mates leaving you by yourself he would not have stood a chance in hell if we wanted to take him out and take control of the wing.
even complaints are read by staff.
the IMB we never used but the most galling thing is D block is used as the flagship block in parc prison why because its immaculate even magistrates ect in large groups was brought there whilst i was there that did not go down well with the inmates.
i remember a group of young females who was having a guilded tour of D wing aged approx 19-20 we could not believe it there we was lining up for dinner and there they was watching us from the brial room i never forget that. and not from a sexual point of view. it just beggered belief.
then you have the female officers searching you for workshop getting dangerous close to your privates i said a couple of times you touch it and i have you done for sexual assault. even rubbing your backside.
the main thing in parc prison was report writting updates ect the staff was always pre-occupied with it.
your personal officer was allocated to you if you had any problems he/she was your first point of contact normally they was gruff or fob you off anything to save that extra bit of work. so the personnal officer to most inmates was a complete and utter waste of time and from our point of view a pointless exercise.
cell searches what a job i could tell you a couple of incidences especially concerning the ACCT. relateing to cell searches.
the staff had their favourites who would make them sandwiches cook them meals make them a cuppa ect even when it came to allocation of jobs despite if your qualified or not.
i suggests you get in touch with parc prison because im quite happy to stand in front of the governor now as a free man and say everything i have said in these comments but somehow i dont think that will happen.

29/11/2010 Newton

Hi Rob

Phew what a post! I have to say that I agree with every word you have said. The place is dire! As for the way the course is run - so right on the button. I know all about the review process of the course as I was there for it.

So many female officers is a disgrace in a male prison. Even the male visitors were searched by females. It comes to something when females can complain and INSIST on a female officer to search them but males can't.

As for your last comment - I see purple pigs flying around here! The likelihood of either of us getting to see the Governor there is as remote as that. As for me getting in touch - been there done that - no response (except for towing the party line).

As you can see from the moderator they are not responding to them. So we stand no chance.

It's really great that you managed to get out of there!


30/11/2010 michelle

Steve Battram

I find it odd ( unless you are a reporter/Barrister or likewise) that as an abused person like yourself you find the need or the time to be a spectator of such trials and TV programmes, one can only assume you are trying to seek justification for your own abuse that you suffered. I am not saying that the cases that you have sat in, or indeed the cases you have watched on TV have not been safe convictions, however when the Prime Minister admits that he is aware that 8 - 10% of sexual offenders in prison are in fact innocent you cannot adopt the attitude that all convicted sexual offenders are guilty, maybe it is time for you to actually take off your blinkers, and wake up to the real world, where devious people who wish to seek revenge do exist and innocent people are in jail.

Moderator's Comment:
Of course, if they are wrongfully convicted they are not actually 'offenders' and cannot 'deny their offence' because it is not 'their' offence to deny.

30/11/2010 rob

lol = psml
innocent or guilty in the eyes of the probation and the prison staff also the police coupled with the course staff as far as all are concerned your an offender simple as that. if you been cleared of charges then certain course staff say quite blatantly too you that you got away with it. i could name the male office who is course directing staff who said that too me i went ballistic. what i can say is hes a ex-soldier same as me and my response was your telling me that in all the years you was in the army you never watched porn videos, read porn be it streaming, books or dvd he said no i called him a liar.
i can quote a book written by a seargent dan mills about his experiences in iraq its called sniper one.
lo and behold on page 217 first paragrah its refers to the men watching all types of porn obiously definately NOT child but every other type beastiality bdsm ect ect.
now when you come into a prison enviroment and try to explain that they look at you in complete and utter shock even the german bars in west berlin in the 70's had porn videos showing in the red light district.
so what appears normal in a military enviroment obiously is not normal to those who conduct the courses especially parc prison.
all i can say is they have led a sheltered life and have an extremely boring sex life within the confines of the human race lol.
as this is quite an emotive subject im going to admit that i took the blame for two young boys who had just been released from care and in order to stop them getting into trouble again with the social services and police i took the rap and committed perjury in crown court in other words pleaded guilty.
now does that count as denial i dont think so, i even got in my possession and my solictor as well facebook messages from one of the boys who basically said sorry for what happened to you but thank you.
that meant so much to me so lets stop calling people in the sex offenders wing perverts because even those who pleaded guilty lie (tell mistruths) in order to protect someone else. thats why when those smug auto-cractic morons who work in the prisons try to educate and put things to you you honestly feel like grabbing hold of their throats and slowly squeezing the life out of their bodies.
there was only one person who knew what i did and he works today in a probation enviroment (hostel) and he pulled me aside one day and quite simply said to me you took the fall did'nt you i responded if i admitted that i've committed perjury he said it again and i admitted it to him so probation staff who read this stop being so cocky because i bet you got some dark secrets you rather keep within your own mind.
all these experts going to court i class that as enjoying some one elses misery sad really aint you.
ive been responding to comments in this excellent paper useing the name rob and stan they not my real name and its been interesting reading the responses i have noticed with stan the response has been negative because i showed slight favour to the system not deliberately but a neutral point of view however based on fact.
as with rob as you can see its been 100% accurate which means both stan and rob placed together makes extremely good factual reading.
so yes i committed an offence not what i was actually charged with the offence being to commit perjury in crown court to save two young boys aged 16 and 14 from having thier lives disrupted again i fought hard to get those two boys (not mine) out of care even have tests carried out going to the newport county court to get them out of care which i succeeded in doing and do you honestly believe that after 2 years for fighting for them that i was going to let all my hard work go to down the drain no way ho-say.

1/12/2010 rob & stan

michelle regarding your comment regarding
steve battram. whilst trying not to make this personnal that is not my intention also i have admitted useing two names in comments within this fine newspaper.

now i cannot see how a person can become a spokesperson on national media when appart fom his alleged crime against him on sexual matters for example sex offenders.
sexual offences have changed in british law oral sex is now classed as rape (forced). intrusion in the sexual organ with fingers ect is now classed as rape.
i find it amaxing how someone can go on national media and clearly speak about offenders im only refering to sex offenders.
in my opion and its only my opion the reason why someone goes into a court enviroment is to further their hunger for knowledge and to use the knowledge gained to further their own interest.
in fact i would say fueling the general publics fear of sex offenders.
im quite happy for individuals to go on national tv and speak about key subjects but lets keep to what you have been through and what experience you have not knowledge gained from the crown court that proves nothing mainly because how many cases have people sat on seen a person found guilty and at a later date winning thier appeal against conviction i bet they are not brought up in the national media.
more importantly its about time the national media also concentrated on false allegations it will give a more accurate protrayal of reality.
it has been proven that its virtually impossible to be cleared of a allegation dateing back 10/20 years or more.
the ministry of justice only releases crime figures how many charged with rape sexual assault ect but they never ever release how many people have been counter charged by the police and cps.
why because the figures would indicate there are more cases of false allegations than actual core offences.
i would go as far to say if its been proven that a male or female has lied to the police over an alleged sexual offence then without any doubt they should be auto-mactically charged. they also should be named and shamed.
at the end of the day the poor bugger whos been originally accused has a fight of their life in order to defend themselves which means if they been clearded the police in my opion have over whelming evidence to prosecute the other person with a guaranteed conviction after all sex offenders do not get away with it unlike drug dealers burglars ect.
perhaps steve will bring this up on his next tv appearnce some how i do not think so.
however steve is doing a good job being a spokesperson for prisoners and how the system treats them i take my hat off to him but if you never been in a sex offenders enviroment within the sense of the accused then please dont speak about it and certainly not from a the side of someone who has never gone through the whole morbid experience from start to finish

1/12/2010 Christopher Watkin -

I have read all these postings on this website and find them really interesting as I have a friend in prison doing sotp courses and I can so easily relate to many of these letters. It is such a difficult position to be in when word of mouth is the only evidence that exists. I think it is much easier when you know someone is guilty because you just think, well you should not have commited the crime, but when you believe someone to be innocent, then it just eats you up inside.

4/12/2010 Anon

To Steve Battram
Having read all your postings I have come to the conclusion you are a career criminal who had damaged many many lives and you are jumping on the bandwaggon to attack a group of prisoners who you think is vulnerable to justify to yourself that although you are a very nasty criminal you are not really bad.
Come off it who you kidding - if you get your kicks out of watching sex trials maybe you should get some treatment rather than attacking people and circumstances you know nothing about.
You are following the typical criminal thinking of everyone is worse than me so I am not really that bad. You are bad, you have told us how ypou have been wrecking lives since you was a child. Maybe you are a candidate for a very long IPP sentence.

14/12/2010 Maria

I know false allegations first hand. My partner is accused of such things by my two teenage daughters. What puzzels me though is why the CPS has deceided to go ahead with some charges and drop others when there is no evidence on any of the charges, they are ALLEGATIONS. Both of my daughters wanted to smoke drugs and drink alcohol, which we would not allow in our home. They both thought they would be better off living with their father as he is a pushover, and from then on they have made these allegations. I know 100% that they have lied through their teeth. My partner has to go through a trial now to try and proove his innocence.

14/12/2010 anonymous sorry

I have been arrested and accused of abusing my daughter from age 7 raped her at 10 and had sex with her frequently untill she left home after a row at 19 years.My wife and son know she is a pathological liar and we have some evidence of her lying ,but i am very worried that a conviction can come about with a spiteful person telling a complete catlogue of lies

Moderator's Comment:
If you wish to have a confidential chat about your worries please feel free to email or telephone. Contact details are on our 'Contact' page. Your details would not be published.

16/12/2010 rob

anonymous sorry

i have read your paragraph and im afriad it does not look good for you. obiously you must be out on bail.
the offences you indicate are long term over a period of 12 years.
the problem you undoubtly will face is accounting almost for every day of those 12 years.
the evidence you have needs to be sifted through with a fine tooth comb and if possible get supporting evidence from other parties.
by the look of it you be pleading not guilty if the case goes to court and it will be crown court.
without scare mongering you have an extremely difficult task and that is proving your innocence.
before a jury. basically it be your word against hers.
your solicitor wont have your full case file yet but pressurise him/her to get disclosure as soon as possible from the cps.
its from the case file you will be able to see the statements made against you and prepare your defence statement. so this should and must be treated with a matter of urgency. unfortunately there is a time limit for disclosure from the cps to your solicitor. this is to enable the crown to build up a case against you.
it is extremely rare for such a allegation as this not to go to court.
what can you do in the meantime providing your innocent of the allegation get every bit of evidence you can to prove the allegation is false seek advice from your solicitor you instruct them.
you are limited at the moment as all you got to work on is what you was questioned by the police after you was arrested.
you may be also aware that you can get a copy of the interview tapes thats why 2 was used each time one for the police and 1 for you.
get your copy and listen to them there be things said that you may have forgot about due to the stress of the interview.
this is your starting line take notes and pass them onto your solicitor so he can prepare a defence.
the main thing is to remain focussed on clearing your name on the other hand if your guilty then do the honorable thing and admit it it be easier for everyone.
i wish you good luck but never give up

19/12/2010 anonymous

One of her allegations would seem to be weak as I can account for the time of the allegation she has lied about a period which i can account for and most would think that the allegation was unlikely my family are certain she is lying because of this one allegation obviously we have not told the police about it they were not interested in my account also she made 2 other allegations to us about sexual abuse by 2 other poeple which we dismissed as she was a compulsive liar and rarely told the truth.some of other parts of her statement were also seen to be lies we have a defence but i do not trust juries in these cases

21/12/2010 rob

i read you post a couple of times 19/12/2010.
and if i may suggest you do the following be extremely honest with the police i know its a major gamble but to look at it realistically your in serious trouble already.
the fact that you have further evidence of the accuser lieing should be disclosed to the police through your solicitor (they will advise you).
even use it in your defence statement.
im afraid sexual cases in court are dirty and you must fight dirty to stand any chance of coming out clean.
juries can only go by what is said in court so the onus is on you to bring out everything you can against the accuser as you already said theres been previous allegations not only against you but two other persons. the jury can only judge by what information is disclosed by the cps and defence.
i dont know what age the accuser was/is but check if social services was involved with her if so ask your solicitor to apply for 2nd disclosure where social services must produce all documentation they have on the accuser likewise the police will have on record of any complaints previously made by the accuser again ask your solicitor for disclosure of any previous allegations made to the police.
seriously dont automactically assume that the police will use previous complaints made by the accuser to defend you they will not.
the onus is on your defence team to gather this information to defend you. get statements from people who can verify previously false allegations im sorry your family supporting you is brilliant but will not be counted upon in court.
now juries when you are asked to go into the dock then make sure you go in there and defend yourself the accuser is laughing they dont go into the courtroom their evidence is given through video link a much less stressful enviromentfor them. in my opinion i believe this is wrong except for children.
the juries watch body language so the old tear works with the accuser goes a long way.
so you are at the stage where you have nothing to lose (forgive the pun) stop looking at the positive aspect to the case its good i agree to look at. what you should and must concentrate on is the negative (grey areas) and try and bring some form of light to them and make them positive. at the end of the day it may come as most sex allegations cases end up your word against theirs and thats a situation you dont want if this the case you need a strong defence in place

8/2/2011 scott-duhig -

To Michelle,Maria,shedragon etc,I have just found this site and adire you all who fight these liarswho do it for financial gain, some individuals comments are nothing but crapology, in the U.S.A. where it all started hearsay evidence is all it took to get a conviction over 20000 individuals went to jail, it spread to this country and australia then canada to create a data base plus dna, anybody can accuse an individual and get away with it as the pay out is 5 figures and there is no way to get it back to the high courts even when fresh evidence comes to light.They do not want the justice system to show its self up with hundreds of miscarriages of justice at there doors. Sall Clarke case shows a lot, sadly she died shortly after her realease, leaving hundreds of innocent women behind bars for cot death cases.Until there is an overhaul of the whole legal system nothing will change and human rights laws go to the wall but do not give up the fight every where as democracy does not exist it is only a word

22/2/2011 Simon

Just found this thread and the most telling thing for me is all the comments about Parc (Read that name backwards!!) prison. I was unfortunate enough to spend a year there May '08 - May '09ish and remember well how the screws on 'D' wing treated us. I'm sure if I name them here it'll be deleted by the moderators, but those who were there will recognize 'The Meerkat' (Simples) and the wicked witch among others I'm sure.
Complaint forms being opened on the wing - contrary to PSO/PSI rules... Rule 39 mail being opened in-boun and out-bound - contrary to PSO/PSI rules... Cell searches being carried out without inmates present - contrary... etc, etc, etc. Private f***ing prisons are the worst idea there has been in a long time. At leas in a Black&White you tend to know where you stand.

1/4/2011 Alison Stevens - -

There are already 17000, individuals wrongly registered by the Criminal Records Bureau, stated a recent Daily Telegraph Newspaper report.

PAIN has been campaigning for over a year now with regards to the injustice of some CRB disclosures.

In many Cases of alleged Child Abuse, Parents and Carers have their names vindicated, in some cases the Police and CPS, have no evidence, so cases are dropped, in a minority of cases Social Services decide to take no action.

Several months ago then junior Children’s Minister Baroness Morgan, suggested that Teachers or Youth Workers, who have had unfounded allegations made against them, such disclosures would be deleted from files.

With the former in mind, I wrote a letter to the Right Honourable Lady, suggesting that the same should pertain to all individuals, who have had their names vindicated of such allegations, I also asked for a meeting with her, so we could discus the Groups concerns.

A letter arrived, with contradicting information, such allegations will remain on file, until that person is of retirement age and a reference attached, to a document stating that all allegations were unfounded.

Such data will still prevent that person ever working with Children or young people, which is a violation of Human Rights and civil Liberties.

Baroness Morgan stated that her diary was too full to see us.

We have recently taken up the cause with John Hemming MP, who stated that the topic could be very long and complex and we would require all the documents, from many cases and could be looked into by Mp`s and their early day motions.

In the meantime I will try and arrange another meeting with the new childrens minister, my pleas for a meeting with ED Balls last year, regarding other issues, fell on deaf ears.

In the meantime innocent Parents and individuals will take their trauma to an early grave.

Moderator's Comment:

19/4/2011 John

the barrister said the facts of the case were Low and asked the prosecutor to change the charge to common assault instead of sexual touching on an adult, my solicitor said also to me that the CPS were pushing the sexual charge so they can get me on the sex offender register.
they want sex offence convictions at any cost!
and its probably a lot to do with the political climate and newspaper stories thats what the probation officer said to me!
on a sex charge the system is without doubt slanted against the offender

20/4/2011 Mark Smith

the CPS ups the charge to a sexual one, so they can put you on the sex register.
someone commented above that they had 3 sex offence charges brought against them and beat them all, it would help a lot to know what 3 seperate offences were those exactly?

1/5/2011 bobbie

cannot believe how you all go on?there are no sites likr this for the thieves peddlars or drug dealers??you are obviously desperate people

8/6/2011 Lynda

I think the article was fantastic and so very true my husband is serving a 30 month sentence for a sexual offence from 20 years ago that he DID NOT commit,i hadnt realised that the so called victim could get upto 50,000 pounds compensation now it all fits.We are trying for an appeal and if we win it i think that she should be put into prison,our lives were ruined before but two weeks after he was imprisoned the local paper wrote half a page about it her story (joke) with a large picture of my husband and our full address how wrong was that he was in prison i am still at our address.It is torture every day beyond belief i only wish that someone would change our justice system.She even came to my house 3 days after he went to jail ? saying how sorry she was and offering me money to keep my house going!Why would she offer me money to keep a house going for her so called abuser.Anyway i just felt the need to say thank you Stuart for having the faith that there could and are people in jail that dont deserve to be there.

14/7/2011 Robert Whiston

If you go to "Straight Statistics" website and search under "rape" you will find several article of relevance

10/11/2011 Trixie

My brother has just been sentenced to 19 years for a sexual offence he did not commit. He has always been a loving father to his child and step children. Their mother was determined and openly stated she was going to ruin his life for taking their daughter to live with him as she was not doing a very good job. Now she has got what she wanted despite no physical evidence. She has ruined our families lives especially my brothers and mine. I don't want this to sound bitter but thanks to her, me and my partner are not able to foster or adopt a child and we are unable to have our own. I cant believe how our so called justice system cannot see the difference between fact and someone being vindictive. You get a more lenient sentence for murder. I agree that sex offenders should go to prison but if they are are not guilty and continually protest their innocence then I think more should be done to help them.

27/11/2011 ECM

I can look at this from both sides of the coin, when I was a child I was sexually abused by my step father. He went free and went on to abuse his new partners children but on the other side of the coin my husband has just ben wrongly convictd for this crime and her was INNOCENT I know that for a fact as his accuser gloatedto m that it was all lies and sh is getting £50,000 for it but there was nothing I could do as it was our word against hers and the Jury chose hers all the saw is a black man and a white child it was all they needed to know and now my daughter is going to grow up without her daddy while that woman lives it up. Wrong on so many levels

29/3/2012 Jerm Chatz

This is a very touchy subject. and it is very subjective. I for one, am awaiting my trial date sometime in June accused of rape. It is not in my calibre to commit such a horrendous act, and those dear and close to me will testify that I am the last person on earth to commit as such. I find myself relinquishing my freedom into the hands of the jury who are going to determine whether l walk or nor. l am helpless in this situation and have been in great distress which has affected my studies. all because someone has decided to fabricate a story be it for financial gain or attention seeking. I understand its difficult for people who were not present that night to put the pieces together and no matter who you believe, the people who know the truth are me and her. How can I prove my innocence?? How can I prove she is lying. Are lie detectors effective and reliable? if so why dont we use them?? This girl has conned the judiciary systm, lied to her friends and family, ruined peoples lives and its a disgrace when there are real rape victims out there. its very upseeting that someone should be so spiteful.

26/7/2012 Sal

Reading these articles really frightens me,well I will say just some of them.Someone I love a family member is in for the fight of his life.It has only begun,and I truly beleive our System of Justice is the scariest by far,He is accused of alot of allegations his step daughters brought about,It is happening so fast,and I know he is innocent,but worse yet,I really can't believe how this just came out,and all of a sudden,wham!He was married to this lady for 8 years and she had two girls whom now are teenagers,and his now ex wife was in trouble with embezzlement,and now he is accused of sexual allegations brought forth out of nowhere,I am still in shock,but yet in the fight for his life.I do not know if I am to trustworthy of the system.Someone can be falsley accused and still be convicted,It isn't right,and I truly beleive that some attention should be brought to the open,I don't wish ill to the one who falsely accuses,but I think they should be confronted and be made known of their wrong.He was a great stepdad,and he loved those girls,and he had two boys from his first marriage,It has taken a huge toll on them,This is sad.I am solely renduring this to God,I am shocked at this allegations,and we are in the fight of our lives,for his,I can only pray Justice will find the stuff to prove his innocence,I can't imagine how if feels for him,but we are with him and going to keep strong,for him and ourselves,it won't be easy at times,but God is with us,and I can't wait till this nightmare is over.Till then I heed the word,Forgive them father"for they know not what they do"God help us through this.Lies can tear somebody's world and those who will be effected by it.

15/10/2012 Fred Clerk

My friend for over 20 years was arrested and charged of indecent assault, grooming, forcing oral sex.

The complainant is a 17 year old firecracker, drugs, drink, fighting and partying 24/7.

My friend is a lovely man, and this girl is the daughter of one of his close friends, who is a gambler, an alcoholic and a loser. many times during the girls life my friend was asked to collect her, take her to school, to the doctors, even dress and bathe her, all completely innocent.

However, this girl has turned 16, and was forever ringing my friend begging money for 'food' and begging lifts to drug dealers etc.

It got too much for my dear friend, and he refused.

The young girl was seriously drunk, and rang the police and made some accusation of sexual indecency.

From that moment on my friends life was ruined. He was charged, with no witnesses, apart form the girls best friend, and the girls own statement.

Everyone in my area knows my friend is totally innocent, indeed 15 people turned up at crown court for his trial to support him and try to show common sense.

To cut a long story short, the case was immediately sent for jury trial. My friend owns his house, and has worked 18 hrs a day for the past 50 years. He is due to retire next year. He has had to remortgage the house to pay his legal bills, he was not able to claim legal aid. Always being told not to
worry, he would get every penny back when he was found not guilty.

So, the case goes for 3 day jury trial. After 3 days jury was sent out for verdict. Several times later the foreman of the jury said they could not reach a majority verdict, and finally the judge decided it was a mistrial, as no verdict could be reached. -Hung Jury

So, my friend left court, returned the following week to find that CPS has made the case for 6 months time.

My friend has lost everything, has lost his life, his home his money and indeed his future years. It is guilty till proven innocent, how the hell can this be fair.

Noone in our town believes the girl, she is renown for selling sex, and selling hand jobs for drugs and so on.

How can this be fair?? What can my friend do, he has told the truth every word, and the jury coudlnt find him guilty, but still, he has lost everything.

He has at no stage been believed even though the prosecution have to prove guilt, not the defendant having to prove innocence. The court could NOT prove guilt, it was a hung jury.

The laws in this land are wrong, totally and utterly wrong. Whilst I fully support the fact the girl made these accusations, all us his friends can go on is a life time of friendship, he is loved by a great deal of people, old and young, and all he has ever done is try to help people, even people he only met recently.

I agree there has to be justice, and there is always the chance these horrendous things were done, and how hard it is on the girl to face court and reliving what she purports to be the truth. But, innocence till proven guilty, prove guilt, but....

9/11/2012 tasha

these comments are very intresting!
my brother got a IPP sensteced of 16 years due 8 years, there was no eveidence to suggest he was a child abuser!!! aprt from him saying he was there at the time the crime happend so he got lighter sensted as he was told he did not stand a chance even though there was no evidence sayen he was there atall!!! hes currently been in prison for 18 months now and appealed to the courts to get a appeal at the london high courts! well we all got good news he got hes appeal after9 hours of consideration as there were 51 discrepancies so the appeal court gave him the appeal. well the 6th november this year i went to london to watch my brothers case at the high court as i was a witness to hes case beacuse hes x girlfriend was arrested to for the same offence,hes x girlfriend actually told me and i have it in black and white thatmy brother had nothing to the with sex offence and this was of her own accord shes actually wrote a letter in herwriting stating she feels bad that my brother is in jail for such a discsuting crime he did not commit so she wanted to add her evidence her and my brother were arrested for the same crime but she got 1 year probabtion and my brother IPP 16 year senstence yet her story changed 3 times in trial and shehad already 7 children in social care for abuse and neglact she walked free yet it was her daughter who was abused and she was the one in the house at the time of the horrif crime that happend! enyway my brother went to london hgigh court on the 6th of this month and at 12.55 hes case got dismissed how discusting!!! he had fresh new evidence actually from the childs mother himself and plus lots more new stuff and still ther high court dismissed the case just bfor lunchtime and the really heartbreaking thing was nune of us even my brother never got to give our fresh evidence we werent even allwed in the court room yet we were witness!!! so now tell us thats justice no is bloody not there were not intrested one little bit thats what i call unfair i will stand buy my brother and i will clear hes name i belive him 100 percent of my life !!!!!

judges are so wrong, and yes i agree kids,women,men all lie specially kids there known for it how can my bro0ther get hes appeal beacuase they belived him yet a high judge dimiss the bloody case without even looking at the new evidence from the childs mother stating my brother had nothing to with it he was at my mums house there was no evidence or dna or the child saying my brother was directly involved we all know hes wasnt and where he was it makes me sick to read comments stating the law is always right open your eyes!!

i will stick by my brother till hes name is cleared and till the day ive died im going tostart a campaign stating the appeal got through but hes case was dismissed without athruwer look please could enybody help me with how to do this or who could i speak to?!

3/12/2012 subrosa

These comments are heartbreaking and provoke me to fear.

My husband and I are trying to avoid a false accusation. Our son married a very disturbed woman, manipulative and bullyish. She has managed to isolate him from our family, and over time our family history has been revised by him - that he was miserable and we are the bad family. Her own father was a convicted child rapist; her mother knew what he was doing to 11 year old girls but didn't say anything for two years until he was caught (according to her sworn court testimony in the 1980's).

These women seem determined to take our good family down. My husband has been denied access to our grandchildren because they "don't trust him." He had financial difficulties and as a result she has compared him to her father (that comparison was a huge red flag to us that more was to come). Her mother is seen by my son as a heroic, courageous woman who was the victim of her husband. He knows her history and has justified it in his mind.

We have a pristine family history but they seem bent on destroying us through slander, gossip and innuendo. We have confronted them about the slander and floating the trust issue out there. I told them I know they're trying to lay the foundation for a false accusation and we've distanced ourselves from them as protection.

We're going to an attorney to see if there's anything we can do BEFORE something happens. I told several friends my concerns just to have it on record. It seems she needs our family to be the enemy to make her feel better about her family history.

My son is oblivious - she's beautiful and he feels like he has to rescue and protect her. It's a nightmare

3/2/2013 Gerry

Hi Everybody, some very interesting comments I`ve been reading here, and for the victims of injustices I hope glory will prevail.
Michelle, I would just like to point something out to you in regards to you r comment about the probation officer recommending a non prison sentence.
I have to make this point: A probation report is required only after conviction, and I cannot understand your point here because this has nothing to do with your son`s innocence, in fact it is seen as your son is accepting his guilt.
Obviously if he pleaded not guilty then he would have still insisted this to the probation, and the probation officer could not have possibly made the above recommendation.
Sorry, but it`s a fact!

6/2/2013 donna

i am amazed by the amount of people who are going through the same thing.our world has just been turned upside down by one of my kids.who has accused my husband of hitting him,my husband has grown up children of his own.and has only ever done good for the husband is innocent,we are heartbroken,and under investigation by the police,and social services,we have other kids who are in bits due to this.but they seem to believe him without evidence and we feel nobody is listening to us.we dont know if it will go to court yet,but if it does he could get five years for something he did not do,all because of a nasty 14yr old who had his phone taken away.there needs to be a change in the law,like in germany so if the allegation is false the person who made the allegation can face might stop them doing it.

5/5/2013 rina -

my bf write nw in a prison because of his ex make an alligation against him and her daughters like he touch them ages ago we poore pple who dnt have no money but i still belive in him and im gna fight even if i need to write to David Cameron and ask him to help to appeal i will do because i know him it everything because of jellousy we got a baby and because of victims can make an clame up to 200.000compensation depence on years for how many defendend is in a prison this is terrible belive that my and his life is totally broken because some one want the money but i dont give up i belive that one day the truth cumes up im gna try everything what i can i ask his family to share with money and do independent investigation....i hope God is not blind and one day we gna be happy!!!

12/6/2013 Val

I'm absolutely horrified at the apparent lack of evidence submitted to court in some of these witch hunts !! Whatever happened to 'innocent until proven guilty' ?? There sadly seems to be a spate of false allegations on the back of the media hype celebrity ones. Money ?? Spite ?? Power ?? Who knows why they are doing this ..... don't get me wrong I firmly believe that true child abusers should be locked up forever and a day, but the statistics released show categorically that the current system does not work. If 10% of all prisoners have been wrongly convicted, what a appauling thing to happen. How many families have been ripped apart ?? A conservative estimate is for every 100 wrongly convicted there are probably another 400 people affected by their internment .... is this acceptable collateral damage in today's society ?? If so I am ashamed to be a part of this so called modern society.

20/6/2013 James

We live in a society today where you ARE guilty till proven innocent. If a woman claims a husband has committed abuse, he will be instantly arrested on her word alone & automatically charged. It's that sweet and simple but most people would say "there must be more to this ". Nope. Your arrested, even when she's proved a liar to the police and in court, your going to get a criminal record. That's the magistrates courts in the UK. A disgrace hiding behind a comical word called Justice.
Woman's aid the feeder system to the courts. A big money making fraud for the legal system creating destruction to innocent lives. The reality is much worse when you throw in non molestation orders handed out like smarties.

7/7/2013 alan ross -

i would like to say , that i was wrongly convicted on the word of neighbours who made up storys againgst me, i tried to clear my name but it was impossible, the judge rolled his eyes in his head as he summoned me into the witness box to give evidence, i knew then i would be found guilty even before i had a chance to speak, i have served my time but still have social workers crawling over my every move, i would love to have the courage to commit suicide but have'nt , ilost everything my job my house and my family, people can be evil and make up storys and i was amazed how easily i was convicted after that dreaded knock on my door. god bless all innocent people who are fighting for justice , but it is hard to overcome an misccarge of justice, 4 years on and i am still the same as i was before, frozen in time.

14/9/2013 a faulkner -

my son was sentenced to 15 months this week due to his ex girlfriends lies,she hit him 3 times so he restrained her, a regular occurence allways hitting him ,there were 5 of them in the pub that day the both left to do some shopping, she hit him 3 times he restrained she phoned police had him arrested , she told police he appeared from nowhere, very drunk LIES DUE TO ALL OF THEM BEING IN PUB THAT DAY CCTV FOOTAGE SHOWS THIS, the duty solicitor advised him to plead guilty he did as he has learning dissability one part of his brain doesnt function right,so he finds it hard to make decisions on his own he needed an apprpriate adult but they assesed him and said he didnt need one,solicitor told him he would get lesser sentence if he pleaded guilty before an interview all wrong,then he was let out on bail with charges mustnt get in contact at all with her, i had phone call from same firm of solicitors saying why has he peaded guilty ,i said the solicitor from your firm told him to do so, well he said , this needs to be changed to a not guilty plea he took to the magistrates they wouldnt change plea said they didnt have the power , load of bull again,the x kept phoning him texting fb messages saying she dropped charges he believed it ,we told him dont believe it shes cunning . then arguments started have all the fb messages texts recorded print offs , and you know what they didnt use any of them he was guilty before he even started,got 15 months with a 5 yr restriction order , the law is all to hell, the judge said he was a bully for gods sake hes never bullied anyone ever, in fact hes very gentle and kind, the law stinks my son doing a sentence based on lies . how many innocent people in prison for gods sake lets get together get the law changed i will fight to the end of my day to clear my sons name

15/10/2013 Marie jones

My sister was raped by a lad who was 14 he has been to police and said it was other way round she is older she was on drugs and drink at the time and didn't no what was happening its going to court she is going through hell he raped her but he's a violent thug who. Is only doing it for money I hope the bastard. Rots in hell I know he raped her but because he was classed as a minor she has been charged this person who is older now is only doing it for financial gain I really hope they see thro his lies our family is going through hell

24/10/2013 paul

This may be a ray of light for some of the people on here whose husbands or bfs are awaiting trial .
I had 17 cases of sexual abuse against me by my ex-inlaws all lies ..I was arrested lucky enough it started off rough but a friend of my family was something up near the top of the force and he tipped them off as he knew the history of the family involved and the grudge they always held for my family .They left the cell doors of the custody suite open for me made sure i was comfortable etc,etc .
I was bailed for approx 1 year outside the area which meant i lost my house and business, my wife and children moved in with me , it went to crown Court where i spent a long time listening to all the disgusting charges against me , THEN i gave my evidence , my witness was the managing director of a supermarket i was setting up 100 miles from where that family thought i was living ,and (ashamed)a young lady i was seeing the same age as me up there , the 7 yr old said she rode a bike upto my home every week ,then changed it to try and slot it into the times i was supposed to be home and the director said impossible he was here setting up the shop gave times and locations etc , that family then said i was living in a flat and i proved otherwise it was a new house i bought , then the daughter said i put sp**rm on her hands and it was green and looked like tadpoles,the mother said i raped her and i said no way ,with a look of total disgust on my face it took the Jury about 3 hours to find me not guilty on all charges .. my wife died not long after the constant abuse from her family did not help (if you read their fb you would think she loved them when in truth she hated them for what they did to us .But the only bad thing out of all this is im too scared to apply for a job that might bring some serious money in as of this case being in crown court and it would prob show up on a CRB and hate being reminded of it .. I won through telling the truth and told my solicitor i was willing to do 10 yrs or more when he asked if i wanted to settle or anything , innocence is innocence and they told told lies from start to finish even when questioned one of their family admitted they were lying and run off the stand in tears .. If your innocent stand tall , tell the truth and it will shine through ..

25/10/2013 Errol

I bet no action was taken against the liars.

24/11/2013 rina -

Guys all these who get vonvicted and are innocente and there familys i just think all of us birng on this web page one pine and one belive in that some one right now innoccent in a prison and some evil walking breathing smiling have there life how they want!Guys we have to fight back and i think we have to all together to meet up and make a plan to make an organisation which will help not only our familys but lots of people who is in same situation!if you accepted txt me on my email

2/12/2013 fed up

my son is in prison for 18 months for sexual touching and on the register for ten years he does tattoo ,s the one she wanted was all the way to her very private parts and while wiping the gel of she said he touched her for 2 to 3 seconds he has 3 kids under five ,,she asked the judge not to jail him just for compo ,,which she did not get but his life is ruined

8/2/2014 Richard James

In cases like rape/sexual assault, where it's often 1 persons word against another's with no direct evidential proof, why can't the police use a lie detector test to indicate whether the accused or victim is lying during their investigation. I know it's not fool proof but both are tested & indicate the same verdict it would give them somewhere to start.
Also why is the accused(usually a man)named before they're found. Even after they're proofed innocent some people are still treated as if they were guilty.

4/3/2014 Matty

My story: recently I have been meeting with a new officer payed to manage my risk to the public.

I have had four offences against me, I will tell you what those are, one and the only one I was convicted for I might add was indecent exposure, I was masturbating in a field. I'm on the register and have to achieve community programmes aswell as notification requirements. That is emotionally unjust In my opinion as a five year programme for simply touching myself in public is just too much.
The three offences are one: indecent exposure- I was naked in my window and admitted that I was undressing without curtains closed to my offender manager who decided to have me arrested. Result: no further action taken
Two: sex with an underage girl, I met a lass at a party she decided to come home with me we had sex, three days later she came to my party with her friends and we had sex again she was pushed into allegations by her father and there was no further action taken due to there being little truth to her statement and a lot of hypocrisy, I did not know her age and her friends also vouched for me. Result no further action taken.
Three: Rape of a seventeen year old girl, I do not wish to go into any detail here given the seriousness of a charge of this type, this girl had made five false allegations of the same time toward her friends. I was on remand for seven months for something I did not do on a one night stand.
This pathetic officer now tells me that I am a dangerous offender that poses a risk to his friends and anyone over the limit of alcohol. The police continue to stick with the routine as defenders of justice. They don't care. More to the point I take that as a silly little way to make certain officers feel big when they shame me and punish me with scripted interviews on a weekly basis I take it all in my stride, how just it must feel to punish a young boy after he has sex. How barbaric, aggressive, religious and malpracticed. I detect no malice from these friendly faces of the force nor do I accept they as instructed are out to shame and hypocritically so I must say in my defence.
Change these laws.
We are self sufficient individuals with a right to expression. This is not enough, it never has been enough.
I am satisfied with my behaviour, yet according to a modle I am my most dangerous? What is having a job friends family and a training course going to do for me?
Such a typical typical place in my life as apparently this happens to most people, yet so close to me is this that those few very few who have never listened to what I have to say is in fact completely invalid at this time.
Praise be to those philosophic numbers that hold time so close I can taste the air I want to taste in their presence.
Such are worthy of their role.
Others are too slow to uptake the chosen path, my mind snails to and fro never knowing witch is not what so life now has more freedom than ever before, though the challenge is great a victory is barely worth at all a note on some blog about how well it is all going to be and witch areas I most enjoy.

8/3/2014 sarah

Rob I would like to talk to u via email

31/3/2014 No Name

Hi I have been looking through all the comments as I was looking into how to deal with a family member going to prison for attempted rape/sexual assualt and this is something this is destroying my family so I can not imagine how the victim and her family feel and how it has destroyed her but my family member did attempt to rape someone and did plead guilty andas there is so many innocent men go to jail for this there is also people who dont admit what they have done and the family members do procced there innocence and if im totally honest when my family member was arrested I told the police how wrong and if you knew them you wouldnt be arresting him and you should be getting the victim justice, when in fact they was and I still can not believe it and struggle that someone who love and would of trusted with my life was really guilty of hidious crime. Imsure there are real innocent people out there but also the police and courts do get it right but if my family member wouldnt of admitted it I would never of believed it.

10/4/2014 Anon

Please anyone advise me where to get help my father has been accused of rape and convicted a relative made the allegation saying my father raped her from 81-87 having full sex with her then claimed another man took her virginity 89 she claims rapes happened above years in my fathers home my father didn't move there till 88 she claims over 3000 times to be raped by my father but her and her boyfriend had a little girl and didn't want her so my mum and dad bought the baby up who is now over 18 and has nothing to do with her liar mother my dad was found guilty before the case finished we said as jury stood outside having a fag discussing case we had a bad barrister she didn't help my father at all and the liar has accused over 10 men of historical rape now 90% of what she claimed in court we have proof it's lies but no one will listen please help

15/5/2014 Samantha Galt -

Hi my partner has just spent 2 years being accused of raping a girl who was a friend, her brother is the one who said it happened he was in court today there is no evidence when she was examined and she said in court that he wouldn't do that, the court is just going by her brothers statement which don't make any sense now he's been found guilty just by words.. What do I do?

11/6/2014 MICHELINE -



30/6/2014 ISA

Sorry Sorry! The truth is take away the COMPENSATION element and those who try it on for compensation will then find proper ways of living and innocent people won't end up in jails!

Paying no compensation is an effective way forward, especially to reduce any bogus claimants.

This has been tried by some countries around the world and it has reduced false allegation by up to half.

If a person is a genuine victim then it’s not money they need, it’s a key support worker to help them get on with life again.


26/8/2014 paul - -

I won against the criminal criminal British justice system,...and was released... but I have been fighting now for 2 years to get compensated ... I cannot find any solicitors to take on my I invite anyone falsely accused to contact me and together we will lobby the government to pay us what they owe us!!!

3/9/2014 pamela

I think it is a disgrace that there are people out there that accuse innocent ppl of such crimes because we as a family are now dealing with the affect tht has in the fact tht because so many ppl cry wolf the real victims arent believed my daughter has recently told us tht she was raped when she was 6 years old which is 7 years ago but because it comes down to her word against his he will not be charged the police have only interviewed my daughter once and they have said she gave a strong statement but because there is nothing else to collaborate with what she says i.e no other victim has come forward and no past criminal evidence against this man then he is likely to walk free my daughter has said tht this abuse has happened over the period of a year and can give details accounts of this it still comes down to her word against his and tht vile human being will still be able to walk free and potentially able to do this to another child it was a previous neighbour of ours and we as a family had no connection with this person so there is no revenge or need for my daughter to have anything against this person tht would deem her the need to make lies up about him where is the justice in tht I agree tht innocent ppl should never be locked up for a crime they didnt commit but I dont think enough is done to either proof guilt or innocence my daughter has given one 2hour interview and taken the police to where it happened but they have told us there is no more that is expected of her so tht is all they are going to go on to make a case which is ridiculous

4/9/2014 Bev

I'm in pieces at the moment as my youngest brother who is 41 has just told me that he had been arrested and bailed ++ but now charged with historical sexual abuse charges from 27 years ago. My brother swears this isn't true and that if never happened and I believe him. The lad who is now probably in his thirties alleges that my brother sexually assaulted him on 4 counts over 12 months. My brother and his best friend used to visit his friends sister who was a heroine addict at the time clean and occasionally looked after her kids (3 of them), but 2 of the kids (1 being the accuser) spent most of their childhood in foster care etc due to their mums lifestyle. My brother would have only been 14 years old at the time. This came out of the blue and he has obviously pleased not guilty and due to appear at crown court for preliminary hearing in couple weeks - his solicitor has not received the details from cps yet and as my brother says there isn't any evidence as it never happened. My brother has 2 kids of his own who he got full custody if as his ex partner liked a drink shall we say - the lads mothers ode last year found in an alleyway due to heroine overdose and even his uncles describe him as " a crank" of his head all the time. I don't want my brother to suffer for something he didn't do.

7/9/2014 Gordon

Out of all the comments made on this site and it's topic ISA has made the most positive comment.Most of the cases that have been to court over quite a number of years now resulted from the accuser thinking only of compensation.Remove the compensation and case numbers of false accusations would fall.
Channel 4 make excellent documentaries and I would like to see them make one where they interview people who have made claims of sexual abuse while young in homes or with just friends at the time of the so called offence.Over many years I have spoken to 2 people who came to my attention
being informed that in the past they had appeared in court on sexual abuse claims.At an opportunist moment I asked if at the time this so called abuse was going on were they enjoying it and both said,yes.
So obviously they only made the claims of sexual abuse for compensation.
So change the law on paying compensation.

10/10/2014 Sophie -

There was a case in Kent some years ago that a woman wad acvused of sexually abusing a young boy. She was tied to a chair tortured and left to almost die. It then came out that the boy had made it up. The woman is blind and disabled now because of this and it cannot be reversed.
I have a friend who is being falsley accused of hitting his ex girlfriend because she wanted rid of him to make room for her new boyfriend and its heartbreaking to see him go through this. First of all he hasnt got it in him and on accasions when she said he did hit her he wasnt even there and can prove this. The police on the other hand havent even checked out his story and wont arrest her for damaging his property or perverting the course of justice. Its disgusting and really unfair what some people have to go through due to liars but if any cases were true then i would be the first to say lock them up and throw away the key. Its a horrible world we live in and things dont always go to plan but i guess God has many trials he puts us through good and bad and its this that makes us who we are. Sorry to hear about everyones upsetting stories and i hope justice provails for you all.

17/10/2014 jodie

Some shocking storys. I have been with my partner for 3 and half years. We started arguing a lot because I mention the times I caught her cheating when she accuses me if im out longer than an hour. I should of dumped the cheating lying money grabbing bitch long time ago. This one night I went out with my friend and his partner turned into the night that messed my life up. She started causing kaos because I was over my mates. So we went back to mine and my partners house to show we weren't doing nothing wrong. She went mad when we walked in the house and said my friends were trespassing and she was going to phone the police. So they left. She started going mad on me. So I told her I have had enough and im leaving her. She said she was going to phone the police. I said carryon. She didn't mention anything about sexuall assault. Just we were off our heads and theft of saddle equipment which she stole the week before and phoned the police on me for steeling the saddles because I was with my friend. She stole the saddles off the guy who lives opposite. She said he was touching her and offering her money for sex. I went and seen him and that was a ly. As she phoned the police I said I was leaving and she tried to stop me getting out the door. So I pushed her away into the table so I could get out. This was all being recorded on the phone. I got in my car and she was begging me not to go. She jumped into the back. So I drove off. She was asking me to take her back to the house. So I stopped the car and told her to get out. She refused. So I drove off and said I was off to my friends I was with earlier. She lent into the front and ragged the steering wheel. So I jammed the brakes on. And told her to get out. She wouldnt. So I pulled her out and told her dad to pick her up. I came home the next day as usual. There was a panic box there from the police. She said I broke in thats what it was for. I thought nothing of it. She had to go see the police a few days later. Found out she refused to go to the police but my ex's father is an ex copper and they made her go. And this is where the storys all came flying in. She told the police who turned up at the address an incident that was similar to what shes done to me. A few days later it was 3 digital penetration. Then back to 2. She didn't know what to do in her statement. She had 4 different storys in the house. The first was I had her up against a kitchen table which we dont have. Then doorknobs in the kitchen. She said I pushed her onto the table to get away from her. Then she said several different incidents in the car. When I pulled her out her boot came off so I grabbed the other and threw them into the street in hope she would get out. She said they were in the front of the car and I threw them out at the first stop. She said I assaulted her in the front. She then changed to the back. The other one was I was touching her hair, leg asking for another feel. As if I was some weirdo she had off the street. I found out 4 weeks later off the police when they phoned me. My partner at the time said she haven't done anything. I continued to resume our relationship and breach my bail unaware I was going to be convicted. Had all txt messages for 3 months. She said her friends had her phone. She said we havent had sex for months. Even know shes asking for sex all the time in the messages. I had over 25 letters off her in prison even just before trial and after trial. Saying she will stick by me no matter what. I had to adjourn trial once because police were holding evidence of a person she was seeing for a few weeks. He finished with her. He had to get an harassment order on her. She admitted in court that if he didn't come up the house shes telling everyone she didn't concent to anything and hes a rapist and a pedo. He had everything on 132 txts in two days. I got screwed by 3 coppers giving evidence. Lucky the judge was on my side and let me out in two weeks. Done 7 months on remand tho. And on the register for 10 years. And theyr contacting all my friends saying im a danger to kids. My partner is 24. She screwed my life up. And shes still messaging my friend sending pics of our dogs saying she needs me back. My life is messed up. Hope this doesn't happen to anyone. Ps if a woman phones the police because she cant have her own way after an argument. Run for it before she gets the chance to screw you over.

1/11/2014 innocent

found not guilty after 2 week trial for rape.

i had to prove my innocence and luckily as im paranoid i had the proof

the complainant has made at least 6 seperate claims against different men but jury were not allowed to know. and she was painted as a shrinking violet by the prosecution dispite being a prostetute alcholic and user of any drug going.

if you have a smart phone, install an app to record your phone calls. your life may depend on it.

20/11/2014 No Justice

This week has been the most horendous week in my life. I have sat in a court room listening 2 a case involving my daughter being raped. This all happened a year ago, my daughter had just started at university. 1 night she decides 2 go out with her friends, 1 drink slowly lead 2 another and another until her friends decide she has had enough and it was time for her 2 go home. she was so intoxicated that she was unable to walk unaided and her friends helped her 2 a taxi the friends paid for the taxi up front and told the taxi where she lived as they did not feel she was in the right state of mind 2 do so herself. For reasons unknown, she was dumped in another location not her home address. as she was so drunk she was disorientated and had no idea where her house was, she came across 2 young lads and asked for help, one lad stopped to talk to a friend that he bumped into and the other lad decided on showing my daughter where her road was, turned out it was only seconds away, she doesnt remember leaving the club, being in a taxi or meeting these lads but she does remember struggling to get her key in the door, well 2 cut a long, sad, tragic sorry short this lad followed her in the rest of the story I think you can work out for yourselves. The next morning she phones me in an hysterical state and keeps screaming there was a man in my house, there was aman in my house! all my questions had no answers as she could not remember anything. I asked her if she had thought she had had sex and she said "I dont know, I still have all my clothes on and my make up and my lipstick, I dont know" I called the police and hours later we heard the news that she had been raped. Taking a step back, she had no memory of that night apart from she remembers strugging to get her key in the door and remembers seeing a man sitting on her sofa and her thinking "why is he here" everything else is blank. My daughter had no memory, she had no discription of the man, she knew nothing, a few months later she was shown a photo of a lad and asked if she recognised him and she said no, this was infact the man that was in her house, the very same one that she asked for directions from. They had his DNA on file from the year before for an unrelated offence, it turned out he was studying at the same university as her and was a year above. During the trial he lied constantly, my question "why does an innocent man have to lie" he stated in his PS that he cant remember who took whos clothes off but they were naked on the couch and had constented sex, on the stand he said she took her own clothes off, he was asked by the police and states in his PS did she have any other tatoos other than the one on her thigh, he aswered NO, if she was naked he would have clearly seem the large tattoo on her rib cage and the other 1 on her arm, he said she lit a cigerette for him, my daughter is anti smoking and would never light a cigerette for anyone, he said he left her at 4am and she was naked, at 5.30am her house mate arrives home and finds her slumped on her bed fully dressed with her shoes on, he then goes 2 his room and finds that she has vomited all over his bed, on the floor, his tv has been knocked on the floor and so has his computer. The following day the accused is walking past her house and sees a police car, the police car is not parked outside my daughters house, its further up and she remebers having to cross a road to get 2 it, he, the accused, sends a text message to his friend and says "there is a police car outside that girls house that I banged haha" he then send another and says "I hope she is not filing a rape claim against me" his friend replies "why would she? I sure its nothing.. the accused replies "Im just a paranoid M***** F*****
dispite all the lies and his statement not tallying up with his answers on the stand, the fact she was three times the drink drive limit and at black out stage, the fact that he stated she removed her clothes but she was found with all her clothes on, the fact that he said she had no other tattoos but clearly did and he would have seen them had she of been naked, she had vomited violently all over her flat mates bed the jury found him NOT GUILTY! we have been left broken by the justice system, the barrister for the accused stated to my daugter that she was not drunk and that she woke up the next day and regreted her actions, my daughters reply was "do you think I would send an innocent man to prison because of a mistake I had made"? my daughter has always taken repsoinsibilty for her own actions, she is studying criminology at university, her brother is a policeman, if she had knowingly had a 1 night stand she would take respoinsibility 4 her actions and she certainly wouldnt tell any1. there are 2 many things that dont make sense and I ask myself again "why did an innocent man feel the need to lie"

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This grants and funding pdf document aims to meet the need of prisoners and ex-offenders for accurate, up to date information on the supplementary funding available to prisoners.

Rules and Regulations

Information on rules & regulations used throughout the prison service.

Glossary of Terms

The Glossary of Prison Related Terms explains what all the acronyms and terms stand for with prison related matters. Includes links to external sites to further explain things.

Fact Sheets

We have produced many Prison Related Fact Sheets inc. Legal Fact Sheets, Parole Fact Sheets and Other related information.


Find a Solicitor

You can search our solicitor database for listings of solicitors in your area that provide the services you require.

Find a Barrister

You can search our barrister database for listings of barristers in your area that provide the services you require.

Address Finder

You can search our address database in many ways to retrieve contact information for all those elusive addresses you need in a hurry.

Prison Law pdf

This document provides details of leading training providers who offer sound professional training.

Other Publications

Inside Information has produced a number of books and publications you can purchase online.

Site Map

Our site map page contains links to all pages on the insideinformation site.

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Use the Contact Us Feedback form to send us suggestions, plus our address and phone numbers.



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