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The Prison Service is broken down into England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you are looking for an embassy; select 'Foreign Embassies' then type the country as a Keyword. This section includes Commissions and Delegations. If you choose 'Faith' as a category; you can enter the religion as a Keyword.

Contact details are for General Enquiries. If you need a special department, call the contact number and ask for more information. Some Courts and Embassies are not fully staffed.

Never send personal or confidential information to any contact without first confirming that they are the correct person and bona fide. Confidential matter is best posted by Recorded Delivery (copy it first).

Organisations are listed if they would be of use to prisoners, released prisoners or the friends & family of prisoners. Inclusion should not be assumed to be any recommendation by insideinformation, insidetime Ltd or New Bridge.

If you find any errors or have suggestions for additions please contact us

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December 2014 Headlines
> Treat Prisoners as Human Beings, Not Criminals
> What are prisons for
> A search for any trace of the governmentís Rehabilitation Revolution
> Tell us why you did it?... You must be joking I didnít do it
> Care Act - what does it mean for prisoners
> Doctor Frankenstein and his monster
> Human Rights: truth and lies
> Scapegoating the undeserving poor
> Interview
> The first Miscarriage of Justice
> Month by Month - December 2014
> The 2014 Longford Trust Awards
> Is it all in the mind
> Time
> Learning in prison
> Take your first Steps to Success in 2015
> Spotlight Police and Crime Commissioners
> From over the wall
> Over-tariff IPPs: an appeal for your stories
> Paperwork is the key
> Adjudication - donít let those days count against you
> Insider Dealing
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> Christmas Messages

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