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HMP-YOI EXETER Visiting Information

30 New North Road,

Local public transport information is given below under Additional Information.

You can also access our page on General Public Transport Information for links to Rail, Buses etc.

For information about getting help with the cost of visiting (Assisted Prison Visits Scheme) we have prepared a factsheet with all the information you need. If you need a PDF reader, you can download adobe pdf reader for free.

View the HMP-YOI EXETER Regime Info page.

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Booking Procedure

On-line booking now available

Booking Phone No.

01392 415 833

Booking Opening Time

Mon - Fri: 9:00 Ė 12:00 & 13:30 - 16:30

Minimum Booking Notice

24 Hours

Min Age Unaccompanied


Search Procedure

Rub down, metal detector and passive drugs dogs

Visitors 1st Visit ID

Photographic ID

Subsequent Visit ID


Visitor Adult Age


Child Visitor ID

Birth Certificate or Passport

Disabled Facilities

Full access, disabled toilets, wheelchair available



Hand In Money on Visit


Hand In Other Items

Clothing after the prisoner/trainee has applied

Book next visit on Visit


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Opening Times

12:00-14:14 & 16:00-16:45 on visit days


Hot & cold drinks and snacks


Yes, with baby changing facilities and disabled access

Disabled Facilities

Full access

Child Facilities


Refundable Locker Deposit


The Visitors' Centre is managed by Choices.

Choices- Staff and volunteers provide practical and/or emotional support to family and friends of prisoners. They provide refreshments, organise family days, supervise play (visits hall) and see all new prisoners on their first night in custody to conduct initial needs assessments.

The Visitors' Centre is the ideal place to rest and freshen up before your visit.

Direct Line: 01392 415 972




Booking on-line
You can now book visits to this prison on-line without a Visiting Order (VO).
You will need the prisoner’s full name, date of birth, prison number and prison.
Provide three alternative visit slots and you will get a confirmation email within three days.
It is still be possible to book visits by phoning the booking line but the new system should do much to overcome the frustration and waiting on the phone for hours that is currently experienced although if you are looking to book at short notice it may still be better to telephone where possible.
For more information, or to book a visit, go to:

Click Here to download Prison Service Instruction on visit booking services.

Arrival at Exeter
When you arrive you should book in at the Visitors Centre with your VO (if convicted) and identification.

You must book in at least 30 minutes before your visit and before 14:15.

If you have property to hand in for a prisoner this must be handed to the Property Officer.


Moving to Visit Room

Visitors are called up for their visit based on the order they are booked in- although all will be in the visit hall for the start of the visit. Visiting parties are grouped into 5 lots and sent through to the Prison where they will show their ID, be provided with a locker, and proceed through the search process.

Visitors are then escorted to the visits hall.



All visitors to Exeter, including children, are subject to searching. This is very similar to that at a domestic airport and involves a 'pat-down' search, check with a metal detector and passive drugs dog.

You will be required to provide your identification.

Visitors are normally searched by staff of the same gender but male visitors may be searched by female staff unless they object. Children are always searched by female staff.

If you wear religious clothing this is also subject to search. Headwear my be searched by hand and/or metal detector. If you are asked to remove it you will be able to do this in private by staff of the same gender and given adequate time to replace it.

Female visitors who wish to wear a veil which covers their face will be asked to lift it for identification. This will be done in private by female staff.

A biometric system will be introduced during 2012 which will involve photographing visitors. Children will not be photographed.

Click Here to download Prison Service Instruction on Acceptable Identification for visitors.


Children of all ages are welcome to visit Exeter but parents are responsible for their control and behaviour at all times and they must not be allowed to wander or disrupt other visits.

There are facilities for children in the Visit Room supervised by Choices staff and volunteers. Children are encouraged to spend quality time with their fathers and toys, games, art and drawing materials are provided.

All children, including babies, are subject to searching. This is always done by female staff with the parent/guardian present. If your children are very frighted of dogs you should inform search staff. The passive drugs dog is trained not to bark or jump up and just walks quietly past or around visitors.

Prams and pushchairs are not allowed in the Visit Room and can be left either in the Visitors' Centre or in the Search Area.

If you have very young children you can take an empty feeding bottle into visits but no nappies. There are baby changing facilities with a range of nappies and wipes in the Visit Room.

You may breast feed your baby; if you have concerns regarding privacy you should speak to Vsit Room staff.

Any prisoner with Child Protection Markers are unable to have any children visit unless a risk assessment has been completed by the prison's Public Protection Team.

Any child visiting with anyone other than apparent/legal guardian must have a Parental consent letter.

Click Here to download: KIDS VIP "Children Visiting Prison Good Practice" (2005 – updated 2011).

Disabled Visitors

If any visitors have serious impairments, use a wheelchair or need to retain medication please advise the prison when you book the visit.

Disabled visitors have full access to visits but have to enter through the main gate rather than the Visit Search Area; disabled visitors are still subject to normal searching.

You should be aware that, because of the location of the prison, there is no car park or disabled parking.

A wheelchair is available from the Visitors' Centre.


The Visit Room

The visit room has small tables with four seats attached.

Visitors and prisoners may embrace at the beginning and end of visits but must not dress or act indecently or in a way which may cause security concerns.

The Visit Room has a servery where the visitor can buy hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, snacks and sweets.

The prisoner is expected to remain seated during the visit but small children may sit on his lap.


After the Visit

Visitors are informaed that visits have finished and are asked to leave the Visit Room. Visitors have to wait until all prisoners are accounted for before they are allowed to leave the prison.


It is a criminal offence to be in possession of a mobile phone inside a prison. Do not forget to leave your phone in your car or in the locker provided for your property.


HMP Exeter have produced a short information sheet for visitors. We have formatted this as a pdf.

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Maximum 3 seated adults + any number of children


Hot & cold drinks and snacks


Yes, with baby changing facilities and disabled access

Child Facilities


Cash Allowed In Room

Reasonable amount, coins only

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14:15 - 16:15


14:15 - 16:15


14:15 - 16:15


14:15 - 16:15


14:15 - 16:15


14:15 - 16:15

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Remand Basic

3 x 1 hour or 1x 2 + 1 x 1 hour per week

Remand Standard

2 x 2 hour visits

Remand Enhanced

2 x 2 hour visits per week

Convicted Basic

2 VOs a month (2 hours)

Convicted Standard

2 VOs and 1 PVO per month (2 hours)

Convicted Enhanced

2 VOs and 2 PVOs per month (2 hours)

All Day Family Days and Child Centred Visits

All Day Family Days and Child Centred Visits are run by Choices Consultancy Service.
All day family visits are held during school holidays and are available to prisoners on Standard or Enhanced regimes.

These visits can help strengthen and maintain family ties between prisoners and their families. Fathers are actively encouraged to engage with their children through positive interaction via play.

During these days there are gym sessions and soft play areas to encourage interaction.


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Booking Number

01392 415 730

Hand Items To prisoner


Receive Items From Prisoner


Official/Legal visits must be pre-booked by phone on 01392 415 730 or by fax on 01392 415748.

Visits may also be booked by Email: LegalVisits.exeter@hmps.gsi.gov.uk


Official Visit Times

Mon: 09:15 – 12:15 & 14:15 - 16:45
Tue: 09:15 – 12:15 & 14:15 - 16:45
Wed: 09:15 – 12:15
Thu: 09:15 – 12:15 & 14:15 - 16:45
Fri: 09:15 – 12:15

Additional information

All visitors will be required to produce evidence of identification on arrival. Mobile phones and laptops are not permitted into the establishment without authority from the Head of Security.

Mobile phones and laptops are not permitted into the establishment without authority from the Head of Security.

The morning sessions are pre scheduled to last for 1 hour 30 mins whilst the afternoon session will last for 1 hour 15 mins. Each interview is convened in separate rooms. If you need a room which will afford discussion of a more sensitive nature then please inform the team at time of booking.


PVL - Prison Video Link - 01392 415 745

The prison links to Barnstaple Magistrates', Bodmin Magistrates', Exeter Magistrates', Plymouth Magistrates', Taunton Magistrates' and Truro Magistrates' Courts.


Acceptable Identification
Click Here to download Prison Service Instruction on Acceptable Identification for visitors.


Good Practice Guide
Click Here to download NOMS ‘Legal Visits – Good Practice Guide’


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Capital City Taxis
6 Isambard Parade, Exeter EX4 4BX
01392 434343

A1 Cars
54 Queen Street, Exeter EX4 3SR
01392 491010

Jay Cars
69a Sidwell Street, Exeter EX4 6PH
01392 217000

12 Richmond Road, Exeter EX4 4JA
01392 758292

Dunmore Guesthouse
22 Blackall Road, Exeter EX4 4HE
01392 431643

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The prison is accessible from two stations, Exeter St Davids is the main line station for trains arriving from either the North or South West (Virgin or First Great Western) are the main operators. The station is approximately 1 mile from the prison and local buses run frequently to the city centre. Exeter Central is serviced by Stagecoach trains and operates predominantly on the Exeter – London Waterloo line in addition to local areas to the East of Exeter. The station is approximately 300 mtrs from the prison.

Facilities at Exeter Central Station: Refreshments, toilets and pay phone and ATM. the station is partially step free with a long route via ramped footbridge to eastbound platform.

Facilities at Exeter St. Davids Station: Refreshments, toilets, pay phone and ATM. The station is partially step free with lifts to all platforms. Ticket office and car park are both step free.

Click Here for National Rail Enquiries

National Coaches arrive in to the main bus station which is within 500 mtrs of the prison, in addition a local bus service operates to the local park and ride schemes which are located on all the main arterial routes into the City. The times of operation will vary but generally they are available between 0700 and 1830 hrs daily.

Click here for bus and coach information



Approaching from the North you should exit at Junct 29 of the M5 and follow the signs for Exeter (B3183), to the city Centre. At the main traffic lights you will see “Next” Department store on your Left, go straight ahead until you come to a mini roundabout. The prison is directly in front of you.

Approaching from the East you should travel down the A303 and follow the directions above from the M5 to the prison.

Approaching from the South West you should exit the M5 at Junct 30 and follow the signs for Exeter City Centre as you reach the city centre (“Next” Department Store) you should follow the directions as above.

The prison has no parking facilities for visitors, therefore all visitors should use the municipal car parks.

Download SatNav POI file for all UK prisons

Prison main telephone numbers
These numbers are not for booking visits but may be useful in emergencies or if you have problems booking a visit or enroute.
Tel: 01392 415650
Fax: 01392 415691


Information about visits has been kindly supplied by the prison with additional information from the Ministry of Justice and, where applicable, from the organisation who runs the Visitors’ Centre.
Information is given in good faith but is subject to change. It is a good idea to check visiting and travel arrangements before organising your visit.
If you find any information has changed or have any comments or suggestions that may assist other visitors please let us know.

Updated: July 2014


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