The following is a letter to insidetime, from issue February 2012

Same Sex Marriage in prison

From A Prisonerís mother

My son is currently held as a Category A prisoner and has expressed a wish to ‘marry’ (in a Civil Ceremony) another (male) Category A prisoner who is in the same jail. I would like to know whether he would ever get permission for this, and if so how quickly would he be able to arrange it from the prison? Are same sex civil ceremonies allowed in prison, particularly from Category A prisoners?

Response from: NOMS replies - Patrick Hunter Offender Safety, Rights and Responsibilities Group National Offender Management Service

Date sent to NOMS 9-12-2011
Reply received 16-1-2012

The policy covering civil partnership registration for prisoners can be found in Prison Service Order 4445 – Civil Partnership Registration and this can be found on the Justice website at the following link -
This document outlines the procedures for all prisoners wishing to enter in to a civil partnership and the criteria for having the registration ceremony either inside or outside the prison (this would ultimately be determined following a risk assessment at the prison). However, it should be noted that it is solely for the prisoner and their intended civil partner to make all the arrangements with regard the registration, which would include satisfying the authorities that there are no obstacles/objections to their union. They will also be liable for all the costs involved.

Hope this is of help.

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Comments about this letter

2/2/2012 Steven Battram -

What a stupid thing to do, this 'couple' could have carried on their relationship and enjoyed finding love behind prison walls. Now you've told the prison authorities it will be different prisons for these two.

The authorities loath prisoners having relationships with anyone, even family members and their children. The POA knows, destroy a prisoner's family and it's likely a recidivist is created, the main aims of the POA. The POA wants to see more prisons, maybe a prison on every street corner instead of a pub.

The prison system doesn't allow heterosexuals to have meaningful relationships. It sickens me prisoners are denied their human right to procreate. In a modern society to maintain a relationship sexual contact is necessary. Very few women sit at home, which is what the prison system expects. Relationships are being destroyed wholesale by a repressive ignorant prison system, and the public will get what it deserves for destroying relationships. Not a single prisoner has sent a letter into Inside Time thanking the prison service for destroying his family. There is not a single letter stating it has prevented crime, or made a prisoner think about becoming law abiding. But I would guess many prisoners sit in their cell wanting revenge for the deliberate destruction and annihilation of his family.

The Prison Service loves, just loves to destroy families. And what is the screw's response as the prisoner sits in his cell crying. 'You should have thought about the consequences before you came to prison. Tough.' The POA member then gloats with his comrades how another family has been destroyed, maybe they celebrate later with a pint. Another recidivist is born.

As for this same sex relationship, say bye bye to each other now you've leaked it.

4/2/2012 Double M

You do not need to have sexual contact to maintain a relationship. "Modern" society is no different to any other society in this matter as men and women are the same as ever, semper eadem, not fungible. Chaste relationships are perfectly possible.

I'm a traditionalist. I believe all same-sex relationships are wrong and don't agree with the so-called "progress" society has made by trying to push people into accepting gays or lose their jobs and chance to adopt/foster children. Also there is no human right to have sex, whatsoever.

4/2/2012 Steven Battram -

Dear Double M, Go to prison where there are male rapes, men masturbating to porn magazines. I've witnessed vulnerable prisoners buggered on many occasions. For instance the heroin addict who is withdrawing, his cell-mate offers him some heroin for sex. I've seen men sell their bodies for cigarettes when they are craving nicotine and have spent all their wages on heroin.

I love traditionalists living in their cozy middle class ignorant world. There is nothing traditional about being homosexual, it's not something they do to spice up their lives, they are born homosexual. But the traditionalist/Christian/Muslim will condemn homosexuals. Personally I feel traditionalists should be victimized in the same way as homosexuals. I feel traditionalists should not be allowed to marry or foster children, because they are ignorant, and will bring their children up to be ignorant.

It's a human right to procreate and have a sexual relationship with a woman. Those in power are spawning children all over the place, having homosexual relationships, sex outside of marriage, they are living it up royally. But they condemn and prevent prisoners from the right to procreate. Let no man come between husband and wife, traditionalist, politician, law-maker. What gives a politician the right to spawn children, they've lied and manipulated their way into power. Politicians are nasty, and will turn nasty if they feel they can talk tough on crime to gain votes. It doesn't seem moral to me that a liar can bull his/her way into power, and expect a lavish lifestyle once they are in power, second homes, grace and favour homes. Just look at Chequers for instance, why should a liar be rewarded with such luxury?

Anyway traditionalist, go back to your rosy Utopian world. Sweet dreams.

12/2/2012 Sensibility

Not only is beastly sex ungodly,it is dangerous, AIDS! The back passage is not designed for sex,it is for relieving gas and waste, so when people participate in homesexual/beastly anul sex the mix of fluids with blood from breakage of vein vessels in the rectrum from having anul sex causes terrible infection and deseases and with HIV and Aids passed on too from an infected carrier or reciever, huge high risk with anul sex ask your doctor they will tell you Aids loves the gut and your gut is passed out through your backside. People are NOT born homesexual,are they f..., people become what they want to become.A baby or child does not sell themselves sexually to the same sex person or anyone for anything, but the heroin addict in prison sells himself for heroin, he or she will have been selling him or herself for drugs before they even went into prison! Educate yourself, use your common sense,dont be foolish.Nonces in prison are the lowest of the low evil scum, they should never be let out, that includes the nonces who rape other prisoners in prison.Castrate and isolate the lot of them away from the public and vulnerable prisoners.

17/2/2012 Fag Ash Lilly

Double M is quite indoctinated, not traditionalist. Mr Steve makes a lot of valid points in his comment. Gay people have been around for centuries and centuries. Greek and Roman society embraced it. The crooked Church demonised it. My brother is gay and one very handsome man I may add. His boyfriend is also a stunning looking young man, as are most of their friends. They are fun to be with, and far from being the stereotypical "Camp" they all have very masculine personalities and several jobs to match.

18/2/2012 Fag Ash Lilly

They could always televise it, like The Royal Wedding. We could all take bets on what colour and designer does the wedding gowns.Then run off to the bookies to get the winnings as the happy couple come down the aisle. CCTV could broadcast the "Honeymoon suite" scenes (The segregartion Unit) for the late night viewers. Can just see Kenneth Clarke as the Maid of Honour alongside the Chief Bridesmaid David Cameron...awww it be luvvly. The Wedding Breakfast would also be welcomed by all the captive guests.Double end of the line Bacon and Eggs for everyone before cups of dishwater Tea to celebrate.

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