The following is a letter to insidetime, from issue April 2012

Put in harmís way

From M Docherty Ė HMP Stafford

It is with the deepest regret that I find myself having to write this letter. Not only are WE, the British public, being ignored by our own government, but now we are also being intentionally put in harm’s way! So whilst 7-800 IPPs are kept locked in prison, most over tariff (at a cost of more than £260 million per year to the taxpayer), the government has decided to release on bail one of the most dangerous terrorism supporters Abu Quatada, who was once named as Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe. He is released into the community at a cost of £500,000 per year to taxpayers. Yet we, British citizens who, in the most part, have committed crimes a lot less serious than his, are deemed ‘too high a risk’ to release back to our families!

So Abu Quatada, who is described as a dangerous threat to the British public and British national security can now leave prison and walk the streets. Yet, I am told, after serving more than 6 years of a 4½ year sentence, that I am still too much of ‘a threat to the public’ to be released! REALLY!!! And if Abu Quatada is still in the country 2 years after being monitored under terrorism laws he will be totally free! Whereas if any of us ‘petty’ criminals do manage to get out we will be on license for years.

The ECHR told the British government some time ago that the IPP sentence is ‘inhumane and a blatant violation of human rights’ and that something had to be done about it, and they have yet to act. The British government is only quick to act when it suits them. As an Equality Representative here at HMP Stafford I would like to know how we, as British citizens, can promote fairness and equality when our own MPs cannot do the same.

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Comments about this letter

9/4/2012 quinntonne

Abu Quatada Has never been convicted of a crime. Get your facts right and dont get them from the Dail Mail as all you have said seems to come from an article from the Daily Mail of April 9th. So your statement that you have done crimes a lot less serious than yours. You have obviously been convicted of a serious crime or you wouldnt have got an IPP. Stop bleating about what others havent done and worry about what you have done !

11/4/2012 Anon


Abu Quatada is deemed to be a terrorist but as I expect further proof is needed,unlike in cases of murder or sex offences.So until then it stands to reason ,he will be innocent until proved guilty.Whereas someone accused of sex offences will always be looked upon as guilty until proved innocent thereby being subjected to a wrongful conviction.This can include people with IPP,s because they will never admit to a crime they never did.Also,because we have a system that has allowed people to be locked up with no previous convictions or minor crimes that would have attracted a lesser sentence pre-2005.So,how you can come to your conclusion that evryone who has an IPP must have committed a serious crime I do not know as it is evident to me that that is not the case.If you knew anything about Life/IPP sentences there is a slight distinction.For Life it is a life licence with no chance of a review.With IPPs there is a life licence with a chance of a review after ten years.Are you going to say now that that person has committed a serious crime and deserves this sentence??..I certainly,don,t think anyone does as our systemis meant to be fair and since when has these sentences ever been fair??I grant we have some dangerous individuals in our midst but they put one foot wrong and they can be recalled.So,why lock up people innocent or guilty when measures will be in place,to monitor them.Are we not suppose to live in a country where fairnessis meant to be for all,not just a select few??.How very sad if we can live in a country where people are quite willing to allow the suffering of those locked away and their families.It is disgusting to say the least.

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