The following is a letter to insidetime, from issue June 2012

Olympic rubbish

From Name withheld – HMP Wandsworth

I wonder if anyone else is noticing that the Olympics is just another case of smoke and mirrors in order to get the working classes looking in a different direction whilst the bankers, in cahoots with the government and with the connivance of certain sections of the media, carry on reefing the life out of this country? We’ve also got the Diamond Jubilee where even the most ardent republican commentators have suddenly turned into royal spaniels. What exactly is going on in this country? The police, most of who retire at 50 with a cushy 3 quarters pension, are whinging about pay and pensions and marching in protest – why were none of them ‘kettled’ like other peaceful protesters have been? Also, prison officers ‘taking a day off’ for their own whinge are surely breaking their no-strike restrictions?

But back to the Olympics – first there was the fiasco of the tickets for all the popular sports going to rich people and corporate groups, what a liberty. The tickets, all 11 million of them, were printed in America – not giving this lucrative job to a British ticket printer – why? Who got the kickback for that, I wonder? Then there is the fact that the Olympic Games are being sponsored by sugary drink, fast food and chocolate manufacturers! What sort of message is that sending to kids – yeah, have another big mac and a few chocolate bars washed down with coke and you too could be watching the 2016 Olympics while you are having your heart bypass operation! A major sporting event sponsored by junk food – how stupid is that? Why not get cigarette manufacturers to sponsor cancer wards in hospitals as well. The message we should be sending to the nation’s children is that healthy physical activity can only be achieved if it is fuelled by healthy nutritious food. London has the worst rate of obesity in the UK with over a third of children aged 10-11 classed as overweight or obese.

And why has the Olympic Committee allowed McDonalds to source only 10% of its chicken from British farmers and 90% from Brazilian farmers? How does this help the British economy? Or the ‘carbon footprint’? The Olympics started out as a good idea but, like anything touched by politicians and big business interests, it has now turned into a big con – a white elephant that will divert the gaze of the working classes whilst the government slip their hands further into our pockets. Shame on you.

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Comments about this letter

8/6/2012 mick

I agree with your entire comments.This country is bust from lavish pension schemes that just are not sustainable.Look at a doctors pension,50,000 plus per year!There also is a council in south yorkshire letting office staff work at home for 2 days a week with full pay,not bad cutting the grass and watching the tv is it.There is no wonder that people love working in the public sector.While in the private sector you cannot afford a pension,have to work like a dog because there are other people waiting to jump in if you get sacked (especially in the construction industry).

11/6/2012 paul denton -

corruption is rampant in western governemnts. like the romans... they fiddle whilst it burns... give them games games and more games is what caesar once said. and what does cameron and co do? give them games , games and more games...oh and throw in a celebration of the occupation of england by a inbred royal family that has seen the best of britsh go down the toilet. FREE ENGLAND! My anthem is JERUSALEM... mycapital is WINCHESTER... and my heroes are the diggers and watt tyler.

30/7/2012 paul wilson & kevin fielding - - /

Fabulous letter about what a scam the olympics is,
and why not british olympics ? who wants zionist olympics ? no one i know for sure.
and the whole thing done with foreign labour while we have builders on the dole, its all hateful racism by the worst governemnt since churchill.

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