The following is a poem to insidetime, from issue May 2011

Who Put Me in Here?

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From Norman Dawes - HMP Peterborough

Who put me in here, this damnable place?
I could blame the judge, verdict a disgrace
Or maybe the screw as he turns the key
Then there’s the copper who cuffed me with glee

Is the plaintiff at fault? They pointed the finger
They didn’t have to, could let it linger
Who am I kidding? Am I really that low?
The answers plain obvious, its one we all know

I did the dirty, I did the crime
I’m the guilty party, so I do the time
But something is wrong here, something I didn’t see
I deserve the bird, but not my family

They’ve don’t nought wrong, but I’ve made them all suffer
Through no fault of her own, I’ve broken my Mother
Tears of such anguish, tears of disbelief
I shut my eyes tight but it brings no relief

What made me do it? What made me so bad?
What was I thinking? I must have been mad
Plenty of time now, to think of my crime
What I wouldn’t give just to turn back time

What is done is done and it gives me a fright
Wish there was some way I could put things right
There’s no more to say, it’s the end of my story
I guess it won’t help much, but I really am sorry

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